How to floss correctly?

To learn how to floss, you need to choose the right model, and stick to the recommendations that will be presented below in the article. What is floss, or, as it is called, floss and why it is needed? This auxiliary means of dental hygiene, which is made from silk or artificial materials (e.g., nylon or nylon).

As you know, a toothbrush can be cleaned not all areas of the tooth surface, especially in areas of dental joints. It is in this context, the role of dental floss as a means able to reach the most remote areas of tooth surfaces. If this is not done, the plaque that years is not cleared, constantly provoke dental diseases such as caries.

Dental floss: harm or benefit

As in any other means of oral hygiene have floss has its pros and cons, so in some ways, floss is harmful, but no more than a toothbrush, so as soon as its wrong use can badly affect the health of teeth.

The pros of dental floss:

  • Deep and full cleaning of the interdental spaces inaccessible to any other means of oral hygiene;
  • Easy to apply, does not require special skills, additional means for cleaning;
  • The availability and prevalence of this tool;
  • The opportunity to practice dental hygiene in any place convenient for you, without water and pasta.


  • Get it wrong and can damage the gums and carrying bacteria from dental plaque;
  • Too frequent use can destroy the interdental protective barriers, which can lead to serious consequences and even loss of teeth.

Again, the harm floss can only be applied in case of misuse, not by itself, as is sometimes thought. Thus, in its right use can only be a benefit if you are not allergic to its components.

Types. Which is better: waxed or navasana?

It is worth noting that any type of floss cleans the interdental space from harmful plaque. However, they are quite diverse and differ according to different criteria.

  • The form of the thread are flat and round. Most users noted that the flat more pleasant to use, they are much harder to damage the gums;
  • For subsistence are without impregnation or with aromatic impregnation, impregnation, bleaching, etc.;
  • For the intended purpose. For home use and those that are exclusively used in dental offices;
  • Conventional dental floss and superfloss for use in special devices for cleaning teeth.

Also, dental floss are waxed and not waxed. The difference is that wax is much easier to slip in between the teeth. Also, by waxing the thread has a disinfecting action, but its main advantage is that it does not delaminate during use thanks to the wax.

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But this thread has also some disadvantages. So, due to the fact that she very well slip on the surface of the tooth, decreases the cleaning efficiency. Also, between teeth can be a wax, which is not a very pleasant factor.

Popular models

Currently, there are a large number of different models of dental floss from known manufacturers. On the market special demand dental floss Oral b production, such as Oral B Satin Floss, Oral B Super Floss, Oral B Essential Floss, Oral B Pro Expert and others.

User reviews about these dental flosses mostly good. There are also other models of famous brands, but it is worth noting that each model fits certain characteristics of the user.

So, a model «dental Floss», which is manufactures firm «Splat» (Splat), for those who have gaps between teeth are quite large. Mentioned above model the «Essential Floss» is suitable for those who have gaps between the teeth very narrow.

For those who have problems with periodontitis, it is necessary to use thread company «Sensodyne», which tend to swell during the procedure that allows you to gently and carefully handle the roots of the teeth.

Also, a good thread manufactures of the company «Colgate», «rocks» (Rocs), Expected (Dentorol), Jordan and others. The main thing to pay attention to the product description on the package and choose a floss in accordance with personal characteristics.

How to brush and floss?

Many users who even purchased dental floss, but I can’t understand the instructions and terms of use asked the question. Because the technique of cleaning the teeth is no less important than choosing the correct thread type and model.

That would effectively and safely flossing is imperative to remember the following rules and execute them step by step:

  1. Keep your hands, thoroughly wash them before use threads;
  2. Take the thread, because effective one-time cleaning you will need at least 40 inches of dental thread;
  3. It is necessary to wind the thread on the two fingers on each hand with a gap of 4 centimeters, for each interdental gap need to use the new interval, because otherwise you will transfer bacteria from one tooth to another;
  4. Slide the floss between the teeth gently, slowly, try not to touch the gums;
  5. These type of actions need to be applied to each dentist gap.

What to do if stuck between the teeth of the thread?

Such cases happen quite frequently and can mean that you are not too quality product or you not the right thread for the structure of their teeth. Also, it may mean that you incorrectly used, in this case, don’t get nervous and pull the thread by applying a large force. Try to grab it with tweezers, after a good clean it.

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If the filament tip is never sticking out, then try to pop it out with another tooth of the thread, preferably not as thick as the previous one. Some advise to push out a stuck thread with fishing line, but it is not always thinner than the thread that was stuck, and there is a risk of infection and damage to the gums.

Do not forget about the stuck between the teeth of the thread, because over time it will make itself felt very unpleasant consequences, therefore, if all of the above methods do not help, you have to go to the dentist, who will deal with this problem instantly.

How to use floss with braces?

A lot of people think that braces and dental floss – things are incompatible, and you cannot use it for brushing teeth at the established bracket system, but it is not so. Quite the contrary, this should be done and regularly.

Although such procedures are associated with some difficulties, but we will give you gradual instructions to perform them:

  • The thread needs to be wax, with good performance of sliding, no matter what she stuck in the braces.
  • Cut threads shall be not less than 25 cm;
  • First, slide the floss gently under the base of the brackets, after this you can drive between your teeth discreetly;
  • For each tooth, repeat this step.

Important note for parents! This procedure requires good dexterity and patience and your child can be difficult to do it yourself, so help him in this, at least in the initial stages.

How can I replace dental floss?

A large number of people believes that floss can replace the conventional thread and the effect would not be affected. Dentists, in turn, strongly and unanimously warn against such action. To make a thread for cleaning teeth at home is virtually impossible. All attempts lead to injury of the oral cavity, the entry of infections and visits to the dentist.

If we consider what made the dental floss, it becomes clear that such a durable and convenient material life is extremely rare. Besides, dental thread not so expensive that you would risk your own health using in order to clean interdental spaces economic substitutes.

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Unpleasant smell from the thread

Often people face problem when dental floss during or after cleaning a foul odor or just not very nice. Most likely, this means that the mouth has accumulated a large number of bacteria, and if a toothbrush can get rid of them available to her part of the teeth in the interdental space she can not penetrate.

If you just started to floss and I caught the odor from her not too worry because of this. Just in your mizunos space have not spent «General cleaning». Most likely, the unpleasant smell will gradually disappear as the regular use of floss.

If this trend is not observed after two weeks, you should try another thread with a stronger antibacterial composition. If that does not work, then your problem is very complex and you should consult a doctor.

Thread is it possible to clean Tartar?

To answer this question we must first understand what is a Tartar. It is extremely hardened plaque that forms on the tooth surface and remove it with ultrasound and other special dental methods. Based on this information, it becomes clear that remove Tartar thread will not work.

But this does not mean that floss is unable to fight Tartar. May very well, but only by means of its prevention, because dental floss to prevent accumulation of plaque on the teeth, which is formed Tartar.

Video: how to care for teeth at home, including using dental floss.

The results

Thus, the floss appears to us as an absolutely essential element of dental care, she has such capabilities, which can not afford tooth brushes and other means of care of teeth.

This, however, does not mean that the latter can be abandoned in favor of floss. On the contrary, for comprehensive protection of your teeth should actively use all means of prevention: brush, floss, and mouthwash, and so on.