How to get rid of bad breath at home forever?

To get rid of unpleasant smell from a mouth can be, but, of course, necessary to accurately determine the time of occurrence of the problem and its possible causes.

Bad smell often becomes a source of many of the complexes of a person who suffers from it. This problem creates a lot of troubles in relationships with other people, even after its removal the patient continues to suffer from different complexes.

How to check your breath?

There are several options to check the availability of unpleasant mouth odor, but that the result of these tests were objective, you have to do it about an hour later after a meal.

The easiest way is to get some on your hand and immediately smell the place. If it smells a little funky, so bad smell in the breath you still are, but this method is effective only when the smell is very noticeable. Unpleasant, but less weak odor this way do not reveal.

You can use another method to hold around the tongue with a spoon. As a rule, it is plaque (bacteria) that provoke «sweet». About that smell you speak when you talk to them at a fairly close distance.

To test it you can use other ways, for example, support for threads, but not always an unpleasant odor from the dental floss so that the breath smells the same way.


Why there is a strong breath? The reason only the teeth, but if they are healthy? Try to understand the underlying causes of this problem:

  1. The most common and banal reason – eating foods with sharp and persistent odor (e.g., garlic). After eating such food, some particles begin to stand out through the mouth through breathing.
  2. Negative processes in the oral cavity: diseases of the teeth, gums, throat. Each disease is an increase in the number of bacteria that cause the stench.
  3. Bad habits — smokers, for example, these problems occur more frequently than non-smokers.
  4. The disease is not associated with the oral cavity including tonsillitis, sinusitis, lung disease, digestive system.

How to eliminate bad breath at home?

People who have had these problems, get rid of the putrid, rotten or sour smell using mouthwashes the following tinctures:

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  • regular mouthwash strong mint infusion. The same effect can regular use of mint tea;
  • for instant getting rid of the smell, you can chew on parsley leaves, but this method does not eliminate the cause, it is only now struggling with the consequences.
  • popular as a decoction of sage leaves, chamomile and strawberry, mixed in equal amounts and filled with boiling water.

Important! Regular and comprehensive oral hygiene is the best method of prevention. Especially helps teeth brushing before bedtime, which will reduce the critical mass of bacteria that accumulate there overnight.

It is also worth to go to the dentist, he from a professional point of view will tell you what the cause of this phenomenon and how to effectively deal with it specifically in your case.

The smell of acetone breath — what to do?

It is worth noting that at different ages the smell of acetone breath is taken is not the same.

In children

So, kids, in a very fast metabolism, very often suffer from this disease. As they have from the body is often excreted nutrients, it creates a kind of imbalance that can provoke a similar smell.

However, this situation is not a reason to panic, because often the condition returns to normal very quickly and the smell disappears. To worry is if the child is too long or too often suffers from this.

In adults

If this problem is seen in the adult, it is a much greater cause for concern. The fact that this problem is difficult to be attributed to too fast a metabolism, and it means systemic violations in the activities of the body.

On this basis, it is better to consult a doctor and get tested. Sometimes these symptoms suffer patients with diabetes and some other diseases.

How to remove bad breath in the morning?

Unpleasant smell in the morning — frequent, but not a very serious problem. The fact that most people in the mouth there is a critical mass of bacteria due to the reduction of the amount of saliva in the mouth during sleep.

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This issue is fixed as easily as appears necessary in preventive measures brush teeth regularly not only in the morning, but before bedtime.

If the smell does not disappear after such treatments, so it’s not the rhythms, then you need to use the above methods of care for the oral cavity, rinse infusions and decoctions. You also need to consult with your doctor.

Treatment bad breath from the stomach

Stomach problems are also often the cause of bad smell from the mouth. This case is more complicated, because the «fragrance» of the mouth is only a consequence of another disease.

If you visit the dentist he found no problems with teeth, gums, etc., you will have to contact a specialist for the digestive system to make a thorough examination. It can be detected various diseases of the stomach and pancreas (for example, gastritis, ulcers, etc.).

For this reason, you have to treat it stomach still stomach trouble much more serious one smell from the mouth. And after treatment of detected diseases, breathing will not be unpleasant to smell, and to resume to a normal state.

The odour from the mouth of a child: sour, putrid, ammonia

As mentioned, sometimes bad breath in a child is not a reason for concern. A more serious cause for concern parents will be a prolonged period of occurrence of this phenomenon.

In this case it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive study of the health status of the child. First we need to take him to the dentist, if he does not find the cause of the phenomenon, then, is to show the child to the otolaryngologist and gastroenterologist.

Should not undertake independent attempts of treatment. Remember that children’s bodies are much more sensitive to any kind of means and drugs, and it is in this case very important is the monitoring and treatment of child specialists.

Video: Dr. Komarovsky on the problem of unpleasant odors.

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What if in the nasopharynx of slime with an unpleasant odor?

Bad smell when breathing is often a consequence of the accumulation of mucus in the nasopharynx, it in itself does not cause a bad smell, but when accumulated in excess amounts and flows toward the oral cavity, thereby driving the growth of the bacteria.

Excess saliva happens in such cases:

  • infectious diseases of the respiratory system;
  • allergies;
  • drinking alcohol and Smoking;
  • pathology of the digestive organs;
  • neurological disease;
  • polyps and other anomalies of the nasopharynx.

In such cases, we recommend to seek advice from the audiologist, which will help to quickly and effectively solve this problem.

Drugs and medicines

Drugs based on the need to rinse the mouth.

  1. Often recommended tincture of calamus and/or St. John’s wort, they are quite simple to prepare. A Cup of boiled water you need 20-25 drops of the medicine, rinse your mouth with this solution several times a day.
  1. Popular as well is the method of treatment with hydrogen peroxide. Equal amount of three-percent peroxide and boiled water to mix and rinse your mouth with this mixture for several days. By the way, if you have periodontal disease, then this solution will help you to cure this disease.

Video: Elena Malyshev talks about how to get rid of unpleasant smell.

Preventive measures

To prevent bad breath must adhere to the following prevention methods:

  • regularly go to appointments to the dentist (2 times per year);
  • carefully and regularly clean your teeth (especially at night);
  • be examined by other specialists (gastroenterologist, otolaryngologist, etc.);