How to kill nerve in tooth: how to kill at home

Today, dental diseases are one of the most urgent problems, so many people interested in methods of treatment of various dental ailments, in particular, how to kill nerve in tooth. As you know, a toothache, which most often occurs due to the development in the oral cavity of certain inflammatory processes or as a result of injury to the nerve has a distinct intensity, that is, pain in such cases can be quite sharp and sometimes unbearable. These dental problems include dental disease such as caries, pulpitis, tooth thinning cervix and many others.

To go to the dentist or not

For the most part, when people are faced with similar problems, their primary goal is to understand how to kill tooth nerve at home, in fact it becomes the primary source of pain. Will definitely cope with this disease is possible without qualified specialists, but first we need to understand what are the dental nerves, and then to figure out how to destroy them.

First and foremost, if a person had dental problems, but rather with severe pain of the inner layers of the teeth, you should visit the dentist who will provide the necessary guidance for correct elimination and treatment of the nerves in the teeth.

As a rule, most people are not thinking about the consequences begin to look for various ways and means which in their opinion should help them to get rid of the tooth nerve. But in fact it is a typical error that can lead to quite serious complications to the extent that after some home techniques people will be forced to seek help not only to the dentist and other doctors, because there is a huge risk of burning the mucous membrane of the mouth, cause allergic reaction or lead to total destruction of tooth enamel.

What is the nerve of the tooth

As mentioned above, to eliminate pain in the tooth, you can use various recipes of traditional medicine, but first you need to know it now the pain intensity and the cause of this pain.

It is worth noting that the nerve is an integral part of the tooth. Teeth have a hard surface, as for their domestic content, from the inside it consists of soft tissue, called pulp. Pulp also has lymph nodes, blood vessels circulation and nerves. These nerves are so that have the appearance of some semblance of branches that are all the dental roots and their canals.

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Usually when a tooth loses his nerve, he abruptly begins to die, that is ceases to be one of the living components of the human body. If you want to remove dental nerve, but not touching the tooth with proper care and in compliance with all relevant recommendations of the dentist to ensure that he can’t be bothered for quite a long time. But after a while, he’ll start to shrink and then completely crumble. The nerves of the teeth act as sensory functions, and any sensation of pain may begin to signal that in in the oral cavity occur destructive processes.

How to kill tooth nerve

If you have problems with the pain of the dental nerve, but you have no idea how to implement it, you will first need to visit the dentist’s office which will give appropriate recommendations, how to kill tooth nerve. In cases if the nerve has undergone partial or full exposure, then a visit to the doctor should be implemented immediately, because the fun can only worsen the condition, triggering the development of serious complications.

Every person ever in his life faced with the problem of how to kill a tooth nerve. At such moments, he feels unbearable pain because of which other options but to remove the nerve just isn’t there. Most people dare to kill nerve only when nothing helps, including modern techniques and medicines aimed at reducing the pain of the teeth.

To efficiently perform the removal of the nerve in the teeth only if the destructive processes do not have time to cover the largest part of the pulp. Otherwise, the patient is prescribed surgery, which is accompanied by a prolonged rehabilitation, that is, a person will have sufficiently long time to perform a lot of recommendations for the return teeth and gums healthy.

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The nerve is subjected to elimination just before pulling the tooth. This is done to ensure that the patient has not felt a severe pain. Most often this procedure is carried out if the patient has the disease, such as periodontitis, or pulpitis.

In addition, the removal of the nerve is possible with prolonged aching pain, which is twice as worse at night, with sudden movements and rotation of the head. Such pain often occur after eating sweet, spicy or sour food, and cold or hot beverages.

Medical treatment of the patient’s dental nerve

Currently in medical treatment dental problems there is a huge variety of drugs to address those or other problems with teeth or a full mouth in General.

For toothache are assigned certain drugs that vary in effectiveness and impact. If you suffer severe pain and do not know what to kill diseased nerve in a tooth, you should pay attention to the following drugs:

  • DeWitt-ARS;
  • DeWitt-C;
  • Casticin;
  • Septodont;
  • DeWitt-P;
  • Kaustinen Rapid;
  • Pullparser, and others.

All the above drugs are used only in dental clinics, that is, in the home, the use of them is prohibited, for mismatched dosage in humans can occur the appearance of adverse effects full. It is also worth noting that the means facilitating pain during dental ailments can only help in those cases if the problem is only superficial, that is not a serious illness, or when you know exactly what caused the onset of pain dental nerve. As a rule, by means of painkillers a doctor can only provide devitalization process. All used the specialist drugs have detoksicirutuyu and do not have any particular side effects.

How to kill a nerve in the home

If you have no idea how and what can kill the nerve and how in General to kill him at home, you should pay attention to the recipes of traditional medicine, which are most common and have high reviews. If you can not timely access to a doctor, and the heart-rending tooth hurts,you can help of different solutions and infusions on the basis of various herbs and substances that have medicinal properties.

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The simplest, but at the same time, an effective folk remedy for opponents of the tooth nerve is a pure medical alcohol, which may require up to three times a day to wet the cotton wool and apply it to the affected teeth.

The competitor of this tool is iodine, which is used the same way as alcohol. To kill tooth nerve, you can use traditional medicines such as:

  1. Gunpowder. They need to sprinkle the cotton wool, which was later to impose on the aching tooth or the remainder. This method is radical, as it can cause poisoning from powder gases
  2. Vinegar. Also is a rather dangerous tool to remove nerve. Though he is more effective, but improper use can burn the mucous membranes of the mouth
  3. Zinc. To get this substance, you just need to burn the paper, and ashes to wet cotton wool and apply to the sore place. Before to apply this method it is necessary to take some pain medicine
  4. Arsenic. This substance is the most dangerous in the case of incorrect use can cause serious poisoning or death. So at home this tool is not recommended.


In addition to these traditional medicine for the elimination of the dental nerve and used other recipes, but each one has not only positive results but more are negative. Based on all above described we can conclude that the best and safest option for removing the nerve will appeal to the doctor conducting the necessary surveys will prescribe the correct treatment without serious complications and risk of tooth decay.