How to kill tooth nerve at home?

Pain in the teeth sometimes so strong that other exit, except how to kill tooth nerve at home does not arise. All the negative feelings that cause a person to go to such extremes to appear when inflammation of the pulp.

Irritation is usually preceded by acute pain syndrome is a hot food, hard food, even cold air. It often occurs on the background of thinning the neck of the tooth, caries, pulpitis, so it is better to visit the dentist. The described methods are useful as emergency measures when deponirovanie is essential.

What is it?

A tooth consists of the crown, which is above the surface of the periodontium, and the gingiva is the other part. He is only solid on the outside, and inside is fiber, lymphatic and blood vessels called pulp. This part is a whole network of nerve endings. Branches are not located in one place and distributed through the channels, go back to the roots.

From start teething and until after the formation of the body nerves are the main catalyst of the innervation process of growth and nutrition. After their function perekvalifitsiruetsya in touch: they convey the pain that signals that the dentin is destroyed.

The extermination leads to killing of the entire pulp inside the crown, so stop not only the pain but also the power of the tooth. If you do not follow him further, then soon he will darken and crumble.

Why you need to remove the nerve in tooth?

Keep the nerve fails at the initial stage of caries or when the inflammation has affected only a part of the pulp. If you follow the condition of the dentin and regularly visit the dentist, such problems and does not affect humans. But when the pain became unbearable and the doctor diagnosed pulpitis, required extermination.

Reasons for removal of the nerve are like:

  • prosthetics;
  • a deep carious cavity;
  • poor quality treatment of dental problems and diseases;
  • mechanical trauma.

Sometimes the inflammation of the pulp progresses to more advanced disease — periodontitis. As the consequences in this case dangerous, it is removed. To kill the nerve it is necessary that the patient experienced intolerable pain during the surgery.

Symptoms to deponirovanie

To determine whether tenderness is a result of irritation of the nerve, and not due to thinning of the enamel can be based on specific characteristics:

  1. Aching pain, the appearance of which is not related to irritants. It occurs even as a result of rotation or tilt of the head, after a change in the body. Most worried about the night.
  2. Strengthening of pain is influenced by sudden changes of temperature. To test the reaction by applying to the tooth cold fleece. Usually after this procedure the symptom persists for a long time.
  3. Paroxysmal pain — this symptom appears at the moment of pressure, of the meal. It is also long lasting and does not disappear after cessation of exposure to the stimulus.
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How to kill tooth nerve at home?

«Can you kill the nerve?» is the first question, which is set in this case. Dentists do not like and even dread, looking for different ways of self-medication. Such an approach is unacceptable, because it is very easy to hurt yourself, even worsening of the symptoms.

To resort to folk remedies of tooth pulp can only be in a desperate situation, when opportunities to obtain qualified assistance do not. In other cases, to trust such a serious procedure should only doctors.

Independently conduct deponirovanie matter very carefully, assessing his condition and determining if there are any symptoms of periodontitis. If the gums seem swollen and the pain is not concentrated in one tooth and spreads to the entire periodontium, self-medication is very dangerous and can only help the professional dentistry. The fact that the inside has already formed a purulent process and if you can kill the nerve, it would have serious consequences.


In the dental office before the procedure of devitalization of thoroughly clean channel. To carry out such a cleaning is also important, otherwise the build up of material will provoke the infection and the wound will fester. Preparation procedures are as follows:

  • oral hygiene with toothbrush and toothpaste;
  • the blunt end of the needle to disinfect and clean the hole being careful;
  • rinse mouth antiseptic composition.

What they put in the tooth to disinfect? If you want to best protect themselves from suppuration, in the hole for a while lay a mixture of water with alcohol or hydrogen peroxide.

An hour before the tooth pulp is to take the painkillers, as not all homemade remedies at the first stage is able to remove the pain.


In the tooth, which bothers usually already have a cavity or a chip. It is in this area overlaps with a swab dipped in prepared independently. You may use these recipes:

  • alcohol is not intended to remove the pulp, but cleans well pain. Relieving symptoms for a short period and seek regular rinsing;
  • the powder lay in the wound, but only small amounts not to cause intoxication;
  • vinegar — use this method with caution, as the essence provokes burned mucosa. To attach the swab only on the nerve, and before that, it is advisable to take painkillers;
  • arsenic in dentistry it is used sometimes, but only in the form of salts or ointments, choosing carefully concentration. For home use it is not well suited. The desire to relieve unbearable pain much, but we should not forget that this is primarily a poison and thoughtless use of such funds threatens the lives(!);
  • zinc — the most affordable way to obtain this item is to choose from newsprint, on which a large amount of paint (photo, many inscriptions). It has to be burned and the ashes gathered on a piece of sterile cotton wool, lay in the cleared channel. Keep the tampon in the mouth you need to 12 hours;
  • pound the garlic, add salt and put the composition on the affected area. Garlic cloves in this recipe you can substitute ground pepper.
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After independently conducted depulpatsii still need to visit a dental office, it should be done within 14 days. A medical examination is needed to prevent the risk of infection, and to maintain the health of the tooth and prevent its rapid destruction. If you kill the nerve in the home did not happen without consequences (intoxication, burns of the mucosa), the visit to the doctor better not to postpone.


To remove the pulp of the tooth can help not only the various home remedies like vinegar, alcohol, or propolis, but also specialized drug formulations. They are based on using formaldehyde or arsenic. Depending on the percentage, identify the following ointment:

  1. Cresoft consists of experiwith, dexamethasone, thymol, p-chlorophenol. This drug has no irritant effect on the adjacent gingiva, it is possible to successfully combine pre-treatment with antiseptics or antibiotics. It comes in the form of drops. After applying a cavity or crown, on which is superimposed the swab should be rinsed with water.
  2. Kaustinen rapid tool has 30% of arsenious anhydride, and the rest is auxiliary components, acts as a conductor of the active substance. These include phenol, menthol, lidocaine, ephedrine salt. How long will it take to obtain the effect of devitalization? It depends on how deep it is under the dentin to the nerve. The fastest way to affect the drug with direct action on the pulp. The usual period of 1-2 days.
  3. DeWitt ARS — deponirovanie with the help of this tool quick and painless. The main component is the same as that of Kaustinen in composition and lidocaine. Prevent the risk of infection and supplements chlorophenol, metacresol and other antiseptics. To kill the pulp is possible in 1-2 days, so here is the value of the complexity of the structure of the tooth. Buy devita ARS in the syringe or in the form of 100 universal doses. Their consistency is slightly different.

All pastes containing arsenic, you need to treat very carefully. The oral cavity was washed thoroughly and then be sure to visit the doctor. If time does not remove this dead component of the slurry may be osteonecrosis of the jaw. An alternative to these tools are drugs with a different composition. Wait for the desired effect take longer, but you can not carried out after complete removal of the nerve and the danger of intoxication is not.

DeWitt-P is a paste containing not only pain, but also from 4 components with antiseptic — chlorophenol, menthol, paraform, camphor. DeWitt- this is another variation of the drug. It contains:

  • creosote;
  • paraformaldehyde;
  • the lidocaine.

The undeniable advantage is the fact that after the self-removal of tooth pulp does not require special treatment, a thorough washing out of the cavity. The use of such medications need contraindications for ARSENICAL pastes, as well as in childhood. Apply the pads have 2-3 days longer, but serious complications after devitalization is not going to happen. But it is better to use any pastes only under the supervision of a dentist.

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Not to kill, but to reduce the likelihood of infection and relieve pain you get when you put on the tooth with a cotton ball soaked in hydrogen peroxide or iodine.

Video: folk remedies against toothache.

Further questions

► Why arsenic doesn’t kill nerve in tooth?

If arsenic does not act for individual reasons (need something more strong, the medicine cannot penetrate into the channel) and even re-bookmark to no avail, it is better to ask the doctor about another method of anesthesia. There are other reasons for the lack of effect when the pain does not pass:

  1. The drug can cause edema, aggravate the local blood circulation, and the body thus reacts to these symptoms. The nerve to this point, pulpless, hurt the surrounding tissue.
  2. The toxic effect of the component — this reason is typical for cases, when the medication time is long in the tooth.
  3. Intolerance.
  4. Insufficient funds dose that leads to the opposite reaction — the worsening of inflammation.

A tooth ache can not only because of all these reasons, but also due to incorrect temp. Discomfort appear when it is too tight or has a deformity. In any of these cases, after 1-2 days you need to go to the dentist.

► How long the arsenic kills the nerve?

Do not panic, if arsenic did not have time for 1-2 days to kill the nerve. When you see the effect sometimes varies from the tooth. In the root, which have many channels, to lay a medicine should no less than 5-6 days. Some patients have to repeat the procedure with arsenic, but the doctor will put it in a different area of the crown. You can not go with him for longer than the period specified by the dentist, otherwise start the process of infection and even the formation of purulent periodontitis.