How to make a Hollywood smile and how much it costs?

To do a Hollywood smile is currently can anyone who has the desire and funds to invest them in the procedure. With the development of medicine, more and more people are turning to dentists, because I want to be like their idols.

Charming, snow-white smiles of the actors captivated fans, while remaining inaccessible to the people whom nature has not given beautiful teeth. Progress in medicine and technology have helped to turn the dream into reality and leveled the abyss.

«Made» was a Hollywood smile, due to the development of cinema. In the 30-ies of XX century, with the purpose of giving the actors more charm and attractiveness, a French dentist Charles Pincus invented white teeth. They were used only during the filming, wearing them in everyday life was impractical.


The main step in obtaining a beautiful smile would be to visit a good dental clinic. The doctor will examination of the mouth, if necessary, by assigning the treatment of teeth and mucous membranes.

Depending on your aesthetic preferences and the initial condition of the teeth, it will offer you the following options:

  • veneers and Lumineers;
  • implants;
  • growing teeth.


Thin overlays the desired shape and color that resolves all the apparent defects of the «smile line». For methods of installation are divided into:

  1. Direct or instant − easiest and fastest way to achieve the desired results in as little as 2.5 hours. The result depends on professionalism of the specialist, as the work is not in the laboratory but directly on the «hot» in the mouth of the patient. Typically, veneers are made from very durable material, so you can not afraid to bite solid food. There is also the possibility together with your doctor to choose the color and shape of teeth. Direct veneers is a kind of build-up and staining of the teeth a quality composite or polymer composition. This type of restoration is less traumatic and often takes place without anesthesia.
  2. Indirect (orthopedic) are produced in laboratory conditions, not at one time, on the basis of casts made by your doctor. Then a dental technician simulates a wax lining. If after fitting the wax models of the doctor and the patient are satisfied, the products are made of permanent material. In the indirect method of restoration works for installation of material used is a special kind of cement.
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Material for fabrication of indirect veneer is the following:

  • ceramics (classic) – in the part of the medical porcelain and translucent ceramic;
  • cubic Zirconia is considered the most biocompatible with the patient’s body, the main composition of zinc oxide. Because of the complexity of working with this material the cost of the product is very large;
  • stainless steel is more durable and aesthetic material than ceramic, which does not require the removal of enamel from the teeth of the patient, as in ceramic or zirconium lining;
  • Lumineers (Hollywood veneers) are very thin ceramic plates, characterized in that over strength, for fixing the teeth also do not undergo dissection. Lumineers are the most durable in the process of operation, the period of use is 20 years. If necessary, the Assembly is removed or changed for a new one without damaging the enamel.


Apply only in the case if the mouth has no teeth. For installation carried out a special operation to implant a titanium root in the bone in place of the missing tooth and on this root wears the crown. To obtain the most aesthetic effect applies a ceramic or metal-ceramic crowns, the budget is a plastic crown (less durable).

Growing teeth

It will be possible in the future, at the moment, scientists are conducting research. Geneticists have created two methods of cultivation:

  • internal – in the mouth. This will need to inject (based on stem cells taken from baby teeth) in the area of the missing tooth, 3-4 months to grow a new;
  • external – occurs in vitro or in the organism, the embryo is transplanted tooth in the dentition, for further growth.

The farming of the teeth will allow the whole or to refuse the implants.

Photos of stars before and after

How to do a Hollywood smile veneers?

To achieve the smile of a star, any person using veneers, although Lumineers (Hollywood veneers) more expensive than their counterparts, they occupy the first place in reliability and usability among other restoration materials.

To put these pads can two visits to the dental clinic:

  1. At the first stage take impressions of teeth;
  2. And on your next visit to the doctor established themselves lining.

You can do without a lot of fittings and temporary installations, as for Hollywood veneers well used due to the fact that they are no thicker than silicone lenses for the eyes. For design fastening the tooth surface is cleaned, and then coated with a special tool for optimum fixing of the material.

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► Best alternative to teeth whitening — veneers.

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Is it possible to do at home?

If expensive procedures to create a Hollywood smile the dentist are not represented while possible, you can try to whiten your teeth at home. Such methods are many, the main thing is to follow all the recommendations for their use, so as not to harm health.

For whitening you can apply:

  • toothpaste with whitening effect — it cleans the teeth from plaque, the enamel becomes cleaner, but not whiter. Experts do not recommend long-term use of such toothpastes because of the abrasiveness;
  • special gels with peroxide carbamide or hydrogen is particularly well suited to the tray with this gel (to apply them every night during sleep, since the peroxide during prolonged contact with enamel will manage it well to lighten);
  • hydrogen peroxide — wetted toothbrush before brushing your teeth in 3% solution, the result will be noticeable after 2 months;
  • soda — this method clears the teeth on a mechanical level, not bleaching them from the inside.
  • lemon — you can also use fruit

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It is worth noting that home whitening will give the same effect as installing veneers or other similar procedure in a dental clinic.

How much does a Hollywood smile?

The cost of a Hollywood smile depends on the chosen method: the cheapest way is teeth whitening at home, more effective and more expensive, of course, in the clinic at the dentist. Using the ZOOM system and BEYOND, for example, it is possible to achieve lightening a few shades, the procedure cost around 16000-20000 rubles.

The cost of vinirovna teeth ranges from fashion restoration and the material from which is made mikroprotez:

  1. Direct method (cheapest) — relatively low cost due to the simplicity of the technique and not very expensive at a cost of photopolymer composition. For one tooth you will have to pay about 6000-7000 rubles. It is worth noting that the «smile line» on the upper jaw has 8 teeth.
  2. The indirect method is more time-consuming, in addition to as an orthodontist, you will need to pay for the work of a dental technician. The price includes: taking an impression from the teeth of the patient, modeling pads in the laboratory, preparation of temporary constructions applied before installation of permanent ceramic and Zirconia veneers, anesthesia and cement of double curing for mounting linings.
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Pricing for one veneers dentist in Moscow about the following:

  • ceramics – 14000-15000 rubles;
  • zirconium – 15000-17000 roubles;
  • glass ceramics – 15000-18000 rubles;
  • Lumineers – 25000-40000 rubles.

The implant is a titanium root will cost about 15000-17000 roubles, it is necessary to this price to add the cost of a crown, which varies from material goods.

How to learn to smile?

A beautiful smile can not every person and not only in a smooth porcelain teeth, very often, during a smile, there is facial asymmetry, the situation can be corrected regularly training the necessary muscles of the face.

Experts have developed a set of exercises:

  • exhale the air through the tightly compressed lips of several approaches;
  • pull the lips and do these movements as if you were trying to draw lips a figure eight;
  • in the initial position of the lips, to try to pull them as far forward as possible and relax.

In addition, important «staging.» Main methods:

  • to smile at my mirror reflection, choosing your best option smile;
  • relax, using the time to try to reproduce the selected smile. The exercise should be repeated several times until the facial muscles are not characterized by these movements;
  • to smile looked at ease, to smile not only lips, but eyes.

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