How to pull a tooth without pain: so it doesn’t hurt

It is sometimes necessary to remove a tooth at home. Therefore, it is necessary to know how to pull a tooth without pain and when possible. Some people are afraid of dental procedures sometimes it’s just not possible to get on reception to the expert. And walk each time to the dental clinic with a child who has loose baby teeth, just makes no sense. So everyone, just in case, must know what bone spikes you can remove yourself, and what — not worth it. There is one symptom that can help identify which tooth you can tear out so that it doesn’t hurt. Without special tools and special techniques you can only pull wobbly. In all other cases the probability of success of this operation is significantly reduced.

Removal in children

How to pull a tooth out without pain in a child? Natural replacement of primary teeth does not always go without problems. Sometimes milk much it wobbles, but never falls. It happens that the root is already cut through, and the milk prevents its growth. Often lately because of the sweet-tooth in children to 6 years the milk teeth are already in poor condition. It happens that the chips can injure the tongue or cheek of a child, causing him considerable discomfort. You should know, in what cases it is possible to remove the tooth from a baby, and when it is better to take his medication. Absolute indications for removal are:

  • severe slacking;
  • significant destruction of the crown;
  • offset the growing of permanent teeth due to the presence of milk;

Relative indications for removal are:

  • his tenderness;
  • the presence of pathology (caries, pulpitis, periodontitis)
  • minor mobility.

Doctors fear many children. One of the men in white coats, many children causes tears. And not to mention the menacing appearance of dental instruments and the peculiar smell of medical institutions! So, once again not to injure the psyche of the child, many parents decided to self-delete. For them the question of how to painlessly pull a tooth, is most urgent.


First of all, you need to calm the child. To explain how and why you need to remove the tooth, but not to intimidate. You can tell the kid about a mouse and a gold tooth or the tooth fairy. Preferably the entire process to make the game. If the child trusts and is not afraid, it will greatly facilitate and speed up treatment. It is important that the baby was fed, as after removal for 2-3 hours.

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Then you need to carefully examine the tooth to be removed, and the gum around it, you need to try to sway him. If it is firmly held in the gingiva, significantly destroyed and hurts: it is better to abandon self-removal. In this case, the removal of teeth without pain is hardly feasible. A failed attempt will only cause unnecessary suffering to the baby and cause distrust and resentment.

You cannot pull a tooth at home and in that case, if there are signs of inflammation: redness and swelling of the gums, purulent discharge. In this situation it is better to try to persuade the child to go to a doctor. Only a dentist with professional anesthesia will provide a painless removal of a tooth from a child, if it is really necessary.

The operation

In that case, if the tooth is badly faltering, signs of inflammation, you can try to pull out their forces. To do this, the parent must be calm and confident. The easiest way which might work in some cases, is to give the child to chew a carrot, a biscuit, or hard toffee. If your tooth is poorly kept, it can appear in process of mastication.

To remove the need to use sterile gauze. Make a seal around the base with a gauze or sterile bandage and sharp movement pull vertically from the gums. Pulling out, it is not necessary to exert much effort, as in this case, it may occur excessive injury to the gums and damage to adjacent teeth.

There are other disposal methods, everyone rips as their physical and psychological capabilities. This can be done using the thread. It needs to be pre-treated with antiseptic. Suitable diluted rubbing alcohol solution Hlorofillipt or Furatsilina. Then we need to firmly tie a loose tooth. The thread can be just hard to pull or to tie to the door handle and pull it sharply. After extraction, you need to ask the child to rinse the mouth prepared with an antiseptic solution and put on the wound a pledget of gauze saturated with it.

After successful completion of the operation do not leave the baby alone. He can get scared from the sight of blood, pulling tampon. If, after removal of the blood does not stop within half an hour, it is necessary to go urgently to the dentist. If the gums are still swollen and painful, the child will also need to show the dentist.

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Removal in adults

In adults as well as children, at home you can only remove wobbly teeth. Easier to remove the cutters. Chewing teeth have 2 to 3 roots that are deeply sitting in the gums. To pull them is much harder than tooth with a single root. The long roots of the canines. To pull them too hard. Dentists strongly recommend not to torture yourself and find a way to visit the dentist.

Do not be mistaken and about the pain. No pain pills will not help to pull out a molar tooth absolutely painless. And to do an injection in the gum — not everyone’s strength. And the probability of occurrence of various complications associated with the deletion is big enough. Therefore it is better to find time for the treatment of this problem to the dental clinic.

Modern professional anesthesia completely numbs even the most complex dental surgery. In some cases the use of General anesthesia. So it will not hurt, not scary. But abuse General anesthesia is not necessary, as by itself it can cause various complications, until the heart stops. In General, an injection in the gum — it is the most painful surgery to remove. If, nevertheless, to the surgeon-dentist to get is not possible, you need to have a minimum level of knowledge about how to remove the tooth without pain.

Before you decide to rip a bone growth, a person should be aware of all the consequences and risks of this operation. There are many instances where you cannot stop the bleeding after the removal, and people still went to the dentist. Inadequate disinfection of the oral cavity can lead to the development of the inflammatory process, including sepsis. And this is, again, inevitable appeal to the doctors. A failed attempt can cause the crown of the tooth breaks down, and the roots or part of them will remain in the gums. To remove residues from gums at home without special tools is virtually impossible. But in this case will inevitably arise purulent inflammation. So it is better to think seven times before to remove a molar tooth at home.

If he staggers, you can try to clean the tooth on their own. It is best to gradually loosening it to such an extent that removal is not difficult.

But even before you remove this tooth, you need to prepare. At hand need to have painkillers. It can be strong analgesics or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (Nalgesin, Melbek, Dikloberl). For local anesthesia, you can use gel or spray with lidocaine. You will also need: sterile bandages, gloves and antiseptic solution (Furatsilin, Hlorofillipt). It is important to eat before a tooth extraction. After surgery to not eat for 3-4 hours. Anesthetic drug should be taken half an hour before removal.

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Before you start painless teeth removal, you should thoroughly clean the oral cavity with toothpaste and an antiseptic solution. Good vodka will also work. You need to thoroughly wash and disinfect hands and prepare sterile gauze swab. Then loosened tooth have to clasp tightly with gauze. The cutter can be scrolled in different directions, then pull out it will be easier. Premolari and painters to scroll is impossible. After the mobility of the tooth in the gum increase, you need to sharply pull.

With the right dash of blood should not be much. Wound on the site of an extracted tooth need to be closed with a sterile swab. To remove it should not be for half an hour. If all goes well, usually this time the bleeding almost stops. Within days after tooth extraction not to drink hot liquids and eat hot food. Everything must be warm. Rinse your mouth with an antiseptic solution, it is possible not earlier than two days after removal. Well suited decoctions of chamomile, sage, St. John’s wort and other anti-inflammatory herbs. The decoction should not be hot. If there is severe swelling of the gums, which will not begin to subside on the second day, the temperature rises or will develop severe pain at the place of the missing tooth, will have to visit the dentist.

Moscow has more than 316 dental clinics, which employ more than 10,000 dentists. Among them will be those who will remove any tooth absolutely painless.