How to pull out baby tooth: right at home

The knowledge of how to pull a baby tooth will be useful to parents who are hesitant to pull the incisors or canines children of their own. Period change of primary teeth occurs in approximately 5 years. Doctors do not suggest artificially accelerate the loss of a loose tooth, in many cases, this process occurs without the participation of adults in a natural way. For removal of permanent teeth should consult the dentist to avoid possible complications.

How to understand, it’s time to remove a milk tooth or even earlier

The process of changing dentition occurs by nature the manner and by certain deadlines. Usually a complete replacement is 13 years. Early loss of deciduous teeth may be due to trauma or carious process and is fraught with improper growth of teeth and curvature of the dentition in the future.

When in doubt whether to pull out baby teeth, it is necessary to follow the indications for this procedure:

  • the tooth crown is destroyed by caries and can not be restored;
  • teeth affected, which can not be treated for any reason;
  • developed a severe inflammatory process, e.g. in the form of pulpitis or periodontitis that threatens the defeat of the dental germs;
  • baby tooth is a hindrance to growth constant (for example, delay resorption of its roots);
  • education at the root granuloma or purulent cysts;
  • damages received for injuries.

These indications are absolute, when they occur you must remove a baby tooth. Relative indications include the reel cutter for a long time, chronic form of periodontitis or pulpitis, the breaking away of part of the dental crown.

The preparatory phase

Before you pull the baby tooth, you should check the condition of the gums and mucous membranes of the mouth. If there are signs of inflammation (swelling, redness), get it fixed, leaving time for the procedure to remove cutter. Then you need to prepare the child psychologically, to tell me that instead of the old wobbly he will grow a new healthy tooth. A positive set of children will help the story, the main character who is a good witch, rewarding brave kids, fearlessly ready to say goodbye to baby teeth, gifts.

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Also before you pull a tooth the child should feed him, because after the procedure you will need to refrain from eating 2-3 hours. Ask the kid to open his mouth, inspect the hold the tooth by moving it to the side. He swings the better and the less is destroyed, the easier it will be to pull. You should not pull the tooth, if the child has pain when the loosening of the tooth hole appears in the blood and if the baby is very afraid of the procedure itself.

How is the removal of teeth at home

To open wound was not contaminated with germs and food particles, you need to ask your child to brush your teeth and rinse your mouth with Chlorhexidine, with antiseptic properties. To reduce the painfulness treatments will help lubricate the gums with the drug Aflubin or other anaesthetic ointment.

To pull out a baby tooth at home in the following ways:

  1. Sometimes children enough to eat a fruit or vegetable with a hard peel or pulp: Apple, cucumber or carrot. If the tooth is in the child’s barely hanging on, it drops out even when they are biting.
  2. The following simple and effective method, allowing fast and pain-free to pull out a baby tooth of the child — removing hands. Wash them with soap, cut small piece of sterile gauze or separate piece of cotton wool. Wrap them tooth and fingers tug sharply on itself.
  3. How to pull a baby tooth on a string. It is enough to take 50 cm strong nylon thread, fold it in half, tie the knot cutter, tighten and pull to yourself. To decontaminate the thread before the procedure with a wetting solution of Chlorhexidine.
  4. If you doubt that you will be able to make confident and quick dash, tie a string to the door handle, and then suddenly close. The baby’s head at this point should be slightly tilted and mouth wide open. How to pull a tooth that way so that he was not afraid: add game time, engage baby. For example, attach to the opposite end of the thread a colourful toy or a balloon with helium. Then, after removal, the tooth can be sent on a journey, watching as the ball rises upward, away from earth.
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Rules that will ensure the safety of the procedure

When you remove a child’s baby tooth, be sure to follow the recommendations of specialists. How to pull out baby tooth: located on the upper jaw, the cutter and pull down on the lower jaw upwards. It is undesirable to pull it sideways as it increases the area of the wound surface and increases the risk of root damage, broken part of which can remain in place. If the attempt was unsuccessful, postpone the removal for a week or a few days.

If the tooth is successfully removed, the child needs to rinse my mouth with a light pink solution of potassium permanganate, Chlorhexidine or a solution of sea salt. For the preparation of a last resort to a glass of warm water you need to take a teaspoon of salt, a little baking soda and 3-5 drops of iodine. You can then moistened with antiseptic cotton swab and apply to the wound for 2 hours. To eat the kid will be in 3 hours. During the first days he can’t eat hot and cold. After the meal, remind your child about the need to rinse your mouth with warm water. When brushing your teeth avoid contact of the bristles into the wound.

Possible complications

After removal of the tooth from the socket can be blood. To stop bleeding you need to apply to the wound pad of a sterile bandage. If intense bleeding has not stopped after 15 minutes, you need to go to the dentist. The removal is not completely exfoliated tooth can cause inflammation. If redness, swelling or tenderness of the gums should take medical help. If you pull a wobbly cutter first you don’t succeed, it is better to postpone the procedure. When breaking and incomplete extraction of the dental root is also the necessary assistance to the pediatric dentist.Removal in the dental office

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Advice needed in the development of the inflammatory process, leading to the defeat of the rudiments of permanent teeth. Pediatric dentists for surgical procedures using tools specifically designed for work with young patients. The doctor has a wide selection of pain medications, choosing from them the most suitable in each case. When removing a tooth in a dental clinic specialists take into account the structural features of the teeth roots and jaw in children, the thickness of the walls of the alveoli. Held in a medical facility procedure prevents damage to the gums, dental germs, the presence in the hole of debris roots.

When removing milk teeth children do not feel pain. If the tooth is strongly unsteady and the baby have no fear of the procedure can be performed without anesthesia. When choosing the means and method of anesthesia doctors take into account the age and emotional condition of the child. For injections, use short needle. During the procedure, the babies do not feel pain or discomfort. The teenagers sometimes required the removal of permanent molars. The need for this can for example occur in the development of periodontitis, densely arrangement of the dentition, leading to malocclusion.