How to remove Tartar at home?

The people who have fossilized stained teeth, wondering how to get rid of plaque at home. Removal of this plaque is important to comprehensively study the problem and begin effective treatment, in that you devour our article.


The reasons because of which you receive the plaque are several, and they are mostly associated with improper care of the tooth surface.

  1. The wrong technique of brushing your teeth often people, brushing your teeth, do it out of habit, thoughtlessly and mechanically. In this case, some areas are very well cleaned, and some may receive the plaque due to bacteria.
  2. Irregular brushing and lack of its duration.
  3. Eating the following products: black tea, coffee, too sweet foods.
  4. Bad habits: Smoking, use of alcoholic beverages.

Why else occurs plaque? The reason may be not only a surplus of a certain food, but also its disadvantage, for instance if the diet a small amount of hard food. Also important is the factor of metabolism in the body, with the wrong balance of salt, the risk of disease increases significantly.

Also of great importance is the choice of toothbrush and toothpaste, if they are not good, then the plaque will be permanently accumulate even with regular brushing.


Toothpaste for Tartar removal

To get rid of Tartar for an integrated approach to the problem, one of its elements is choosing the right toothpaste. Brushing this toothpaste helps not only to remove stones, but also the prevention of its occurrence.

On the market there are several toothpastes that spetsializiruyutsya on the disease:

  • Sensitive;
  • New pearl;
  • President White Plus;
  • Lacalut White.

It is not necessary to expect instant results, but the positive effect they will give. This requires regular cleaning, especially paying attention to hard-to-reach areas of the mouth.

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It is worth noting that such pastes are specially formulated. There are components that grind the tooth surface, which helps to eliminate it as petrified, and conventional RAID. Various substances can contribute to the elimination of bacteria that always accompany Tartar and gradually soften it.

Based on the number of abrasives (grinding elements) in toothpaste, is to determine the frequency of its use: the more there abrasives, the less you need to repeat the procedure. For example, President white Plus is recommended to use about once a week, since they have excellent grinding effect, but its excess can damage tooth enamel.

How to remove Tartar? Recipes of traditional medicine

There are many folk remedies that help to get rid of plaque and Tartar on their own. However, not worth chasing a quick result, try to use products that act slowly and do not harm the teeth.

  • rinse in sodium chloride — treated tool lasts quite a long time, the teeth and gums should be cleaned with ordinary table salt. The first week of the procedure must be repeated 2 times a day – morning and evening, and then, after 2-3 weeks, reduce the number of purges to 2-3 a week (in the past month, the procedure must be repeated 1 time per week);
  • celandine — rinse the teeth with a solution of celandine helps to soften the Tartar. On perekipjachennoj a glass of water add half a spoon of greater celandine and rinse your mouth two times a day;
  • lemon juice or other citrus fruits — the acid in this juice helps to get rid of the problem. Do wiping this tool several times a day;
  • soda — to clean her teeth instead of toothpaste, repeat the procedure 1 time for 1.5-2 weeks (if you do the procedure more often, you risk damaging the teeth);
  • black radish — in order to overcome the problem, you can use this problem, due to its unique structure, the radish helps to remove Tartar. It is necessary to RUB and chew several times a day (to enhance the effect you can add to it the juice of citrus);
  • the ashes of burned eggplant — eggplant is completely incinerated, then the ash is applied on the problem area and wipe carefully, then rinse the mouth thoroughly. Everyday use can give visible results in two weeks.
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To remove Tartar you at home, but to the recipes of folk medicine is better carefully and used without fanaticism. But in any case we recommend you contact your dentist for advice.

Step by step instructions

► A decoction of the bark of young branches of a walnut

  1. Take a handful of bark and boil them (about 20-25 minutes).
  2. Wetted toothbrush into the remedy which we have received, and brush our teeth at least five minutes.

► Field horsetail

  1. Take three tablespoons of horsetail and fill it with 250ml of water.
  2. Cover the container with this tool blanket and give the infusion (1 hour).
  3. Accept means half a Cup (2 times a day).


Treatment of Tartar a lengthy and laborious process, so much easier to avoid its occurrence. For this you must follow these rules:

  • use only high-quality toothpaste and brush, from time to time use dental floss;
  • the use of ultrasonic brushes (irrigators);
  • to add a large number of solids, when chewing they cleanse the oral cavity from plaque;
  • to devote more time and attention cleaning your teeth. It is often necessary to consult a dentist who will be able to determine if the risk of disease and how to fight.

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Further questions

What products prevent the formation of stone?

First solid, that is chewing this kind of food does not allow the plaque to accumulate on teeth. The use of citrus is also great as a preventive measures.

Are there any contraindications home treatment?

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Most often, it is an allergic reaction to various ingredients of herbal teas and other traditional medicines. If you have problems with weak enamel, you should not use methods based on solid erosion of the stone surface, in other cases, the main thing is to use these tools in moderation and without fanaticism.

If Tartar?

Despite the common opinion on the safety, it can cause many diseases of the oral cavity in General and teeth in particular. Most often at the place of occurrence of Tartar over time tooth decay and other diseases can be related to the fact that the fossilized plaque on the teeth is a place of concentration for all sorts of harmful germs and bacteria.