How to restore tooth enamel at home?

With the changes in the enamel coating of the tooth face many. How to restore tooth enamel at home, is it possible to strengthen it, to repair cracks, wear and chips? Try to understand.

Enamel protects the dentin and the pulp from the pathogenic effects of microorganisms and other stimuli. The downside is that it is not able to restore the structure.

If the injury has occurred, or a carious process that led to the violation of the integrity of the tooth is penetrated deep into the tooth, the microorganisms are subjected to the destruction of the dentinal layer, moving to polovoy the camera.

The composition of tooth enamel

Enamel covered the visible part of the tooth, thanks to her internal structure well protected from external influences. Composed of a large number of inorganic substances (97%) and the least amount of water, so coating the tooth tissue is the hardest substance in the body.

It is composed of various components.

  1. Calcium hydroxyapatite – up to 75%.
  2. Water – 2-3%.
  3. Minerals and chemical elements such as phosphorus, fluorine, magnesium.
  4. Organic matter is 1-2%.

Normal enamel is on all surfaces of the tooth. The maximum thickness it attains in the region of hillocks, where the enamel layer is 2 mm, the Most thinnest portion is the area of the neck of the tooth, where it gradually thins and passes into the cement covering the root.

The causes of the destruction

The physiological age of the erosion of enamel occurs in older people, because for the life of the teeth daily have to withstand the loads associated with chewing and grinding food.

Young people have disrupted the structure of the enamel looks cracked or chipped. Initially, this condition isn’t uncomfortable, but over time the exposed areas of dentin are beginning to respond urgently to various stimuli, complicating the meal.

Why is the destruction of enamel? It is influenced by the following factors:

  • heredity – enamel layer some people have more fat, so it is harder to destroy;
  • bad habits – when a person often chews pencils, fingernails, crack seeds or nuts, detaches the thread, then on the surface of teeth are formed indentations or chips;
  • the loss of teeth – if there exist voids in a row, the load is distributed unevenly, causing some teeth, there is an increased strength;
  • endocrine disorders – diseases that violates the metabolism, adversely affect both the whole body and the condition of the tooth enamel;
  • inadequacy of food intake of calcium, fluorine and other elements in small quantities leads to the destruction of the crystal lattice;
  • hygiene items – hard bristle toothbrush (which toothbrush to choose?) and abrasive paste is mechanically destroying the enamel surface;
  • acid – excessive consumption of citrus fruits, work on harmful manufacture, and also frequent vomiting – all this causes erosion on the teeth.
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The restoration of tooth enamel: dental techniques

In the Arsenal of dentists there are several methods to restore the enamel layer:

  • fluoride – application on the tooth surface preparations, including fluoride. When the standard method the tooth is systematically covered with a fluorinated substance, wherein the fluorine does not penetrate into the depth of the enamel, but merely accumulates on the surface. Deep fluoridation involves the alternate use of gels containing particles of the fluorine and the calcium;
  • remineralization is a method of strengthening the enamel structure based on the application of preparations of calcium and phosphorus, and some vitamins. The only disadvantage is the duration of a course of treatment;
  • fillings standard dental remedy defects. For reliable adhesion to enamel is preferable to apply the seal of photocurable material;
  • implantation of enamel – new in dentistry the method of restoring tooth structure by implanting bioactive, the fusion of enamel prisms and foreign matter occurs on a molecular level. A distinctive feature of the method is that the artificial enamel on the external parameters is indistinguishable from the natural.
  • dental overlays – the application of veneers and Lumineers achieve a good cosmetic effect, virtually a Hollywood smile. When vinirovna removed minor enamel layer, and the ceramic pad is fixed to the outer surface of the tooth. Lumineers are the thinnest ceramic products, so their use in the grinding of the teeth is not necessary.

You should always try to preserve natural tooth structure and to make the renewal of the listed methods.

How to restore tooth enamel at home?

To regain the integrity of the enamel itself is almost impossible, because enamel has no regenerative abilities, however, to conduct high-quality prevention and strengthen the enamel layer in the early stages of destruction possible when using traditional methods and recipes.

  • balanced diet — eat vitamins, vegetables, fruits, dairy products and meat enriches tooth structure necessary components, making the enamel stronger;
  • massage the gums – causes increased blood flow in soft tissues, which improves the nutrition of the tooth and improve its structure. Departs daily 2-3 times. Clean the finger pads are placed on the gums and committed movement in a circle;
  • suitable toothbrush — an essential companion on the path to healthy enamel. It should have sufficient softness so as not to cause abrasion of the teeth when brushing;
  • strengthening paste for teeth – variety of hygiene products allows you to choose a paste that contains fluoride ions as well as calcium and phosphorus. For greater effect, it is permissible to leave on the teeth for a couple of minutes, allowing the enamel to absorb essential micronutrients.
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Self apply at home professional gels and liquids for remineralization is not worth it without a clear explanation of the dentist, as uncontrolled use of drugs can harm the body, especially the application of fluoride solutions, which may poisoning if you increase the proposed dosage.

What you need to do to strengthen the enamel?

In addition to treating damaged teeth, the best preventive measure is complete and balanced nutrition that will strengthen the structure of the enamel layer and protect against future problems with it. Good for teeth menu should include the full range of macro — and micronutrients.

  1. Dairy products – yogurt, milk and cheese contain large amounts of fluoride and calcium, which beneficially affects the strength of the enamel.
  2. Coarse food – carrots, apples, raw vegetables not only saturate the body with vitamins but also help cleanse the tooth surface, thereby protecting the teeth from plaque and microbial exposure.
  3. Eggs – they contain vitamin D has a positive effect on bone structure.
  4. Fish and meat – enrich the body with protein that gives the body the strength to fight pathogens and are found in fish phosphorus is embedded in the lattice structure, restoring the tooth enamel.

If you want to get a white smile, you can read an article about how to whiten teeth at home without harming the enamel. Lists the most effective bleaching techniques.

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Irina, 42 years

With age my teeth started to grind, because of what I have become worried about the hypersensitivity. I couldn’t eat because of cold and hot food caused pain attack. To resolve the problem, appealed to the dentist, he gave me a course of deep fluoridation of the enamel, and wrote recommendations on hygiene and diet. Three weeks later the sensitivity is decreased.

Peter, 34 years

A couple times a month I play football with. In one game the ball hit me right in my front teeth, then the enamel is any crack that causes discomfort while eating. Yes, and it looked ugly. I went to the doctor after discussing all the possible options it was decided to place veneers. Now I’m not worried about the discomfort and the tooth looks even more beautiful than before the injury.

Oksana, 28 years old

My husband decided on the dispute decided to crack a walnut. Naturally, he succeeded, but with heavy losses – broke a piece of tooth. After examination, the dentist said that violated only the integrity of the enamel layer and offered to restore the missing part of the seal. He did everything beautifully, even quietly, that the tooth is artificial. Now the increased sensitivity of the husband is not worried.

Further questions

► Advise paste to restore the enamel

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Range of toothpastes to strengthen enamel, is quite extensive, so pay attention to the list of substances in their composition. If it contains fluoride or calcium, this tool can be used as an assistant to restore the surface layer of the tooth.

► The cost of dental procedures

The price of professional recovery depends on the chosen method of treatment:

  • fluoridation – 400-1200 rubles;
  • remineralization of calcium – 300-1000 RUB.;
  • filling – 1000-5000 rubles;
  • implantation of the enamel, up to 8000R.

► How to restore enamel after braces?

To achieve the effect, you should contact your dentist. He will spend adequate conservative therapy aimed at the restoration of the enamel layer. In addition, it is recommended to follow the General hygiene of the oral cavity, and properly care for the braces to prevent bacterial plaque accumulation and limit the use of sweet food and carbonated drinks, which further destroys the teeth.