How to store dentures at night?

Patients who are faced with a prosthesis, ask the following question – how to store dentures in principle, and especially at night? After all seen elderly people put such designs in the glass of water beside the bed. Whether such storage and how to care for modern dentures?

Before such designs were made of rubber and so they do not dry, you need to be sure when removing to put them in the water. Modern materials have completely different properties, so you need to treat them differently.

Particular care

The most important factor which affects the maintenance and care of prosthesis, the material from which they are made. For example, nylon or acrylic detachable design can not be placed in water or solution. It’s enough to do once a week for antiseptic additional processing.

If the denture has metal parts, it is impossible to omit in a container of chlorinated water because they will quickly darken and will be unsightly.

To make the prosthesis last longer it must be not only properly stored, but carefully look after him. Doctors recommend to carry out the following manipulation:

  • After a meal plug-in designs it is desirable to remove and rinse with boiled water. This regular procedure will help to avoid too early darkening of artificial materials and will not spread the bacteria in the oral cavity.
  • Morning and evening to brush your denture with a special brush and toothpaste. Selected extra soft bristles and toothpaste your doctor may recommend to use a child without abrasive or aggressive chemical components.
  • Periodically, once a week, it is better to put the denture in a special solution for antiseptic treatment. Thanks to this is thoroughly washed and the additional fixing material.
  • Every six months is necessary to bring the design to the doctor. In the dental office can thoroughly clean using professional tools and devices, and to correct if necessary. Prolonged use of the prosthesis without professional care promotes the growth of pathogenic bacteria.
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It should be remembered that when cleaning the dentures need to be careful, they do not tolerate aggressive mechanical action. To break the design and do not scratch the surface of the material should be soft movements, without undue pressure. Especially for plastic variants.

How to store dentures at night?

It is believed that modern devices are quite comfortable for day use. In the process of adapting the doctors do not recommend leaving the jawbone without the prosthesis, so she quickly used to a certain effect.

Separately storing plug-in elements are valid only when the patient is fully accustomed to them and wishes for the night to give the mucosal surface to recover.

Remember that from the direct sunlight, boiling water, aggressive chemical compounds and the close light of the lamp design can change the shape or deteriorate.

Where to store dentures?

If you decide to remove them at night, it is best to placed in a special container for storing dentures. It is believed that in the tank, he hid from unwanted dust and bacteria. But you can just wrap your denture in a clean, soft cloth.

To the morning when you use it was not an unpleasant sensation of dryness, before fixation, rinse the surface with water.

If the construction has no metal parts, then at night you can put the denture in a glass of water. Importantly, the fluid was clean with no unnecessary additives and not hot.

In what solution?

The use of special funds it is recommended once a week. They help to get rid of food debris in hard to reach areas, disinfect the surface of the material, as well as to wash off the glue if it is used for better attachment.

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Solution purchased in the pharmacy as they are, or buy soluble tablets. These are hypoallergenic and do not cause reactions in sensitive patients. They are specially designed for high-quality care in the home.

Video: solution to dentures with his hands.



It was difficult at first to get used to the prosthesis. At night, the doctor advised not to remove it. When I finally got used to the dentures, I decided to rest for the night from too much stress. For storage use a special container, it protects the prosthesis from dust and different bacteria.


Have been using the prosthesis. And even though the doctor said that it is not necessary to put in water or solution at night, I like when the design is wet in the morning. So I usually keep it in a glass of boiled water and in the morning experience at normal, no excessive dryness.


Since childhood, I remembered how my grandmother used to keep the jaw in a glass of water beside the bed. When lived to that age, it turned out that today it is not necessary. The doctor explained to me that the denture has metal fittings, and they are afraid of water, so you have to keep it in a special container.


I often leave home and travel was convenient to store the prosthesis in a special container. It’s small, does not occupy much space and no one will guess what it is. This is my little secret. And solutions I buy in pill form that are easy to use, and they are also invisible to the outside look.

Further questions

► Is it possible to store dentures without water?

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Given that modern designs made of acrylic and nylon, the water storage is not needed. This material does not dry out and deform. Therefore at night left in special containers without liquid or wrapped in a soft cloth.