How to straighten your teeth without braces: is it possible to correct the bite

Dental problems have always been relevant. In connection with the increased interest in their health and beauty, demands for smile grow. But the pledge of a beautiful smile, of course, straight teeth. Not all nature has bestowed perfectly smooth dentition. But modern dentistry can easily solve this problem even repair teeth without braces. Best correction give children, as their jaw is fully formed and is more pliable to any procedures. The most famous and very popular method how to fix an overbite are braces. They are able to fix even the most neglected teeth. But this method of treatment has its drawbacks: the constant taste of metal in mouth, unattractive appearance, inconvenience while chewing, a long-time occlusion. Therefore, dentists continued to search for new methods of struggle for a beautiful smile, and such ways were found. How to align teeth without braces, will be discussed in this article.

Is it possible to straighten teeth without braces

Many people would use effective methods of alignment of teeth without constant visits to the orthodontist. In ancient times there were attempts to fix teeth without braces , but they were not successful. After all, if it were that easy, everything would be flaunted with Hollywood smiles. But this, alas, is not happening. But despite the fact that to completely abandon the skilled dental care is unrealistic, we can reduce the number of visits to the orthodontist to a minimum. And it is thanks to the new alternative methods of alignment of the bite. When the patient can correct your bite without leaving own apartment, without constant visits to the doctor. New methods, how to fix crooked teeth without braces is very gentle, the experts refused to extremely severe grinding of the teeth. The cost of such methods hits hard on the pocket, which expands the range of committed clients. The question of the effectiveness sparing techniques already in anybody does not cause doubts. Modern design can easily replace traditional fixed metal braces, not inferior to them in efficiency.

Fortunately, many teenagers and other people who want to change their teeth, modern technology can make it comfortable. For the patient it will be more discreet and easier.
The main thing – not to allow error self-attempts of rectification of the bite with artisanal improvised. For most people this is going to sound crazy, but such cases are the place to be. Such things are fraught with serious consequences with uncontrolled course and many consequences. Such attempts seldom end happily for the physician’s self-taught. And often, these experiments require prolonged treatment and rectify.

For all the attempts of mankind to correct the bite found the most effective method. Alignment of teeth without braces is prevention. To prevent the development of malocclusion from an early age is the most effective and cheapest way. In children can prevent the development of pathological curve of the dentition using proper care of the teeth, if the time to wean a child from the habit of sucking her finger, the permanent prichesyvaniya lower lip. In the case of any disease accompanied by difficulty swallowing or breathing wrong, you need to focus on their treatment. Because these factors also contribute to the formation of malocclusion in children.

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Do not be sad, if prevention was ineffective, and was formed insufficiently smooth smile. Installation of braces are most often recommended by dentists as a means of dealing with uneven teeth. Even if they are terribly uneven, you can install only the braces without removing teeth. Pleasant procedure is low, many people forgo the dubious pleasure of wearing a mouth of metal apparatus to constantly visit the dentist. But if you decided to take this step, as training is necessary to prepare the mouth to such a procedure. Before installing the braces, you need to fully get rid of all kinds of problems of the oral cavity. It may be disease of the tonsils, tongue, stomatitis and gingivitis. Sometimes you need to get rid of the tongue piercing and lip, because it causes unnecessary trauma to the mucous membranes. In the received wounds the infection to settle easier, and if you have braces it is harder to get rid of. The question arises: «How to straighten your teeth without braces?» Using gentle techniques, namely:

  1. using a special cap;
  2. when installing the veneers;
  3. when wearing trainers.

These three ways are not the only one, but the most common and affordable.

Mouth guard for teeth

Is it possible to align teeth without braces, using aligners only? Completely, but in the case of not too noticeable curvature. They represent the transparent caps, which simply are placed on the teeth of the patient. Often used after a course of treatment with braces. Consolidate results, do not give pliable to the teeth again to take the wrong position. They can also be used as an independent means of correcting malocclusion. However, Kappa is able to cope with relatively minor curvature. Fix unexpressed cracked teeth and expanding the dental arches.

Here is a sample list of conditions amenable to correction using only one cap:

  • if excessive density of the location of the molars, when the rear molars unnecessarily overlap each other;
  • if the teeth intervals;
  • in the case of the not so obvious bias of painters;
  • upon detection of the patient’s cross-bite;
  • when the irregularities of the teeth, when part of them is above or below the level of the other.
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Cap have many advantages in the correction of crooked teeth. First of all, ease of use, low-key, because they are made of transparent materials. They deliver much less inconvenience in comparison with braces, almost do not interfere with the conversation and not break it. They easily and quickly can be removed before eating. You do not need to avoid certain dishes. Perhaps their restricted use only at night. If the client wishes to whiten the teeth, this can be done by using whitening gel. It is applied directly into the cavity, the capacitor, and due to the tight contact with the teeth long-term effect on the enamel. The effectiveness of such tools is very high. In the case of wearing the tray, you can whiten your enamel in several shades. Also Kappa is not putting any pressure on the gums, they are very soft and more comfortable. In the mouth there are no fasteners and small metal parts which may injure the mucosa. Wearing time aligners generally lasts about a year.

Veneers or Lumineers

Tricky fixture, because they are not designed to fix the problem, and in order to disguise it. Veneers are special thin wafers, which are bonded to the front side of the molars.

Is it possible to fix an overbite without braces? The answer is, Yes. Sometimes veneers alone is enough to get rid of your problems with malocclusion and irregularities of the teeth. Another advantage of veneers is the speed of execution, the result is noticeable immediately.

Veneers are made from two types of raw materials — ceramic or composite materials. They are made individually for each patient, selected the shape and color. The thickness of such corrective plates are usually from 0.5 to 1.5 mm. They can be used for different purposes: to correct minor curvature of the anterior molars, to close implicit cracks. Can also help in correcting the gaps between teeth, restore chipped. Veneers have been successfully used in order to build up the teeth to the desired height, and skillfully cope with such disguise. Before that you need to whittle away a small amount of tooth enamel so the veneer stood up smoothly and not stand out.
In comparison with other methods of correction of malocclusion veneers have several distinct advantages:

  • low cost;
  • the ability to choose the exact color, make teeth the same shape;
  • completely invisible to another’s eye;
  • high speed produce the final result. For the manufacture of the initial cast of the patient’s teeth, making and installing veneers takes no more than two weeks.


The lifespan of veneers not less than ten years. To prolong their service life can be with the right and timely care for oral hygiene – flossing, correctly chosen toothbrush and toothpaste, regular dental hygiene and timely dental check-UPS.

Lumineers are different from veneers in thickness. Special ceramic materials allow the veneer to be thinner while not losing their reliability.


This is an indispensable alternative to braces in pediatric dental practice. They can cope with the correction of the dentition and establish the correct bite. Can be used in children from five years and above. This achieves alignment of teeth without braces. At this age have already formed temporary occlusion. Corrective action trainers is achieved by forming the correct position of the jaw muscles. This device is a soft silicone case that covers the tooth surface. Inside it is an arc that directly exerts pressure on the teeth.

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With the help of trainers also can solve problems of speech defects and difficulty breathing mouth.

Other methods of bite correction

There are other ways to implement correction of teeth without braces at home. This is various clips, tensile plate, lip bumpers.
For young children successfully use plates with a tensile effect. Such problems can occur due to breathing through the mouth instead of the nose or with a long sucking of the thumb of the hand.

Lip bumpers are used to ease the pressure buccal, and masticatory muscles. This allows to solve many problems:

  1. to normalize breathing;
  2. to improve ingestion;
  3. lengthen overly short dental arch;
  4. to reduce the activity of the chin muscles.

This device consists of a metal arc, which is formed by the space necessary for the correction of teeth growth.
Also in children it is possible to use a plate with a tensile effect. They can produce pressure on the teeth, able to move them to the right place. You can adjust how the tooth row and the curvature of the teeth.
When choosing a method of correction of the teeth is to listen to the opinion of a professional. Only the dentist, after an individual examination will answer the question how to straighten teeth without braces how is it possible to adjust a particular problem with the bite, and the curvature of the teeth.