How to strengthen gums if wobbly teeth at home?

A healthy mouth is a reflection of the well – being of the whole organism. How to strengthen gums, and if you stagger the teeth at home?

How to help yourself at home, while improving the condition of soft tissues and elimination of mobility? With such tasks by patients diagnosed with tooth mobility.

Why are loose teeth?

In order to not loose teeth, you need to install the source. The reasons according to which there is mobility of teeth, are divided into two groups: diseases related to oral cavity and the manifestation of common diseases.

► Dental disease:

  • gingivitis occurs because of the lack of good clean teeth and lack of care for the oral cavity, the gums swell, bleed. If you do not assign timely treatment, the inflammation is aggravated and leads to more serious diseases;
  • periodontitis — is not resolved in a timely manner is complicated by gingivitis, the disease moves deeper into the gums and affects the partition between the teeth;
  • periodontitis – if not, reduce inflammation at the root of the tooth, then gradually purulent infiltration finds a way out through the edge of the gums, leading to loosening of the tooth;
  • periodontal disease – a chronic condition in which there is no bleeding and redness of the gums, behind external well-being lies in the destruction of bone structure that causes movement;
  • pathological occlusion (mesial or distal) is due to incorrect ratio of the teeth, especially the front, is an uneven distribution of load between them.

► In addition to diseases affecting the gums, loosening of the teeth occurs for other reasons.

  1. Trauma of the maxillofacial region.
  2. Diabetes.
  3. Violations of hormonal levels.
  4. The poor state of the immune system.
  5. Heredity.

How to strengthen gums?

Weak gums need special attention, because if not treat them, then over time this leads to serious pathologies in the oral cavity: a recession occurs and the tooth is exposed, causing hypersensitivity, there is a slacking, resolve bone septum.

To strengthen the gums must be approached comprehensively:

  • to monitor the hygiene of the mouth;
  • conduct professional removal of deposits;
  • to be treated by a periodontist;
  • to perform home treatments to remove inflammation.

How to properly care for your teeth and mouth?

Clean in the mouth helps to minimize the risk of inflammation and, consequently, loosening of the teeth. Toothbrush and toothpaste are the main assistants in the fight for oral health, but also additional methods of hygiene are also necessary.

  1. To resolve inflammation and kill pathogens, the pasta should be composed of plant components struggling with inflammation. These tools include Active, Splat Medical herbs, as well as Lacalul active.
  2. If the gums are friable and prone to bleeding, use a toothbrush marked Soft.
  3. Rinses with antiseptics valid only for periodic use, as with regular use there is addictive.
  4. To eliminate food residues from interdental sites can flossing, because they cause mechanical irritation, and carbohydrates are a nutrient substrate for microbes.
  5. From advertising slogans people aware of the accumulation of bacteria on the soft tissues, so a tongue scraper to cope with this problem.
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Massage the gums with your fingers

Massing refers to strengthening the ways in which each person is able to perform. Daily procedure helps to strengthen the gums, if teeth loose in the home and improves blood circulation, which positively affects their condition.

How to massage to benefit:

  1. Wash your hands.
  2. Place thumb and fingers on either side of the teeth, clutching his jaw.
  3. Make a circular motion, gradually moving the fingers from one tooth to another.
  4. The duration of self-massage for 3-5 minutes.
  5. After the procedure, rinse your mouth with anti-inflammatory or restorative herbal infusion.

To ensure that the massing has brought visible results, it is produced twice daily. For greater efficiency it is permissible to use the essential oils of eucalyptus, tea tree, fir and sea buckthorn oil.

Video: how to massage the gums?

What should be the diet for healthy teeth?

Full diet helps in the body, and to improve the condition of the gums is simply necessary, because without quality products the teeth it’s hard to get all required micronutrients:

  • calcium products – this includes the whole range of dairy products which you should eat at least 200g every day, either to drink half a liter of milk. It is an effective way than it is possible to strengthen the teeth without help of dentist;
  • vitamin C allows to increase the strength of the vascular wall, which reduces bleeding;
  • seafood is rich in vitamins A, D, and phosphorus;
  • fresh herbs – a storehouse of useful micronutrients to maintain gums in good condition. In the cilantro, parsley and dill has a lot of potassium and b vitamins, thanks to which die pathogenic microorganisms;
  • fruits and berries – antioxidants, pectin and a full spectrum of vitamins beneficial impact on the blood vessels and gum tissue;
  • nuts – contribute not only to mechanical cleansing of the teeth, they do not allow to arise Tartar, and also rich in vitamins and mineral salts;
  • sea salt daily consumption of 2-3 grams of this product provide the body with minerals.
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At home

In order to strengthen gums loose teeth if the need to apply integrated methods to combat this disease.

The recipes are simple and affordable to prepare everyone. Even if the problem of mobility does not exist, the use of infusions of herbs will have a good preventive effect:

  • tea tree oil – rinse has an anti-inflammatory effect, good heals wounds. To make a solution, you need a bowl of warm water, add 2-3 drops;
  • oak bark – has properties, thereby reducing bleeding and strengthening the walls of blood vessels. To prepare one spoon dry bark pour 200 ml of boiling water and let stand;
  • the broth is based on the burdock – place in a flask 10 g of powdered collection pour boiling water, after insisting at least 60 minutes, it can be used for other purposes;
  • Shilajit is a tool to fill with water, after complete dissolution of the rinse solution. This will ensure the strengthening of the gums;
  • beets – grate it on a grater, then mix with oil, the resulting slurry was put on gauze and apply to the gum for 10-15 minutes;
  • al – cut sheet split into two halves and the pulp attach to the problem area.

To traditional methods yielded results, should be regularly to do them. Many people suggest herbal preparations and leave good reviews about them. If no effect in 1-2 weeks, consult a periodontist. Disregard medical advice can lead to a worsening situation.

Pharmacy tools

Treatment with medicines is appointed by the dentist. Medications prescribed course, but to get a result, do not forget about the regular, good hygiene of the teeth and gums and on diet rich in nutrients.

Below are the most famous and effective medicines:

  • solution Maraslavin – liquid based on vegetal extracts of thyme, ginger and sage, has a sour taste due to the included components, however, effective against inflammatory processes such as gingivitis and periodontitis. The drug is used for rinsing;
  • Solcoseryl paste, with mint flavor. The product is applied to the gums in a thin layer. Well, it eliminates wounds, removes the inflammation, and relieves pain available in the composition of the anesthetic;
  • gel Asepta – preparation based on bee products. Propolis helps in the elimination of bleeding, relieves itching, and provides the regeneration of the gums. Agent is applied to clean the gums, and then 20-30 minutes should not eat;
  • ointment Holisal – product based on choline, which easily copes with the pain, redness and inflammation of the mucous membrane of the gums. Feature of drugs is that the active components penetrate deep into the gums, unlike many other drugs.
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Antibiotics are used only in situations where discovered the accession of purulent infection. They appoint a doctor, because self-application is able to disturb the natural microflora in the oral cavity, as well as be habit-forming pathogenic bacteria to the active substance, which the drug will cease to operate.


To eliminate the resulting tooth mobility a little more difficult than prevent this process.

  1. Teeth cleaning is a mandatory daily ritual, which plays an important role in the fight against all dental diseases.
  2. Use Flossie and rinses – the use of additional hygiene helps to clean difficult to access places such as the interdental areas.
  3. Nutrition – providing the body with macro — and micronutrients contributes to the health of the entire body.
  4. Visit to the dentist visits to the doctor to prevent reduce the risk of missing the resulting disease (2 times per year).
  5. Refrain from Smoking – Smoking increases the fragility of the vascular wall, which often have bleeding gums.

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Further questions

► How to strengthen gums nursing mother?

The mother’s body gives many nutrients to the baby via milk, so a woman should watch what she eats. The food should be balanced, the most natural. To provide calcium, eat cheese, milk, and sour cream. Not superfluous to the use of preparations of calcium. Vegetables, fruits, meat and fish products provide a full spectrum of vitamins necessary for keeping healthy gums. Also do not neglect the help of a periodontist in a timely manner, remove dental stones and need professional care.

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► What herb strengthens the gums?

Positively influence the condition of the gums many herbs with efficacy against inflammation. These include chamomile, St. John’s wort, sage, marigold flowers (calendula).