How to strengthen teeth and gums

When the problems begin in the mouth, there is often a question of how to strengthen gums and teeth, whose health was shaken. Usually a treatment treatment to the doctor takes place for the manifestation of acute pain or other sensitive, visible processes in the oral cavity. But the key to dental health is prevention and maintenance of the oral cavity hygienic condition. In everyday life it often happens that a man of such actions go by the wayside or have a place of irregularity, inconstancy. Hygiene gums not time-consuming and costly, but essential for the healthy mouth and the creation of a white smile.

The causes of weakening of the gingival region

There are a number of diseases of the oral cavity that directly cause weakness of the tissues of the mucous membrane, their normal functioning. Therefore, to strengthen the gums, it is important to identify the problem, which is why the violation occurred healthy state of the oral cavity. It should be noted the most common diseases, namely:

Malocclusion. A phenomenon that occurs in 90% of people. When forming the teeth at the stage of childhood deviations take place, which lead to malocclusion. There is no opportunity to reveal this aspect greatly, because education is, causes, symptoms, consequences, treatment methods, etc. it is a detailed question that requires special attention. But obviously, education is broken the bite will definitely lead to a weakening of the tissues from further tooth decay. The formative stage should be monitored by a dentist (orthodontist), which, in case of any deviations, prescribes treatment, removal, correction, etc.
Gingivitis. Disease of the oral cavity, which is caused by poor cleanliness. Strengthening your gums should happen constantly, because my mouth always formed bacteria, the accumulation of which leads to serious diseases, inflammation and irreparable consequences. Causes, symptoms, stages can be defined only by the doctor who prescribes the appropriate treatment. Otherwise, the next stage of the destructive process.
Periodontitis. Disease, accompanied by a number of symptoms. This is the formation of unpleasant, festering breath, fever, and also the appearance of the periodontal channels. The strengthening of teeth and gums while periodontitis is an acute problem because there is a strong destruction of the stone on the teeth, their integrity and strength, loosening, inflammation of the tissues. Timely treatment to the dentist will help to intervene in the process of destruction, and the treatment able to stop disease and restore a healthy oral condition.
Periodontal disease. The disease, which affects the fortress of teeth and healthy gum tissue. Periodontal disease is not inflammation, but the process is more serious direction. Is the exposure of the necks of the teeth, there is bleeding, teeth lose their strength and become mobile, the distance between the teeth increases. At this stage, the strengthening of gums by using normal hygiene preparations is useless, you only need medical intervention. At a difficult stage of salvation can take place only through surgical intervention and antibiotics.
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The weakness of teeth in the absence of diseases of the oral cavity

The body is a complex system, where all organs from head to toe are connected, so a weak immune system of the mouth can cause not only dental diseases, but also disorders of other organs or malnutrition. Such should include injury to the jaw region, the impaired immunity associated with a lack of vitamins or medication. Unstable, unhealthy eating is a significant factor in the weakening of the whole body, which also leads to disorders, diseases of the oral cavity.

Genetic and hormonal dependence

Genetic predisposition is important in the transmission of several diseases. When failures occur, the normal functioning of the body there are significant changes that can affect the condition of the teeth. Such deviations occur during pregnancy in women and also during pregnancy, menopause and puberty in adolescents.

Hormonal imbalance causes substantial contribution to the work of the body, which in turn causes weakening of the immune system, reducing the fortress of teeth and tissues.

Do not forget chronic diseases such as heart disease, blood vessels, diabetes, gastrointestinal disorders, etc. as a result, we can draw an important conclusion that caring for the gums is not limited to the use of cleaning pastes or rinsing. This is a large set of events, where the deviation from the normal condition of the oral cavity should always be present professional help. Otherwise neglect will result in serious, irreparable, unrecoverable consequences.

How to maintain healthy teeth

About how to properly care for the mouth will tell the dentist that we recommend to visit no matter a toothache or not. The main method is the standard maintaining a hygienic condition in the mouth, which include daily use of toothpaste for cleaning teeth and the use of different chemicals, yarn, pipe cleaners to remove food debris in hard to reach places. One of the most important activities that will help you maintain healthy teeth for years to come, it is the rejection of bad habits such as Smoking, alcoholic drinks. These pests like no other in a short time can cause serious harm to the mouth, destroying the enamel, giving the ability of reproduction of pathogenic bacteria. Additionally, alcohol, tobacco are strong components to reduce the body’s immunity, which in turn leads to various diseases. In addition to strengthening the gums, you can resort to folk or traditional medicine.

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Maintaining dental hygiene at home

Lots of advice exists on how to strengthen the teeth using traditional medicines. One of the key is a healthy diet, which in its composition must contain products with the necessary elements and substances. Daily diet should contain fresh vegetables, fruits, meat, which have sufficient fiber, minerals needed to strengthen gum tissue and teeth. Such products include:

  1. citrus has lots of vitamin C, which strengthens the oral mucosa and prevents brittleness of blood vessels;
  2. dairy products and fresh herbs. Products contain vitamin K to reduce bleeding of the tissues, boost the immune system in the blood vessels ‘ walls of the gums;
  3. seafood that is rich in phosphorus that can strengthen the teeth;
  4. nuts, the use of which prevents the appearance of Tartar. Effect is achieved due to the content in the nuts of ubiquinone, which has the name «elixir of youth». This component is important and useful not only for teeth but for the entire body;
  5. cheese, which has in its composition a large amount of calcium that can strengthen teeth and gums;
  6. garlic, onions — the source of the powerful antioxidant, such as zinc, which has anti-inflammatory effects;

And, red wine (alcohol), though harmful to the mouth, but a small number present (not powder) red wine is able to prevent the formation of an inflammatory process of the gums, and also provide a healing effect.

Simple and affordable

Thus, the answer to the question of how to strengthen gums at home lies in the basic healthy eating. Moreover, the set of essential products is not a deficit. All products are in every grocery store and many of them grow on their own gardens. Having such an opportunity available to enhance, maintain oral cavity health condition, it is sufficient to use the above products and to carry out daily cleaning of the teeth, which minimizes the risk of disease, enhance health.

In addition to food from the category of folk medicine, to maintain the hygiene of the mouth rinse is used from the collection of herbs (chamomile, mint, sage), which includes many useful elements. You can also make a decoction of oak bark, used to rinse the sea salt. Propolis has excellent anti-inflammatory properties, so can also be a good tool for strengthening of the oral cavity.

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Pharmaceutical preparations

Dentistry is evolving by leaps and bounds, releasing on the shelves of a great many proposals for caring for the oral cavity and maintaining a stable hygienic condition. The most basic is a cleaning paste that is available in every home. It should be further noted various rinses, which are widely used at present. Gels and ointments, containing in its composition a set of necessary micronutrients are able to exert the healing effect of the tissue of the oral mucosa. The independent use of prophylactic drugs is unacceptable, you must seek the advice of a dentist who will tell you how to care for gums with the use of medical care resources.

The attention and care of the teeth the key to a beautiful smile

It is knowledge and the lack of disregard for their health will allow not only to answer the question of how to strengthen teeth and gums, but will allow you to create a powerful barrier against negative effects on the whole body. As practice shows, the health of teeth depends on many factors, the negative influences that surround people in everyday life. Laziness, unwillingness, indifference, poor quality to maintain the power of the spirit and a healthy body. We should not hope that the drugs can restore and bring back teeth to its original state, if according to his mercy, they were put to horrific state. It is important to remember that only prevention and timely detection of any ailment is the key to a healthy mouth. It is therefore necessary to constantly monitor the health of the oral cavity.