How to take propolis toothache?

National ways to treat teeth today is quite a lot. Today our website will tell you about one of these methods and exactly how make propolis from toothache correctly, its impact on the oral cavity, etc.

A large number of people are wondering about the harmfulness of propolis, its effect on the teeth, also, are not well understood for those interested in this form of treatment and prevention people, the question remains about how to use it, cooking and selection of liquors. Not clear and the question of what can cure and prevent the process of treatment with propolis, how to use it for preventive purposes, etc.

How propolis affects the teeth and the enamel?

First you need to describe the effect of propolis on the tooth enamel and on the tooth. This product is beneficial, affecting the tooth surface so that harmful bacteria don’t stay on it for a long time or disappear completely.

Important! Thus, removing any bacteria, it kind of helps prevent cavities, however, this is only a preventive measure. To heal caries only one propolis does not work, will need to refer to dentists.

Excellent rinsing solution of propolis helps remove plaque, which could trigger other diseases of the oral cavity.

Remember that before using any tool, you must consult your doctor, because each drug has contraindications and it is very important individual approach.

Harmful for teeth propolis? Contraindications

Also many people worry about harmful propolis, if he destroys tooth enamel, spoils if the tooth? It is worth noting that person can be allergic to propolis, and in this case, it can cause serious damage to both the mouth and the teeth and the whole body.

The presence of Allergy to bee products is a serious contraindication for use of propolis in the processes of treatment and prevention of diseases of the teeth and oral cavity.

Dentists say that rinsing your mouth with a tincture of propolis may not produce useful effect, and yet people will be distracted by these measures, the disease can progress. According to this, in the case of dental diseases should first consult a doctor and liqueurs to use with his permission and as an additional, not primary means of treatment.

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Types and recipes tinctures

Propolis is used in two forms: natural and in the form of tinctures. I would like more details to stop on the second paragraph.

  1. Water — perfect for those occasions when you need to relieve the painful feeling in the teeth, rinse the gap between them, etc.;
  2. Alcohol is more suitable for disinfecting and strengthening the tooth surface, however, follow that in his mouth was not ulcers, open wounds, irritation, etc.;
  3. Dairy — for cooking you can use alcohol tincture, pouring about 25 drops per 150 grams of milk. However, remember that you should not be nonperception of dairy products by the body.

Please note that they do not apply without diluting. Simply add 20-25 drops of tincture in 150 grams of boiled water and don’t use it as often as three(!) times a day.

How to gargle with tincture of propolis teeth at home?

At home rinse your mouth with tincture of propolis should be done according to some rules, which should adhere to for safe and effective use of this tool. When inflammation of the gums, it is recommended to rinse your mouth with this tincture several times a day.

If you have flux, you can rinse your mouth throughout the day that will relieve pain, but thanks to anti-bacterial action will help to cure this disease or to accompany its cure. You can also apply moistened in the tincture of propolis with cotton, dry place and keep you there several hours.

Great importance is the regularity of the use of this tool, because it has astounding and rapid effect, and can not give instant results. If you do not regularly use them, and the particular effect can be expected.

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Important! Too frequent mouth rinse of propolis can be harmful, so it is recommended to do this procedure 2-3 times in a day.

Tincture of calamus and propolis

Very popular for the care of teeth and treatment also uses a tincture for rinsing the mouth of the calamus and propolis. A lot of people leave good reviews about this tool.

Calamus is a perennial plant from the same family. It is widely used in medicine and is well known for its antibacterial and analgesic properties.

Recipe: take a tincture of calamus and propolis and pour 10-12 drops each, 150 grams of boiled water. This liqueur perfectly restores the natural protection of your teeth, making them more resistant to various diseases.

There is also a recipe of tincture of calamus and propolis Bolotov:

  1. 10 grams of propolis chop and mix with 0.5 liters of vodka, insist within 14 days;
  2. Crushed calamus root mix with 0.5 liters of vodka and leave for two weeks;
  3. Rinse 1 tbsp. spoonful of tincture of calamus should be mixed with 1 teaspoon of tincture of propolis and rinse can be from 1 to 3 times a day.

Propolis tincture for the treatment of tooth cysts

Also widely used infusion for the advanced treatment of cysts of the tooth, it must be alcohol that will greatly enhance the antibacterial effect of such procedures. In addition, they reduce inflammation of soft tissues damaged by disease area.

However, it is worth noting that the cyst is a serious disease and needs serious treatment, without the intervention of a dentist in this process, it becomes simply dangerous. The cyst varies in complexity, but often it is removed surgically, so this one only tincture of propolis may prove to be too little, although it has excellent antibacterial action.

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Thus, to use this method is recommended only with the approval of the dentist, which monitors the occurrence of the disease and cures it.

Video: how to prepare a tincture of propolis on alcohol

Is it possible to kill tooth nerve with propolis?

It should be noted that there is an opinion that propolis tincture can kill the diseased nerve of the tooth. However rather she just calms irritated nerve in a short period of time. You still have to go to the dentist.

Tooth nerve is quite resilient, though, and often die without the intervention of a dentist. However, this process can be so painful that the idea to kill the nerve frequent rinsing of the mouth with propolis will no longer seem such a good idea.

After all, what would this potion affect the nerve, it must be a passage in the body of the tooth, and it already causes pain, even when breathing in cold air. And the presence there of tincture pain can be very strong on this, it is better to use more traditional methods of dealing with a sick nerve of the tooth.

As you can see, propolis is one of the most effective folk methods of dealing with problems of the oral cavity. However, the use of this tool is carefully and without fanaticism, not as a panacea, but only an auxiliary measure of treatment and prevention.