How to treat cheilitis on the lips at home?

Methods of treatment cheilitis on the lips are different, depending on its type, do as at home with folk remedies or special ointments and in dental clinics.

It should be noted that this is a common disease, but not everyone understands what it is.


What is cheilitis? This irritation of the skin of the lips, accompanied by the following symptoms: blanching and coating with cracks. Since the mucous membrane of the lips includes large workload associated with various factors, then the person can quite often suffer from this problem.

Why does it occur? The main reasons are:

  • the influence of temperature changes, hot and cold air masses;
  • ecological state of the environment;
  • problems with hormonal balance weak immune system;
  • complications of diseases: syphilis, tuberculosis, diseases of the digestive and nervous system;
  • women can suffer because of the frequent use of adverse lipsticks;
  • side effects of medicines.

The main symptoms and diagnosis

Allocate many kinds Halitov, each of which has a peculiar only to him the symptoms. But there are General symptoms for all forms of the disease:

  1. Burning and flaking lips area.
  2. Lips covered with small cracks.
  3. The appearance of purulent discharge and painful plaques.

All these symptoms appear only on the red border of the lips and not the surrounding tissues.

To determine the presence of the disease is not very difficult as it is visually noticeable, it is more important to know its causes. Sometimes cheilitis may indicate a complex disease of the body and to pinpoint what caused the disease, you should contact your doctor.

The types Halitov

As mentioned above, the classification Halitov has many species. Here are the most common of them.


The main reasons:

  • the main cause is a weak immune system;
  • vitamin deficiency and bad habits can also trigger the onset of the disease;
  • also doctors say that the cause can be mental illness as the etiology of cheilitis exfoliativogo not fully understood).


  1. Dry the surface of the lips will peel off, causing painful feelings, and skin particles can fall in the center of the lips, or edges. The disease does not extend beyond the vermilion border.
  2. Exudative (more painful) — struck the lip swells, covered with the characteristic yellow scales, thus complicating the process of eating.

Which restores

It affects the corners of the lips and is caused by fungi of the genus Candida.


  • frequent holding in the mouth of foreign objects;
  • taking certain drugs;
  • the lack of life-giving substances.

In problem areas it feels the burning, they are covered with gray patina, which is not noticeable in the early stages of the disease. For the treatment it is recommended to use drugs such as Candida or fluconazole, but they are not a panacea.

Probably to get rid of cheilitis which restores you need to follow the diet: not to eat spicy foods, to monitor the hygienic condition of the oral cavity. If untreated, the disease may become chronic.


Is one of the symptoms of dermatitis atopicheskogo and most of the victims are children. It can provoke:

  • medications;
  • food;
  • polluting factors.

The lips are swollen, there is a strong painful feeling, the skin begins to peel off, I can feel a strong burning sensation in the area of the vermilion border, suffer may and face skin, which becomes dry. The disease manifests itself seasonal, sharpening in winter and autumn.

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Treatment is with antihistamines and vitamins of group b, if the disease for a long period does not pass, the doctor prescribes a more powerful tools, these include corticosteroids.

The positive effect will have and the abandonment of certain types of food that can be an allergen. But such measures make sense only if you define the product that caused an allergic reaction.

Cheilitis, Manganotti

Is often a harbinger of cancer. Upon detection, patient take medical control, do tests to detect possible tumors. At risk of such disease men older than 50 years.

Causes of cheilitis, Manganotti: a failure in the metabolic system trauma, thermal burns, digestive problems.

The main symptoms include:

  • the appearance of the characteristic sores, the contours of which are exposed to inflammation;
  • over time, the erosion is covered with shiny, smooth peel;

Because the disease is precancerosis and abrasive in nature, when it is found you must immediately consult a doctor. Treatment can be through medicines (corticosteroids, ointments, courses of vitamins), and through surgical intervention.


From glandular cheilitis suffers most often the lower lip, this occurs due to malfunction of the salivary glands. The disease can be caused by the natural structure of these glands, and other diseases. In this case, as in halite, Manganotti, at risk are mainly men older than 50 years.

Symptoms are:

  • the appearance of cracks on the lips;
  • suppuration (in case of contact on the affected area of infection);
  • the brown color of the lips;
  • due to the damage of tiny glands that produce saliva, you may experience frustration in their work (too strong or too weak the flow of saliva).

Treatment can be and ointments, and surgical (salivary gland removed). If the appearance of the disease, the role played by genetics factor, then doctors may recommend anti-inflammatory drugs (e.g. prednisolone ointment).


Meteorological (catarrhal) cheilitis occurs due to the characteristic of natural conditions affecting the condition of the lips. Very high or low temperature, humidity, environmental pollution, solar radiation, contribute to the onset of the disease.

Characteristic features:

  • the feeling of dryness and tightness of the skin of the lips;
  • yellow-brown color of the affected areas.

Important! It is worth noting that often suffer lower lip, which becomes inflamed and bright red. If meteorological cheilitis have appeared at least once, then you are at risk of relapse.

Treatment should start by the insulation lip from the influence of the environment, you can use hygienic lipstick. In severe forms of the disease can be used ointments, for example, advantan.


The cause of actinic cheilitis may become too long under the scorching rays of the sun is too strong or the body’s sensitivity to UV rays. Most often suffer from it the children or people whose activity is connected with a long presence in the sun.

Due to this factor, the disease is striking seasonal in nature – is exacerbated during summer and spring. Suffering from her lower lip.


  1. Dry — dryness and peeling of the lips.
  2. Exudative — formed bubbles, which eventually burst, lower lip swells, becomes red.

Treatment is needed because when running forms on the lips may appear very deep cracks, which cause serious discomfort, long time to heal, and can lead to cancer. You also need to avoid large amounts of sunlight.

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Is caused by fungi of the genus Candida, they are in every human body, but too active life can cause various diseases. The emergence of Candida cheilitis affects people living in warm and humid climates.

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  • swelling of the lips;
  • a gray film on the eye;
  • characteristic patina which can be detected the affected areas;
  • in the later stages of the disease may appear noticeable cracks and dryness of lips.

For the treatment of oral cavity rinse with a solution of soda, you can also use the drugs (such as diflucan). It is recommended to take if more sparing methods of treatment (antifungal ointment) have not yielded positive results.


Disease is a symptom of Melkersson-Rosenthal, in which there is swelling of the lips, facial paralysis, folding language. The doctors can’t give an exact reason for the disease: some argue that it is caused by infection, others – that the hereditary factor. Whatever it was, but it may last from 5 to 20(!) years.

A characteristic symptom is that the lip is significantly increased in size in a very short time (10 minutes). The disease is rare, and when it appears, the lower lip of a man always seems to be bulging, although the disease affects both lips equally.

For treatment use a whole range of drugs prescribed by your doctor: corticosteroid, antihistamine, etc. Widely used antibiotics, but are prescribed in some cases, after a thorough examination.


Inflammatory disease of the lips caused by allergic reactions to various drugs, the elements that are included with dentures or braces, the activity of microorganisms, irritation cold (cold). It is called allergic contact cheilitis.

Accompanied by:

  • burning and redness of the lips;
  • painful feelings at the opening and closing of the mouth;
  • rash, may not appear immediately, but after some time.

For treatment use anti-allergic drugs (for example, loratadin).

Lupus cheilitis

Is one of the symptoms of lupus.


  • marked redness of lips;
  • the appearance of the lips grayish spots, erosions;
  • over time, can cause atrophic processes on the red border of the lips.

Treatment should be carried out only by a specialist and only in conjunction with treatment of the underlying disease is lupus. Otherwise, a temporary improvement in the condition of the lips, damaged lupus Haltom, will have a permanent effect.

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Treatment cheilitis on the lips at home

The treatment of the disease depends on the type of cheilitis, so before taking any action you should consult with your doctor. He will be able to determine the form and method of treatment, it can also set and the underlying disease, if cheilitis is only a symptom.

There are folk remedies for fighting:

  • tincture of calendula — 1-2 tablespoons of dried leaves pour boiled water. Tincture needs to cool down, you can then make lotions;
  • aloe Vera juice — the tool can be used without additives, and can be mixed with vegetable oil in ratio of 1 to 3. To use this remedy you need 3 times a day, applying it on the affected areas of the lips;
  • a decoction of St. John’s wort — a few tablespoons of dried St. John’s wort give a glass of water, then the mixture must boil for 25-30 minutes. In the finished tool, it is necessary to moisten the swab and apply to your lips for 10-15 minutes, the procedure can be performed up to 5 times a day.
  • atopic or which restores halite use a decoction of chamomile, pour 2-3 teaspoons of chamomile in boiling water and drink several times a day. You can use ready-made tea from the plants in the bags.
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All of these funds are complementary. In any case, it is recommended to consult a dentist, who will advise the necessary drugs. He can also learn about the permissibility of the use of certain folk remedies in your specific case.


To combat helicom use chemotherapy (set of exercises for facial muscles), as some types of diseases can occur due to the poor condition of the muscles of the mouth. To make them tone, you must do the following exercises:

  • inflate the lower lip or use a regular massage;
  • alternately puff — enter the air and close your mouth, and then distilled it from one side of his mouth to the other;
  • fold the lips into a tube, and do them as many moves as possible (the jaws and other parts of the mouth do not work).

Exercises must be done carefully and regularly, for more efficiency, perform in front of the mirror.

Ointment for the treatment

The set of drugs depending on the kind of cheilitis:

  1. Actinic – solar ointment (Anthelios), corticosteroid ointment (advantan afloderm, etc.);
  2. Cheilitis, Manganotti – ointment ineffective, but you can use advantan and methyluracyl ointment. Because this form of the disease is precancerosis, a visit to the doctor absolutely can not to defer;
  3. Glandular – antigistaminnye preparations, corticosteroid creams, antibiotics. Pododent ointments such as instruction;
  4. Explicitly – sunscreen creams and ointments, boric-salicylic ointment. These tools are applicable only in the case of the dry form of the disease;
  5. Which restores antibacterial drugs, anti-inflammatory agents;
  6. Atopic corticosteroid drugs (e.g., alloderm). You can use different creams that have bright anti-allergic effect.

All medications must be taken only after a visit to the doctor, he will prepare the course of treatment.


Must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • regularly perform exercises for the muscles of the face to prevent loss of their tone;
  • watch your diet, try to eat less spicy food;
  • avoid contact with mouth toxins can cause allergies, or just to damage the mucous membranes of the lips;
  • to monitor the condition of the oral cavity;
  • fully heal diseases of the mouth;
  • to monitor the body’s General immunity.

Do not neglect preventive measures, as repeated occurrences of cheilitis, it can cause much more complex and dangerous disease.

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Further questions

► Code for ICD

Code according to the International classification of diseases K13.0 «Diseases of lips»

► What kind of doctor treats?

Treatment is engaged in the dentist, but in case of complications may be involved and other specialists (e.g., dermatologist)

► Cheilitis contagious?

Yes, it can spread from person to person, but only if the cause of the disease was infection. Then you should avoid contact with the patient.