How to treat cheilitis on the lips: signs, symptoms and causes

Maceration (excessive moisture), the appearance of a clear border is red, the formation of painful fissures, pallor of the lips themselves – all symptoms of cheilitis (or chalaza). Sometimes abnormal changes «are thrown» on the skin surrounding lips. Ever every second person is found cheilitis. If you are experiencing similar symptoms, the question immediately arises: what drugs and treatment necessary? There are various causes of this disease and, accordingly, treatment methods, which are described in detail in this article.

Etiology pathology

The mucosa of the lips vulnerable to the negative effects of environmental factors. This is the main reason of this disease. But besides her, there are predisposing factors, which include:

  • sharp fluctuations in not only temperature but also humidity of the environment;
  • addiction to eating, with a very salty, sour taste. Also it depends on the temperature. Very hot food causes burns and causes the disease;
  • negative influence of ecological situation;
  • the constant use of lipstick in individuals with predisposition to helicam;
  • systematic effects (e.g., relating to professional activity) of harmful chemicals, leading to the development of dermatoses;
  • primary or secondary (for example, HIV-positive status) immunodeficiency States;
  • endocrine disorders;
  • syphilis;
  • shingles;
  • tuberculosis;
  • specific diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • cancer;
  • moved chemotherapy.

Thus, cheilitis is not always a local disease that affects exclusively the lips and the skin around them. Often this pathology is a separate symptom of serious changes in various body systems.

Forms of the disease

Diseases such as cheilitis, depending on the localization of the pathological process, the etiological factor has the following form:

To provoke glandular cheilitis can: Smoking, microorganisms, constant microtrauma. It occurs due to inflammation of the mucous glands located in the thickness of the lips. For this form is characterized by severe swelling, pus office, sometimes formed cystic masses (cavity filled content). Lips markedly increased in size.

The most common form is catarrhal. The main reason for its occurrence – effects on the skin of the lips from any chemical substances. Somewhat less ethological factors are microtrauma. Visually, this disease of the lips accompanied with redness (noticeable redness), peeling, edema. The skin around the lips also changes: it becomes red and scaly.

If the lip skin to peel off strongly on the surface appear small flakes of yellowish-white color, then it indicates exfoliative dry halite. In this pathological process disturbed keratinization. The disease may go into a weeping (exudative) form. It is characterized by not only the swelling, but the pain at every attempt to eat or something to say. Lips covered with conspicuous crusts, which hang like an apron. Using cover is leaking lymph. This is due to the increased permeability of the capillaries. With timely treatment the inflammation may take place, and the disease can go into a dry form.

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Chronic injury of the lips in combination with allergic reaction to certain cosmetic products can cause an eczematous cheilitis. Characterized by the following symptoms: redness, scales, reminiscent of ringworm and severe burning of the border of the lips.

If the pathological process involved with a fungal infection we are talking about Candida halite. A characteristic feature at pathology is the appearance of white edges around the lips. As a rule, this form of the disease may be accompanied by inflammation of the mucous membrane of the mouth.

Allergic form of the disease occurs on any of the ingredients found in lipstick, toothpaste, tobacco, etc. Unless terminated by allergen exposure, the pathology rapidly regresses. If the patient is allergic cheilitis — symptoms resemble any reaction of the body arising in response to exposure to allergic substances.

Quite often, when cheilitis occurs then the cause may be related to effects on the skin of the lips one or more meteorological factors. Often they are: solar radiation, wind, cold or heat. The main factor leading to the disease is ultraviolet radiation. Pathology can occur in the form of a dry or wet form. Predisposed to meteorological cheilitis males under the age of 60 years.

Persistent swelling of the lips, the incessant itching and burning – these symptoms are characteristic for macroelite. This form of the disease is often accompanied by inflammation of the facial nerve. Equally important is allergic and genetic predisposition. Treatment cheilitis on the lips leads only to a temporary improvement, after which the symptoms returned again. Localized pathological changes, not only on the lips but on the cheeks, and sometimes centuries.

Another thing you should pay attention: cheilitis is a pathology associated with inflammation (if attached microbial flora), and halos is pathological changes that are not associated with an inflammatory process.

Treatment of diseases by traditional methods

What is the successful therapy of this disease? Much of the success in treatment depends on correctly selected drugs acting on the etiological factor (or factors). Often required the influence of not only drugs, but also therapy of psychoemotional sphere. A specialist (neurologist) are assigned sedatives (tranquilizers sometimes). If the disease occurred on the background of endocrine pathology, consultation of the endocrinologist.

If the patient has cheilitis – treatment will mainly consist in prescribing local action. In addition to them, to speed up the process of recovery will help physiotherapy (ultrasound, laser, etc.). Sure, an emollient used chapstick vitamins. The prognosis for recovery is favorable.

Than treated disease, if the reason was the unfavorable external environment? Hardly anyone can afford to change jobs, and especially place of residence with a different climate. Therefore, as the treatment assigned to topical preparations (ointments, creams, etc.). To eliminate inflammation help of hormonal ointments. It is recommended to use «myself» and for a long time. A good effect will have creams that will protect lips from UV exposure. Additionally, prescribers, containing vitamins of group B.

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Ointments tetracycline is treatable glandular cheilitis. In addition, to cope successfully with infectious diseases will help «Flutsinar», «Oxolinic ointment», «Sinalar», etc. If conservative treatment is ineffective, operative intervention in the form of valesiana minor salivary glands. An alternative method is electrocoagulation. To prevent disease recurrence is possible if:

  • timely carry out sanitation of the oral cavity;
  • moisturize mucous membranes of the mouth;
  • to normalize the microflora.

Children often like to take in my mouth pens, pencils, can occur atopic cheilitis. How to treat this pathology? The first step is to identify and eliminate the habit of the child. Locally assigned anti-inflammatory ointments, creams.

The allergic component of the disease is eliminated by the appointment of antihistamines and exclusion from the diet foods that provoke allergies.


Treatment should be complex, if a patient is found microheli. As a therapy specialist may prescribe: antiviral drugs, antihistamines, immunomodulatory. The main drugs of choice:

  • «Dexamethasone» is a hormonal product;
  • «Tetracycline» – an antibiotic;
  • b vitamins;
  • «Acyclovir,» antiviral agent;
  • «Likopid» is a drug affecting the immune system.

Resistant forms of the disease are treated with drugs such as «During», «Prodigiozan». Quickly deal with abnormal helps of laser therapy. If the patient has neuritis of the facial nerve and cheilitis on the lips – the treatment will be successful in the application of Bernard currents, ultrasound, electrophoresis with dimexid or other ointment that has anti-inflammatory properties. Rarely used surgical excision of the lips, correcting their form, changed after the disease.

The methods of traditional therapy against cheilitis

Folk treatment methods will be effective if matched with the traditional treatment, which was prescribed by your doctor. At home, it is possible to slow the disease, if you stick to the following recommendations.

  1. It is important to follow the diet, which should include b vitamins and A and E. Of trace elements should be given preference to products that contain zinc and magnesium. These substances contain in hard cheeses, mushrooms, meats, etc. Vitamin b rich grains, and all dairy products.
  2. Among pharmaceutical ointments will enrich the lips with vitamins will protect them from drying out: «Radevit», «Iricar», «Solcoseryl», etc.
  3. Regular use chapstick.
  4. It is useful to put on the lips of the slurry of propolis in 20-40 minutes. Propolis contains many nutrients, it nourishes and moisturizes the lips.
  5. The pulp of aloe Vera. Aloe is the most powerful natural antiseptic. It perfectly neutralizes the microorganisms, as well as well soften the peel, eliminates the effects of minor wounds. For lubrication, suitable thick sheets that must be cut, squeeze the juice and then apply it to the problem areas of the lips. On the day it is recommended to handle at least 3-5 times.
  6. Chamomile is known for its healing properties. It is used, including in traditional medicine as antiseptic. A treatment of the lips necessary the infusion. To do this, take a tablespoon of dried flowers and cover them with boiled water with a volume of 200 ml. once ready, the composition has cooled, it must be filtered and applied to the lips as a compress. This recipe is suitable for rinsing the mouth, if combined with cheilitis stomatitis or gingivitis.
  7. Chamomile is likewise possible to prepare the infusion using calendula sage. Potentiate the therapeutic effect included in the fees these herbs.
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What are the preventive measures

What recommendations should be adhered to by the patient, to avoid cheilitis? The first step is to monitor the health of not only the lips but also the mucous membrane of the mouth. If you have any education, signs of inflammation who do not pass a long time, it is necessary to consult a specialist (dentist or dermatologist).

Of great importance in the prevention of the disease given the refusal of such bad habits as Smoking. Tobacco smoke irritates the mucous membrane, reduces local immunity, promotes the growth of pathogenic bacteria.

If the reason is related to the Allergy and the allergen is precisely known, then preventive measures will be the exception of its contact with the lips and mucous membranes. If you deficiency to eliminate it will help vitamin preparations (multivitamins). They recommended to use not only during a deficiency of vitamins from food, but also during treatment with certain drugs. Important preventive measure is a complete oral hygiene, and the use of quality balms and lipsticks for the lips.

The treatment of the disease must combine a judicious combination of traditional means and traditional medicine recipes. It is not recommended to engage in self-treatment, which will lead to the perpetuation of disease, to eliminate only the symptoms and not the causes. Only a doctor will be able to recognize the true nature of the pathology and relieve the patient’s condition. Be healthy!