How to treat periodontitis: medications, drugs

Know how to treat periodontitis useful to everyone, because this disease can overtake any human, regardless of age and individual peculiarities of the organism. Periodontitis is a gum disease the middle stage, which is most common in third place after a previous periodontal disease and gingivitis. Symptoms of the disease is quite versatile. The main symptoms of the disease is the itching and pain of the gums and bleeding.

Modern methods of combating periodontitis

In order to learn how to fight the disease, especially to the patient is recommended to visit a dental office where a qualified technician will set an accurate diagnosis, and then prescribe a comprehensive treatment on the elimination of all signs of disease.

Enrolling in a consultation with the periodontist, the patient will diagnose, and then the doctor will remove the symptoms of the disease using a special procedure for cleaning the mouth and through a number of drugs.

If the disease is started, the physician may prescribe the procedure for splinting or surgery. To the gums have healed sooner, the patient must use folk medicine, as long since there are many recipes, that really helps in inflammatory processes of the oral cavity.

A personal consultation with the doctor

If a person has symptoms characteristic s to periodontitis, the first thing he needs to refer to the periodontist. After a thorough examination, the doctor will prescribe further measures to treatment.

The main goal of diagnostic procedures is to identify the severity of bleeding and education despotovich pockets.

If the patient has these two signs, then the diagnosis is confirmed and he prescribed drugs for the treatment of periodontitis. With the explicit periodontitis, as well as when a person is detected malocclusion, absence of teeth or the need for their removal, in addition to periodontist examination is conducted by a therapist and an orthopedist. Their presence is due to the fact that without the help of these experts it is impossible to draw up a treatment plan and agree the options for prosthetics. In addition, the patient in such cases there must be an x-ray picture of the mouth and predict the status of both jaws.

Simple cases are considered only by one periodontist.

Cleaning of the gums

One of the common and effective ways of dealing with the disease is a gum which is carried out using special procedures to remove Tartar under the gums and over them.

This procedure is necessary due to the fact that in most cases the development of the disease is due to lack of oral hygiene. Due to lack of brushing, they are on enamel formation of solid deposits of stone or soft plaque. If the disease is detected at an early stage, to get rid of it by performing an ultrasound or laser treatment.

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The treatment of the disease Vector

Today, there are many ways and means for the treatment of periodontitis, including methods which allow to eliminate the disease without the use of complex therapy. One of these ways is cleaning your teeth and gums with the help of modern ultrasound apparatus of the Vector. It has in its design a special head through which is the elimination of microorganisms, removal of stones, polishing teeth roots and surface renewal of the gums. Positive results can be obtained after several sessions.

The main advantages of this apparatus include:

  • the low cost of the procedure;
  • the absence of pain;
  • the device does not damage the gums, enamel and the tooth tissue;
  • thanks to him, desmosomes channel can penetrate to a depth of about one centimeter, thereby avoiding surgical intervention.

Medication treatment of different types of periodontitis

After the above-described procedures to eliminate the disease, patients are prescribed drug treatment of periodontitis. Drug therapy is required in order to eliminate the inflammatory process, to get rid of pain and swelling, and pus and bleeding. In addition, anti-inflammatory therapeutic measures contribute to suppression in the pockets of the microflora, which stops the progression of the disease.

Drugs against periodontitis

All proceeds from periodontitis can be divided into several groups.

  1. The first group consists of steroid and non-steroidal drugs anti-inflammatory in nature and various enzymes.
  2. The second group consists of preparations of antibacterial action. These include various antibiotics and antifungal and antiseptic medicines.
  3. The last group is a variety of hormones, vitamins and medications that stimulate the immune system.

Very effective drugs against periodontitis are the low toxicity and antibacterial agents, which are used as a mouthwash.

A great tool is sanguinarine, which has healing properties and contains all high-quality toothpastes.

Also effective drugs against periodontitis are different solutions, the most common of which are:

  • hydrogen peroxide;
  • dimexide;
  • efficient;
  • hexalin;
  • dimethoxy;
  • furatsilin;
  • decamethoxin;
  • cyclophosphamide;
  • chloramine and many others.

Taking all the above solutions is subject to all rules and regulations listed in the instructions for use.


The treatment of the disease at the initial stage is carried out by various herbs. A variety of decoctions, tinctures, and medicated drugs, which are based on certain medicinal plants such as Hypericum, begonia or Salvia officinalis, are used as rinses and irrigation of the oral cavity.

  1. Medicines and teas containing eucalyptus extract or calendula are used to eliminate inflammation.
  2. For faster healing of the gum tissue are a great tool preparations on the basis of aloe juice or Kalanchoe.
  3. To normalize mouth flora used oil of calamus and tincture on the basis of Sophora japonica.
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I should add that quite popular drugs against the disease today are drugs such as Romazulan and Juglone. The first is made from the rind of nedospaty walnuts. The second consists of chamomile flowers. These two drugs are used as bactericidal drugs. Most of the above medicinal plants are used for making pastes for teeth with healing effect.

Treatment of disease with antibiotics


Almost all existing antibiotics bring not only positive, but also contribute to the emergence of adverse effects. Prolonged use of antibacterial drugs, a person can be addictive, then this method of treatment ceases to be effective, that is, microbes and various bacteria will lose to medication sensitivity. In addition, many antibiotics can cause allergies. But it so happened that without them many diseases to cure problematic if not impossible.

For the treatment of periodontitis is most often used is an antibacterial medication, such as metronidazole, trihopol or klion. Treatment and dose picks doctor-dentist.

Today very popular in the fight against disease uses Metrogyl Denta. It includes several useful components: metronidazole and chlorhexidine, which increase the effectiveness of the treatment several times.

Effective antibiotics

Of the huge number of antibacterial drugs the most effective with periodontitis are not more than ten drugs. These include:

  • randomized;
  • clindamycin;
  • Sumamed;
  • macropen;
  • oletetrin;
  • tetracycline;
  • azithromycin;
  • recyclin;
  • lincomycin;
  • hydrochloride.

If the disease is severe, then the patient is assigned antibacterial treatment. In such cases, the patient is taking drugs that accelerate the regeneration of damaged tissue. Such drugs include:

  1. kartolin;
  2. solcoseryl;
  3. vitamin E;
  4. vitamin a;
  5. the sea buckthorn oil.

Treatment with vitamins and Immunostimulants

In addition to taking antibiotics, an important part of treatment is the activation of protective functions of the organism. This can be done with drugs stimulating the immune system. The most effective drugs for stimulation are:

  • prodigiozan;
  • the isoprinosine;
  • vitamin b;
  • imidazole;
  • pirogenal.

Sometimes, to improve the General condition of the patient is prescribed a corticosteroid.
After the completion of therapeutic procedures, the patient is recommended to undergo a secondary examination along with supportive treatment.
Due to the fact that the disease may occur for quite different reasons, the treatment is carried out for each patient individually.


Another effective method of periodontitis treatment is splinting of the teeth. This option is administered if the patient has tooth mobility of the second degree and above. The main purpose of splinting is the progression of bone atrophy and the elimination of the inflammatory process. Splinting also contribute to the strengthening of the molars.

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In the process of splinting the dentist will use a special prosthesis or fiberglass material that covers the lower part of the tooth roots. Doctor drills out in the teeth of the groove, and then closes it above the element and sets on top of the seal. Some people set clasp dentures which can replace missing teeth and strengthen existing ones.

Operative treatment(surgery)

If the disease is severe, then the patient is prescribed surgery. Using this method of treatment can completely get rid of the disease.

During the operation, the patient removes the inflamed tissue, which have arisen where there has been resolved in later development of periodontitis bone. In addition, removed tissue from the tooth pocket, after which there is inserted a bone chip.

Treatment of periodontal disease at home

For the implementation of disease treatment at home first of all should go to the periodontist, which will eliminate existing complications and provide the necessary therapeutic action. Most disease is impossible to cure, because periodontitis is a very serious disease that may cause adverse chronic effects such as loosening of the teeth and gums zagnoenie.

In any case, it is not recommended as a solution to use components based on oils, as this may lead to obstruction of outflow of purulent fluid, thus causing bouts of intense pain and increase inflammation.

The maximum that you can do at home is to rinse your mouth with various infusions and decoctions on the basis of medicinal herbs, such as calendula or chamomile. A good home remedy is soda, tea, and sea salt. They perfectly relieve the pain and inflammation of the gums. To disinfect the mouth, apply antiseptic, cranberry juice and liquid honey, which is rubbed into the sore gums.