How to treat stomatitis: effective tools, medicines, drugs

The main rule of self-treatment before to know what to treat stomatitis necessary to verify the correctness of this diagnosis and its severity. At the first complaint of oral condition it is necessary to visit a dentist, to conduct a full diagnosis and drawing up a rational plan of treatment. Diseases of the mucous membrane of the oral cavity is constantly the actual problem is caused by a variety of reasons: lack of awareness of patients about the causative agents of the disease and its consequences and indifference to their own health status, fear of doctors, and, as a consequence, the uptake late with advanced symptoms.
Stomatitis is an inflammation of the mucous membranes lining the mouth, caused by one of many possible causes. At times, the combination of several precipitating factors leads to the development of atypical patterns, and this condition requires a more thorough diagnosis and long-term treatment. Drug treatment of stomatitis in adults should be strictly on prescription.

Varieties of stomatitis

Cure for sores in the mouth are selected depending on the cause of the disease. It is set on the basis of a survey of the patient: identification of complaints, clarify the timing of the disease, identify comorbidities and other individual diagnostically relevant features.
There are following types of this disease:

  • Catarrhal/ulcerous/aphthous;
  • Acute/chronic;
  • Herpes/allergic/ulcerative-necrotic/Candida/traumatic/radiation.

Catarrhal stomatitis

This form of stomatitis is the initial manifestation of the disease of any etiology, is characterized by the appearance of swelling, redness of mucous membranes, pain, plaque. Also there is unpleasant smell from the mouth.

Cure stomatitis catarrhal form – rinsing with antiseptic solutions, for example, you can rinse with a solution of baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, chlorhexidine, furatsilina. Treating the mouth you need as often as possible, definitely after every meal. To treat stomatitis in adults as well as children you must apply painkillers, preferably in the form of gels based on Benzocaine or Lidocaine. The better and more carefully handle the damaged areas, the sooner will come the positive result.

Ulcerative stomatitis

More severe than the catarrhal. Usually develops without proper treatment and with concomitant diseases of the body. On the buccal mucosa, gums, palate, tongue, there are deep defects in the form of ulcers, usually painful, delivers a strong discomfort when eating. May be accompanied by General symptoms such as weakness, fever, headache.

In addition to painkillers and antiseptic agents you can prescribe antihistamines and antibiotics in case of bacterial origin. When a fungal etiology is the only effective remedy for stomatitis will be to appoint ointments with antifungal effect (Nystatin, Levorinovuyu, Klotrimazola, Dekumanova ointment). Tablet Levorin or another antifungal remedies also helps if there is a fungal pathogen.

Treated ulcerative form in an adult is usually about two weeks with proper selection of local and General means. A remedy for stomatitis is created as adapt to therapy the causative agent. That is why good medicine is typically new, sometimes costly.

Aphthous stomatitis (CRAS)

The origin of this disease is still not understood. Mouth in adult patients with CRAS (chronic recurrent aphthous stomatitis) aphthae appear – rounded education whitish or yellow in the form of virtually any lesions within the oral cavity of the mouth localization.

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It is assumed that when the time came the form can be a leading reason to consider immunological violation. In addition, cause often I think that the lack of vitamins, responsible for the regeneration of the epithelium. Funds from stomatitis, which is manifested in the form of aft, in addition to the above – agent group that includes sea buckthorn oil, Solkoseril dental adhesive (the same also applies ointment Methyluracil), vitamins, mostly A and E.

Traumatic stomatitis

This pathology occurs as a result of mechanical damage to the mucosa as at the same time, sharply (as a result of accidental prokusyvanie, the injection of a bone, burn a hot drink, etc.), and chronically in the case of the formation of pathological bite or wear orthopedic or orthodontic appliances, are not adapted to the conditions in the oral cavity.

Acute injury in a favourable situation in the mouth can epitelizirutmi without any special measures, but in the case of infection necessary to act on the agent that this complication was provoked. To understand how to treat thrush in the mouth in case of chronic, it is first necessary to determine what injures the soft tissue. Dentures can be adjusted to fit the shape of the prosthetic bed, carefully polished, can be further developed with patient hygiene. The most common method to cure thrush in the mouth caused by a fixed bracket systems is to use insulation wax on traumatic sites of castles and arcs.

To accelerate the healing of trauma appeared the plots used epitelizirutmi means in combination with antiseptics. Quickly cure stomatitis also helps the appointment of a number of anti-inflammatory drugs: a solution of baking soda with cookery soda, Hlorofillipt, Rotokan, and rinses the oral cavity on the basis of plant components.

In fact, preparations for the treatment of stomatitis uncomplicated forms of the same drugs prescribed for catarrhal gingivitis.

Allergic stomatitis

Fairly common today, the phenomenon of local Allergy to substances in contact with the membranes of the oral cavity. Determine the cause can easily, temporarily eliminating the suspected allergen. As a rule, in the mouth reaction can occur on the plastic of the denture, especially on the pink dye that imitates the gums. Other causes can be medications that are used topically or oral, food, and accidentally fell from the air of pollen particles.

When this form of inflammation quickly cure stomatitis you can use any antihistamines, drunken appointed course, or by applying in the form of applications. But this will help only in case of complete elimination of the substance causing the Allergy! If it is determined that provokes stomatitis, denture base, the first step in treating this patient will be the design fabrication of transparent base resins, without the use of dye pink. Typically, the aesthetics of such prosthesis may not be considered.

Herpetic stomatitis

The most common and causing serious discomfort to the patient – it is herpetic stomatitis, caused by the weakening of the immune system and enhance viral activity in the oral cavity. Up to 90% of the population have viral particles in the body that can exist without causing any symptoms. However, any changes in the body’s immune system can trigger the manifestation of herpes in lips (cheilitis), and on mucous membranes of tongue, palate, cheeks. The disease manifests itself in mild, moderate or severe, when symptoms are not only topically deal with the whole body. Depending on the time of development of virus disease is divided into periods:

  1. incubation;
  2. prodromal;
  3. development;
  4. extinction;
  5. recovery.
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Each period may be shortened and stretch depending on how the body fights independently and which the body turns out of drug.

A symptom of herpes in the mouth is the appearance of the typical elements – bubbles, which merge after a few days burst, exposing the ulcer surface. The disease is painful, causing considerable discomfort, especially when eating. When not treated becomes more severe, and the pathogen can get to the tonsils, mucous membranes of the respiratory tract, and quickly cure stomatitis of this magnitude will be difficult.

Than to treat stomatitis in adults necessarily know each doctor, but most often this is a dental therapist in more difficult cases interacting with the therapist of a wide profile.

Local treatment

In the early days of the emergence, at the stage of bubbles, a key medication for thrush in adults – antiviral drugs. The most popular one is Acyclovir. It Acyclovir is the active substance aimed directly on the herpes virus diseases that are part of this preparation Zovirax. The he needs therapy with valtrex, Valvir is also an effective means to combat this virus, created on the basis of Valacyclovir. Famciclovir is also used to combat viral stomatitis, trade names his Famvir, Minaker.

  • When treating this complex and often severe disease is important not only proper selection of drugs for local application, but also the sequence of application.
  • First, the affected area should be numb.
  • After a few minutes to be disinfected with antiseptic solutions.
  • Then, on the cleaned surface apply the ointment acting against the virus.

To treat the surface of the mucosa is necessary after every meal to promote healing and inhibit the spread of the pathogen.
After the formation of ulcer surface antiherpetic ointments become less effective, the cosmetics, stimulates the regeneration of the epithelium.

General treatment

For moderate and severe degrees of severity requires a comprehensive approach to the treatment of the patient, it is important not only to choose the right drug, but also to correctly calculate the course and dosage with consideration of intensity of symptoms, age, Constitution, and related diseases. Inside are also prescribed pills with antiviral effect, where the same active substance begin to affect the body systemically,anti-inflammatory, antipyretics and antihistamines to reduce the manifestations of sensitization to the virus.

Stomatitis Vincent

Severe disease that is dangerous to self-medicate. It is caused by a combined action of fusobacteria and spirochaetes that are resistant to many drugs. Proyavitsa in the form of inflammation, which rapidly passes into ulceration, the abundant bacterial plaque and necrotization tissues. The main affected areas of the gums, and starting with the gingival papillae. In addition to changing the appearance of the gums, the visible symptom is an intense putrid smell from the mouth. Also quite clearly there is a General change of the condition of the body.

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Mandatory units of therapy are used inside antibiotics and antihistamines.

In addition to appropriate analgesics, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic also apply creams and gels on the basis of antibiotics, usually Metronidazole. After removal of all necrotic elements necessary to stimulate epithelization of damaged areas of the gums. In addition, it is recommended to drink a course of immunostimulatory drugs.

Oral thrush

The causative agent of this disease is a fungus of the genus Candida, which is also known as the herpes virus in a small number of constantly persist in the organisms of most people. The disease appears in the form of plaques white residue on all surfaces of the oral mucosa. However, when atrophic candidiasis plaque may not be visible foci of hyperemia, and they belong to the candidiasis will be determined resistance to all types of therapy in addition to antifungal.

All the above remedies to relieve inflammation and antiseptic treatment may be possible to apply and candidiasis, however, the most effective rinse with a solution of baking soda fungus can not tolerate an alkaline environment. Locally also apply etiotropic drugs, such as nystatin ointment.

Radiation stomatitis

As a result of radiation sickness develop such elements of loss as erosion and thickening of the membranes of the oral cavity as the result of ionizing radiation. There are also petechial hemorrhages, dryness, decreased senses of taste. Bleeding often develops even with a slight irritation, nonhealing erosions and ulcers.

When this condition therapy should be strictly doctor – oncologist.


Best cure for disease is prevention. The rational hygiene of the teeth, gums, tongue, and timely rehabilitation minimizes the quantity circulating in the body of potential pathogens of this disease. Attentive attitude to their own body, strengthening the immune system, a reasonable mode of work and rest allows you to not only feel great, but also significantly save on the treatment. If cured previously stomatitis is prone to relapse, it is recommended that a thorough examination of the body in order to identify possible hidden infectious foci.
Most of the described drugs can be used alone at home, but their appointment must be agreed with your doctor.