How to use an oral irrigator: dental cleaning with high pressure water

Now becoming increasingly popular new instruments for deep cleaning of the oral cavity — irrigators. How to irrigate? Often people hesitate in choosing the company or even in need of this device. Description of the method of using the mouthwash will help to accurately determine the need of this device.

Irrigator, or rinse is a special device that helps to clean the mouth with pulsating jet of water a good power. Thus, easily removed food residues between the teeth, the jet cleans the surface of debris, rinsed and massaged the gums and also the tongue from the accumulation of dirt.

They come in various types, with different number of nozzles, which are designed to perform certain functions.

Teeth cleaning oral irrigator is allowed to children older than 6 years, at an earlier age child can sumatrastrasse. Suitable for people with crowns, dentures, braces, orthodontic plates.

What device

The main purpose is a thorough, almost professional care of teeth and oral cavity. The mechanism of action of this device is very simple: water is supplied under high pressure from a special tank. When you hit the jets in the oral cavity is the effective removal of food particles, plaque from teeth. In addition, performed the same cleansing and additionally massage your gums, cheeks and tongue.

Irrigator significantly exceeds the efficiency of many other appliances for cleansing the mouth. In the cleaning process rinse gentle on teeth and gums, so there is no fear of damage to the enamel and soft tissues.

This is a very convenient device, so as to clean even without removing orthodontic products such as braces, which are cleaned along with the teeth. Irrigator — a very useful thing for such devices for correcting the position of teeth. Since the braces cannot be removed for removal of food, this does not accurately process the mouth. And with irrigator can completely remove all stuck with them pieces of food, and those remaining food particles will not destroy the teeth.

How the device works

Since this is a new product for the domestic market, not many know how to use the oral irrigator of an oral cavity. This problem can be easily solved by examining the instructions that came with the device. After reading it, the owner of the miracle machine will know how to put into practice all the recommendations.

But keep in mind that individual samples differ by firm manufacturer, structure and form, and it can affect the way they operate. There are instances with compartments for water of different sizes or with a different arrangement of elements.

Despite the differences, there are General rules of use for the device, knowing about which can efficiently produce the treatment cavity from food debris, ensure long time operation of the device.

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Need to brush your teeth slowly, carefully, giving enough time to each area, carefully so as not to injure the gums.

What is poured into a container

Conditioner — a universal device. In the tank, pour in different liquids: ordinary tap water, herbal infusions, specialty oils.

It is important to remember that we should be careful when using herbal formulas for mouth cavity because a particular herb may cause allergic reaction.

If you want to perform a useful and even medical procedures, you should not hurry. It is better to consult with your doctor.

When using herbal teas for rinsing, it may happen that pieces of herb will become stuck in some of the openings of the device, and it will cause damage to the device. So it didn’t happen, it is necessary to carefully filter the finished infusions through a multi-layered piece of cheesecloth.

Before working with the appliance, it is necessary to study the instruction manual: if it is not specified what to fill into the tank must be strictly purified water, then possibly adding a dental rinse in the amount of several milliliters.

The most common and safe choice is water. But here there are nuances. It is best to use purified or boiled water. It should also be remembered that the temperature of the liquid must not exceed 40°C. to ensure that the water is sufficiently cool, you should use the following guidelines:

  1. You just need to dip a clean finger in the liquid and wait 5 seconds.
  2. If it seems that hot, let it cool down.
  3. If, however, the temperature seemed quite comfortable, it is possible to use it.

Attempts to use cold or untreated water can lead to serious health problems, as well as breakdown of the machine.

Dentists approve of this Supplement. Such tools have on gums and teeth only a positive effect, protect them from negative external factors, prevents formation of plaque from tea and coffee drinks.

It is important to remember that these rinses for oral irrigator form a rich foam, so don’t overdo it with the liquid, and after use of such means to rinse the device.

Care unit

It is necessary before each operation of the machine clean and tidy, as after the last procedure could be contamination. Processing device using ordinary toothbrush. Thus, you can save the device and prolong its service life.

However, daily use of the Waterpik is not exempt from brushing your teeth with a regular brush and toothpaste. This rinse is only effective with fresh stains. Legacy plaque to toothpaste and brush. Irrigator is an additional means of hygiene of an oral cavity. A nice bonus is a permanent gum massage, which improves circulation, eliminates inflammation in the soft tissues of the periodontium.

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To remove coarse, large residues only need to use the brush and rinse. First, a traditional teeth cleaning and then you can use the oral irrigator.

Comfortable to carry out such procedures, bending over the sink. In this position transferred to the mouth, the liquid will immediately drain into the sink, not onto the floor. On average, these manipulations take no more than a quarter of an hour. During this period, fails to execute a thorough cleaning of the oral cavity from pathogenic bacteria, dirt and plaque.

Teeth cleaning water under pressure is painless, unless you have gum disease. Irrigator — a very useful thing: regular use will ensure long-lasting protection against tooth decay, will contribute to strengthening the gums.

How to operate the machine

How to use an irrigator? For efficient processing it is necessary to properly hold the irrigator and the phone: it is important that the jet of water was directed at an angle of 90° to the field you want to edit. On this basis, to clean the other areas you want to change the position of the vehicle, and the head must remain in the same position.

During the first minutes of operation of the irrigator need to set it to a mode in which the cleaning of teeth with a jet of water will occur under weak pressure. After a short period of time is allowed to increase the speed. So the soft tissues adapt to the pressure of the water jet will not be formed microcracks.

During use of the device must be cleaned absolutely all the available plots. The procedure is better to perform consistently at the same time visually jaw divided by sector.


It is recommended to start with readily available plots. And the last thing you need to treat those areas that have limited access. Since these areas are very difficult to efficiently clean, then they need to give much more time. It’s just to cover your mouth so that the water is not sprayed.

To achieve good results it is better to start the cleansing procedure of the posterior teeth, gradually moving to the front. You have to gradually slide the nozzle along the gums for a short time to hold her in between the teeth.

If you do not heed this advice, then the gum is often injured, to crack, this will provoke the development of inflammation. You can’t ignore this caveat, since the result can be difficult to obtain disease that will not heal without medical intervention.

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If you plan on using the Waterpik, then you don’t need to use dental floss because it can injure the gums and increase the distance between the teeth, slightly parting them. And if you then apply the irrigator, the accident can cause more damage to the soft tissues of periodontitis.

The frequency of use of the irrigator

When it became clear how to use the camera, it is now possible to answer and 1 question. How often can clean the mouth with this device? You need to determine for yourself what the reason for the use of the product: preventive measures or treatment.

If the device was purchased with the purpose of treatment, it is first necessary to visit a doctor. He will give necessary recommendations and sign the treatment plan. In complex therapy of periodontal disease the device is used more often than 3 times a week. Physiotherapy in this disease is very effective method. But not everyone has the opportunity to go to treatments at the clinic several times a week. Irrigator solves this problem.

When the device is purchased to improve the quality of personal oral hygiene, to solve this question by yourself. The positive effect will come after the regular treatment of mouth. Standard number of treatments 2-4 times a week. The dentist may recommend other preventive scheme of the course. Do not forget that there is toothpaste and brush, dental floss, and must be used daily.

An increasing percentage of the population began to carefully care of the gums and teeth. Toothbrush does not maintain the purity and health of the oral cavity at the proper level.

Instead toothbrush company found an effective and simple means of hygiene of the teeth. It rinse the irrigator. Although it is very simple, but the benefits from it are much higher than the toothbrush, especially the poor. This device is suitable for the whole family and requires no special skills or visiting specialist.

Make sure before you start you need to visit a dentist for consultation and diagnosis of possible diseases.