How to whiten teeth after Smoking?

To understand how to whiten teeth after Smoking, we will consider not only the options of cleaning the teeth from the bad effects of cigarettes, but also see how does this pernicious habit on the oral cavity.

We also highly recommend you look at the root of the problem and to stop Smoking permanently. If you cannot do this, then at least regularly use basic methods of oral hygiene.

How Smoking affects the teeth?

Among the components of cigarette smoke are tar and nicotine, microparticles, which at first, accumulate on the teeth quickly. Over time tooth enamel is covered with a specific coating, and yellowness first presents the problem of the aesthetic, and then there are dental stones, dental caries and gum disease.

Yellow plaque, which is the result of the effect of Smoking on the teeth, if not promptly take appropriate action, becomes gray-brown. And further, that it happens not infrequently, I end up with gingivitis.

Inflammation develop pathology in the gums blood circulation, it causes atrophy of the mucosa, there bleeding, gingivitis, periodontal disease, stone, and tooth decay.

Dry caries can be diagnosed in almost everyone who belongs to the category of heavy smokers. This disease is able to spread from one tooth to its neighbour, and its treatment is an everlasting process.

There are interesting statistics: 40% of smokers over 65 years old, losing teeth is completely. In non-smokers − a problem of only 20%.

Looks like a plaque from Smoking?

The different nature of plaque on the teeth is a different color:

  • white;
  • green;
  • yellow and brown;
  • black.

White patches – can be formed at night or during the day. It is the soft plaque that forms from food residue, various oral bacteria or as the result of the function of the mucous membrane, for the health it is not dangerous and easily removed when brushing your teeth.

The green patina is a result of the destruction of pellicula (thin layer, formed directly after the cleaning procedure). Also, the reason may be chromogenic fungus.

But the yellow and brown – as mentioned above − from nicotine, and addiction to strong coffee or tea. Such plaque is formed under the influence of the coloring particles in the form of age spots that are removed is difficult and, therefore, it is necessary to perform a specialized cleaning of the teeth.

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Black plaque in adults appears as a further development of the processes that led to yellow and gray, and against them was not timely performed appropriate procedures.

Photo of the smoke Deposit on the teeth



Whitening methods

The first thing I would like to answer a popular question: is it possible to whiten teeth after Smoking? Yes, get rid of the yellow can, with what you can do even at home.

Of course, if a patient has an advanced case, then traditional methods will not help him and will need to seek help from professionals.

How to remove plaque on the teeth from cigarettes in the home?

To remove the yellowness of teeth from cigarettes in the home environment will need to spend time much more than when attending a specialized clinic.

Basic tips to remove plaque smoker:

  • Application whitening kits, which are made in gel form, they are used after normal brushing. There are two modes of application of gel: a special brush and applying the special mouth guard. As they are razlagalsa on coloring connections, you should be attentive to the condition of the gums, to prevent irritation, but in any case consult your doctor;
  • Some smokers prefer whitening strips. They act like a gel, so precautions are the same;
  • Apply the baking soda acts as a mild abrasive. It can be added in a small amount to your toothpaste or used in its pure form. The procedure with soda don’t need to do more than two times during the week;
  • A small yellow you can try to remove activated carbon: crushed and brushing the teeth. But it is not necessary to press hard on the brush to avoid scratching the enamel;
  • As a bleaching agent used lemon. Its crust is rubbed into the surface of the teeth. But as soda − not more often 2 times a week;
  • Cleaning with hydrogen peroxide. Moisten a cotton swab and wipe the teeth after you brush them with toothpaste;
  • Tea tree oil – both a bleaching agent and as an antiseptic. The advantage of this tool is that it does not harm the gums or damage the enamel. Sequence of procedure: 1 – brush your teeth, usual toothpaste; 2 – on the brush to drip two drops of oil and brush your teeth with oil (may feel a slight numbness); 3 – thoroughly rinse the oral cavity with a solution in water of lemon juice.
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Systematic cleaning of toothpaste will remove plaque as it appears. You also need to use a special mouthwash mouth. To do so, preferably within 1-2 minutes after Smoking the cigarettes that the dyes do not have time to gain a foothold in the enamel.

Eating vegetables and fruits, which is composed of ingredients contributing to the brightening of the teeth (apples, celery, lemon, strawberry, carrot) are also a preventive measure against plaque.

How to whiten teeth from Smoking soda? Step by step instructions

  1. Initially, prepare a whole list of prerequisites. We will need a toothbrush, baking soda paste and a little water;
  2. Then you can follow one of two options, either to try both and then decide for yourself which one is best for you.Option a: wet the brush with warm water and apply it dry the baking soda;
    Option B: soak brush, and add water to baking soda to form a pasty mixture. Then you need to apply this mixture on the brush.

  3. Gently brush your teeth to soda does not impinge on the mucous membranes of the oral cavity. The procedure should be carried out not more often than twice a week!

Sometimes when you use baking soda add a little toothpaste. Additional effect of this action does not, but can reduce the unpleasant taste.


Use soda very unacceptable, if you have the following symptoms:

  • Fluorosis, caries, hypoplasia;
  • Hypersensitivity of the enamel;
  • Bleeding of the gums.

Do not neglect the contraindications, as soda is a strong acidosis and it can cause destruction of the enamel.

The help of experts in teeth whitening after Smoking

If cigarette plaque on the teeth homemade ways is not deleted, then one solution is to contact the experts. Modern dentistry offers a wide choice of methods of solution.

  • Professional cleaning. The proposed method is the development of innovative technologies, which involve the application of special mechanical and ultrasonic equipment. This method involves abrasive cleaning and subsequent polishing. They have not only to remove contaminants and plaque, but also to further prevent the deposition of new plaque;
  • Teeth whitening performed in the event, if professional cleaning traces of Smoking are eliminated, and restored the natural color, but the desired whiteness is not reached. This procedure is performed only by the decision of the dentist.

You can also use a combined method. It involves the use of chemicals to soften the plaque that is then removed using special instruments. Further – grinding, polishing and coating the tooth enamel fluorine-containing drugs.

Video: whiten your teeth at home (peroxide, soda, pasta)


Everyone knows the principle: the problem is easier to prevent than to eliminate its consequences. Therefore, follow the recommendations that remove plaque in its early stages, and those that you need to follow after professional removal.

And in General, of course, you need to give up Smoking cigarettes entirely. If this habit while that continues, you should strictly follow the hygiene of the teeth and the whole oral cavity.