How to whiten teeth: bleaching is the best way

White as snow teeth for many centuries been a sign of beauty, grooming, absolute health. Despite these canons of beauty, natural dental health is reflected not in white color. Natural teeth without pathological changes the color of the enamel are ivory and milky white, in contrast, give the owner with fragile enamel, with a lack of calcium. External factors greatly affect the color of tooth enamel (Smoking, some drinks, food aggressive). Modern dentistry today offers many ways to lighten teeth by 5-7 shades to create a unique image. Before you whiten your teeth, it is important to consult with a specialist.

The procedure of lightening as a method

Teeth whitening is to change the color of teeth by 2-7 shades. Often resort to whitening face, use black tea, coffee drink, smokers. Pathological pigment change of tooth enamel can be caused by other reasons:

  • chronic diseases of the organs;
  • the systemic use of antibiotics;
  • autoimmune diseases;
  • disorders of calcium metabolism:
  • alcohol dependence;
  • generalized caries, diseases of the oral cavity:
  • lack of regular hygiene of the oral cavity.

In some cases, the whitening procedure may not yield the expected results. It mostly concerns patients with a complicated clinical history, the presence of severe comorbidities. Sometimes patients enough to make a professional dental cleaning in the dental office to achieve the teeth whitening almost 3 tones. Professional cleaning is done before any method of bleaching is the removal of old plaque.

Indications and contraindications to bleaching

Before how to whiten yellow teeth, you need to know about the cause of plaque. The procedure for the return of the natural whiteness of the teeth should be treated with the utmost seriousness. Any methods of influence on the teeth affect tooth enamel. Dentists recommend whitening procedure 1-2 times a year, and in the home is not more than 1 time per month. Before you whiten your teeth, it is important to read the instructions. Some of the tools it is recommended to apply according to the instruction courses. It is not necessary to act on the principle «the more, the better.» Tooth enamel does not tolerate excesses. The main indications for the use of any bleaching agents and procedures are:

  1. discoloration from food;
  2. yellow from Smoking;
  3. chronic plaque or Tartar;
  4. fluorosis (excess fluoride in the body);
  5. the underdevelopment of dental tissue (with characteristic yellowish spots);
  6. plaque from sweets and dairy products.

In the presence of certain chronic diseases whitening of the color can be temporary as a darkening or yellowing again. Smokers and lovers of black coffee, the whitening effect remains for a while. From teeth whitening should be abandoned under the following conditions:

  1. pregnancy and lactation;
  2. numerous external seals;
  3. increased sensitivity of the enamel;
  4. bleeding gums;
  5. allergic to hydrogen peroxide;
  6. antibiotics and other medicines;
  7. early childhood.

There is the question «At what age can you whiten your teeth?» Better teeth bleaching after 20 years. Imperfect enamel adolescents may be subjected to destruction. After 20 years it is believed that the enamel finally matured.

Feature of bleaching is exposure to the components of certain drugs on tooth enamel. Before the procedure you can consult with a dentist. For example, in some situation, the advertised drug may be useless, and the other, less well-known once a particular patient. So you can save money, time and nerves. So how to quickly whiten teeth? How to make teeth whiter?

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Dental whitening

How to whiten teeth dentists, modern dentistry offers several ways to lighten tooth enamel in patients of all ages. All methods differ in the effect on the enamel. Before how to make teeth white, you need to consult a dentist. The doctor selects the appropriate method of whitening the overall condition of the teeth and oral cavity.

Whitening Air Flow

Method is a kind of professional cleaning. Suitable for patients with a touch of yellow to brown tint that resulted from the abuse of coffee or tobacco. It is possible to consider procedure of quality cleaning of the teeth. Special angled tip on the apparatus under a certain pressure is supplied to air jet with fine powder. Powder tooth breaks rocks and sediments, persistent plaque, dental plaque. How often can I whiten teeth with this method? Just one procedure to whiten teeth a few shades. It is not recommended to repeat many times such manipulation because of the risk of increasing the sensitivity of the enamel and a tendency to its destruction.

The laser beam

Laser whitening is gentle and an effective way of lightening tooth enamel. Before the exposure of laser on the teeth to apply a special composition of a bleaching gel based on hydrogen peroxide or carbamide. The beam of carbon dioxide laser in just a few seconds lights each tooth unit and it bleaches enamel.

The method has virtually no contraindications and is among the most safe. The main advantage is the ability to whiten the entire tooth row in one visit. Teeth obestsya almost instantly. The result of laser whitening is almost 5-7 years, but if exclude all triggers darkening of the tooth factors (cigarettes, coffee).

Ultrasonic whitening

Whiten teeth in this way is recommended for patients with high sensitivity of the gums, enamel. Clarification is conducted in several stages and in several visits. The procedure involves the use of bleaching compositions with a low concentration of the main component, the absolute painlessness, the short procedure (30 minutes). Before you achieve white teeth, you need to consult with a specialist.


The newest method to make the smile Shine. The procedure lasts about 2 hours, and the achieved effect lasts for almost 3 years. Apply a bleaching composition based on hydrogen peroxide, after which the tooth unit acts halogen light. Under the influence of the halogen light active oxygen composition breaks down dark pigment. Photobleaching has a low cost. Of the shortcomings can be identified the taste in your mouth after the procedure and high sensitivity of tooth enamel.

Dental teeth whitening is considered the most preferred, as the doctor correctly will choose the right method, the ratio and proportions of the essential components that will maintain the health and density of enamel.

Teeth whitening at home

What to do to keep our teeth white? How to achieve white teeth? Is it possible to whiten teeth a few shades at home? Of course, it’s possible. To lighten tooth enamel dentists can offer the use of some known methods.

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Strips for whitening


Strips for whitening of tooth enamel are considered accessible and effective in addressing the issue of yellowed teeth. The result of using whitening strips is almost 3 tones. The main whitening ingredients are various peroxide-based gels containing certain proportions of hydrogen peroxide and urea. After removing the protective strips, the gel starts its activity. The hydrogen peroxide starts to produce active oxygen ions, which possess oxidizing properties. Penetrating into the deeper layers of enamel, ions has a destructive effect on organic pigment. Under the influence of oxidation process is lightening a few shades. Key benefits:

  • the possibility of using at home;
  • real result;
  • affordable price

Strips for teeth whitening in dentistry I take a long time. For best effect before the whitening procedure it is better to go the professional cleaning of plaque and chronic plaque. Strips suitable for people with natural yellowish shade of the enamel. This method will be useless if the tooth enamel has darkened as a result of prolonged illness or different chemical exposures (e.g., medications, chemotherapy for cancer).

Whitening gels

The use of gel refers to the radical methods of lightening teeth. Application and use of the gel can conduct several ways:

  1. Open the application. The gel is applied to teeth with a special brush, which then solidifies. Active substance oxidizes the tooth enamel, and the film then dissolves with saliva and disappears.
  2. The use of trays. Mouth guards are plastic construction for fixation on the tooth row of the maxilla or mandible. The whitening gel is applied to the inner surface of the trays. The main advantage of such constructions is to avoid contact with the mucosa and high efficiency.
  3. The effects of the laser. The active ingredients of the gel most effectively lightens teeth, if provided with additional light or laser treatment. The procedure is performed in the dental office.

The use of gels involves frequent use, so the final results can be expected only after a month. With a strong yellowing of the enamel of the course must be repeated after a certain time.

Whitening pencil

The main composition is a bleaching gel based on hydrogen peroxide or carbamide, and auxiliary components. The concentration of hydrogen peroxide is barely 12%, because large amounts of peroxide are not the best way affects the tooth enamel. Some manufacturers bleaching pencils that combine the whitening product and therapeutic function. Many structures have additional substances that strengthen enamel and gums. Pencils based on carbamide peroxide are not as effective, but are considered the most secure for the structure of the tooth enamel. When buying it is important to look at concentrations of hydrogen peroxide in the gel. If the concentration is too low (e.g., 4-7%), it is not necessary to wait for a lightning effect. If the concentration is too high (over 12%), then it is possible to cause irreparable harm to tooth enamel. The optimum ratio of the volume of the main component should not be less than 7% and not more than 10%.

Traditional medicine for whitening

Recipes of traditional medicine can have a negative effect on tooth enamel as well as cosmetic products. When you use a particular recipe it is important to significantly reduce the risk of damage to the tooth enamel and thinning its structure. Whitening at home is not suitable for patients with the presence of carious cavities in pathological changes of periodontal tissues, the gums. Before the whitening is cure tooth decay, undergo professional cleaning. Don’t experiment on individual units (the wisdom tooth, Fang). To known the recipes of teeth whitening include the following:

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Hydrogen peroxide. The substance is part of many costly resources to lighten the enamel. To achieve the desired effect is enough to cause the hydrogen peroxide and hold for about 2 minutes. For greater efficiency, the peroxide can be mixed with baking soda. Permitted method for almost all patients.
Baking soda. Soda is a great tool for abrasive action on tooth enamel. In this case, the enamel is not scratched, is perfectly cleared of plaque and Tartar. Allows you to lighten your teeth by 2-3 shades. To prevent stagnant plaque and Tartar cleansing soda is best done once a month 1.
The juice of a lemon. Despite the benefits of calcium for tooth enamel, excess is deposited on the teeth together with the unpleasant bloom. Lemon juice should be mixed with ordinary fine salt, which will help to solve the problem of the formation of yellow plaque. The lemon juice corrodes the great RAID, and salt plays the role of abrasive materials. If desired, the salt can be replaced with soda. The recipe is not recommended for persons with high sensitivity of teeth and gums.
Wood ash. The ash contains large amounts of potassium hydroxide, which is an excellent bleach. Method is rarely used due to the specificity of the material, but the whiteness of your teeth will be flawless. Potassium hydroxide is recommended to use in moderation, since frequent bleaching by this method it is possible to ruin the enamel.

It is especially possible to allocate whitening activated charcoal, turmeric, coconut and other products. Oxidizer and an abrasive component that is necessary for white teeth. In the summer months can be bleached dentition berries with small seeds (strawberries, strawberry). Recipes for home-made medicine may adversely affect the health of teeth with excessive use and also, to be useless in chronic diseases of various organs and systems.

Whitening is an aesthetic procedure, the result of which is not only confidence in their own attractiveness, but also an improvement. Clean teeth with no pigmentation and raids give a person with high standards for themselves and others.

If you adhere to a healthy lifestyle, as well as, eliminate all the factors causing the darkening of the enamel, it is possible to achieve lasting results for years to come.