Hydrogen peroxide with stomatitis: rinse, treatment

One of the simplest and effective methods of treatment of diseases of the oral cavity is the hydrogen peroxide with stomatitis, which can be applied even to infants. This tool is considered quite safe, and it can be used for rinsing the mouth or smearing of the formed ulcers. During the initial stage of stomatitis to get rid of pathology is possible without the use of drug therapy, but only after consultation with a specialist.

The features of pathology

Stomatitis is a disease of the mucosa of the oral cavity, that is, affects the cheeks, gums, throat and tongue. The main cause of this disease is considered to be not following the basic rules of personal hygiene, a decrease in the protective functions of the organism. Experts share the stomatitis into two types:

  • infectious;
  • non-infectious.

To cause the development of pathology of infectious nature may be as poor hygiene, and penetration into the human body viral infections and various parasites. In addition, infectious stomatitis often develops when there is insufficient intake of vitamins and malfunction of the immune system.

Not an infectious stomatitis is most likely to occur for the following reasons:

  1. burns and injuries of the mucosa;
  2. taking antibiotics for a long time;
  3. various chemical and physical damage to the mucosa.

Characteristic signs of this disease is the rise of body temperature above 38 degrees, the appearance of sharp pain and a burning sensation in the mouth, and bleeding of the damaged areas. You should know that the danger of disease lies in the fact that by reducing the protective functions of the body, it quickly spreads and affects all the new part of the oral mucosa. In the absence of effective treatment may develop various complications and even blood poisoning.

Properties of hydrogen peroxide

For the treatment of stomatitis is often used a tool such as hydrogen peroxide. This drug is a fluid which has no odor and color. Hydrogen peroxide possesses:

  • deodorizing
  • hemostatic;
  • antiseptic;
  • disinfecting property.
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In addition, the treatment of stomatitis peroxide can accelerate the healing process due to the chemical interaction between protein and hydrogen.

In that case, if diseases of the oral cavity diagnosed in adults, hydrogen peroxide used for treatment of the affected areas of the mucosa before the application of ointments and gels. In children, this remedy can treat thrush as immediately after birth and at older ages.

Before treatment sores hydrogen peroxide you should consult with a specialist. This product has a disinfecting action, which allows him to quickly and successfully cope with a variety of bacteria.

The use of hydrogen peroxide with the disease

The treatment of stomatitis with hydrogen peroxide can be conducts in two ways:

  1. Rinse oral cavity by solution of various concentrations, but is most often used 1% liquid. A means such concentration helps to avoid burn your mouth;
  2. A thorough cleaning with a gauze swab pre-moistened with hydrogen peroxide. With this method of treatment is recommended to apply 0, 25% solution.

To get quick positive effect in the treatment of diseases of the oral cavity it is necessary to properly prepare a solution for rinsing. To do this in a glass of warm water, pour 3-5 ml of hydrogen peroxide and thoroughly stirred. It is important to remember that you must add peroxide to the water, but in any case, not Vice versa. Cooked means you must use mouthwash, and carry out the procedure should be done in such a way that the liquid in no case did not get inside. The fact that the penetration of such tools into the digestive tract can provoke it burns and thereby cause serious injury.

Before each treatment it is necessary to prepare fresh solution and to rinse the mouth for 7-10 minutes, occasionally spitting out the liquid. This amount of time is enough to disinfect the oral mucosa. For quick getting rid of pain in stomatitis and to accelerate healing of the resulting wounds to carry out the procedure of gargling with hydrogen peroxide is recommended as often as possible.

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To eat or drink after rinsing is not permitted within 30-40 minutes. After the procedure, the mouth may for some time remain an unpleasant taste. In order to avoid it, we recommend that you add in the prepared solution a few drops of peppermint essential oil or lemon. Carry out the procedure you need to rinse until completely disappear all sores in the mouth.

In that case, if the hydrogen peroxide solution gets into the stomach, in most cases, there is a slight burn. It should be remembered that the danger is the absorption of too much solution, because in this case there develops a burn of gastrointestinal tract. In addition, the patient may experience nausea and vomiting, and severe irritation of the skin.

Despite the danger of the use of such drugs, it is still widely used for the treatment of stomatitis. This is due to its healing effect on the affected mucous and for the speedy recovery of the patient it is important to follow all the rules of preparation of the solution for rinsing.

Treatment stomatitis in children

In babies stomatitis is accompanied by a rejection of the breast and a high temperature rise. In order to at home quick and painless to save toddler from this illness enough to have in the medicine Cabinet sterile cotton wool and a bottle of hydrogen peroxide. Before treatment of the affected mucous adults should wash hands thoroughly with antibacterial soap.

Prepared the swab should be moistened in the peroxide solution and wrap them with a clean finger. After that you need to hold your finger on the affected area of the mucosa in the oral cavity of the child and release them from the white plaque. This treatment should be done several times a day, and with her help, the children will soon get rid of unpleasant symptoms.

This method of treatment with hydrogen peroxide can be used not only in children but also adults. To get rid of stomatitis in a child using a rinse that is a special solution of hydrogen peroxide and water. It should be remembered that the liquid should not get inside the child’s body.

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Not quite the pleasant aspects in the treatment of stomatitis in children is considered an unpleasant taste of the drug itself. Experts recommend after disinfection of the mouth and carefully rinse your child’s mouth with clean water. Often mucosa after treatment with hydrogen peroxide in children and adults develops vomiting, which is considered quite a normal reaction.

Contraindications to the use of funds

Many patients are in doubt about the safety and effectiveness of hydrogen peroxide in the treatment of stomatitis. In fact, with proper dosing and compliance with all rules, gargling it does not cause the person harm.

Experts say that this drug can be used to treat diseases of the oral cavity even women during pregnancy and lactation.


Refuse to rinse the mouth with hydrogen peroxide should be in the following situations:

  • the age of the child up to 3 years;
  • the risk of development of Allergy to components of the product;
  • in the diagnosis of diseases in acute form;
  • the carrying out of antibacterial therapy;
  • a relapse of chronic diseases.

Treatment only one solution of hydrogen peroxide it can take quite some time. For this reason, it is recommended to apply a comprehensive approach in the fight against disease, that is, to combine folk remedies treatment with medication.