Icon in dentistry for treatment of dental caries

Recently in dentistry is gaining popularity in the treatment of dental caries without the use of a drill, one such technique — technology Icon.

And if the dentists are still in doubt about it, patients for whom the drill is synonymous with suffering for a long time with the choice of treatment is determined.

What is this technology that allows you to treat the teeth without preparation, what are the indications and contraindications for its use, and provide real patient testimonials for this reason.


Icon technology is a new word in the treatment of most common diseases of the oral cavity, i.e. dental caries, which manifests as brown spots on the surface of teeth, giving evidence of the activities of harmful bacteria. On them and concentrated action techniques of Icon and it is called «infiltration».

Its principle is to fill the affected areas with a polymer composition that clogs the cavity and completely stops the growth of bacteria. In addition, the Icon returns to the previous tooth density, which is broken during the course of disease, vitanovacka more resistant to the action of acids, this causes their natural composition.

In a classic set of the drug include:

  • wedges for the treatment of interdental spaces;
  • special etching gel;
  • applicator;
  • actually infiltrate;
  • sverhskorostey material.

The use of the method Icon allows you to stop the spread of caries at the stage of «white spot» without resorting to the use of a drill and drilling out the affected area, which allows you to save an impressive amount of dental tissue.

Icon is short for Infiltration Concept – the concept of infiltration, which is also called micro-invasive treatment.


Infiltration with Icon includes a number of characteristic features:

  • helps only in case if the disease is not passed into the stage of deep caries. Otherwise, technology will be powerless, and use the classic format of treatment of caries can not be avoided;
  • the strengthening of tooth tissue, which in the future will be able to withstand the acidic effects. It should be noted that a thin layer of the affected tooth still burned, but it is far less than in the case of application of the drill. Besides, after Icon enamel doesn’t crack, and retains the same hardness;
  • not always stops the carious process — sometimes they continue and then requires restoration of teeth and treatment according to the classical method. The chance of such a development is low, and the patient even in this case, nothing to lose, because if not icon, he would still have to face the drill.
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Advantages and disadvantages

Infiltration technology for caries treatment Icon has a number of pros and cons. The benefits include:

  • small destruction of tooth structure during treatment, which occurs without preparation;
  • the speed of the procedure, which lasts 20-25 minutes;
  • drill and anesthesia is not applied, and the patient feels no pain;
  • healthy parts of the tooth not be subjected to loads that occur during classical treatment;
  • the area treated by the system Icon does not visually stands out from the other teeth;
  • the surface of the teeth keeps the same form.

The disadvantages include the following:

  • the technique is only effective with surface caries, with severe it can be eliminated with preparation and removal of dental tissues;
  • compared to the classic methods of Icon is much more expensive;
  • the use of this technique requires the doctor’s qualifications and the development of innovative technologies;
  • still does not exist a unanimous opinion dentists: there are both opponents and proponents.

The stages of dental treatment method Icon

Treatment involves a surgery without any surgical intervention at several key stages. Looks something like step by step instructions:

  1. The surface of the affected tooth is polished and cleaned with dental tools.
  2. Special etching gel that is included with the set Icon, handle the tooth for 2-3 minutes.
  3. After that, wash off the gel, and dry the tooth surface.
  4. It is necessary to twist the needle (tip) on the syringe Icon-Dry and apply on the affected area of the tooth material with ostatkom. 30 seconds leave it to act, and then dried with dry air.
  5. On the affected area apply a special infiltration Icon and hold no more than 180 seconds.
  6. After that, apply sverhskorostey material, which are polymerized with the special lamp (40 seconds).
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Uniform application instructions greatly simplifies the process of treatment for the dentist, making it reliable and predictable. After the procedure, the doctor sometimes recommends the patient come in a few days to analyze the state of the cured tooth.


Despite its gentle action, the technology has a number of contraindications:

  • medium or deep caries;
  • individual intolerance of the elements used during the procedure;
  • fluorosis and enamel hyperplasia.

Otherwise, the icon is characterized by high versatility, it can be used even during pregnancy and early childhood, which again indicates a gentle action.

All products and tools used during the procedure are hypoallergenic, but before applying it is recommended to conduct appropriate tests.

Video: treatment of teeth without drilling.


Alina, 33 years

«After using Icon white spots are full, and dark spots remain a little, but it is only in the initial stages. After 1-2 weeks after the procedure, the effect is excellent, very happy, although a little confused by the price».

Elena, 29 years old

«Did the two upper teeth 4 and 5. White and black spots have not completely disappeared, in their place was a small point, and time and money the procedure is comparable with a classic filling. The surface of the tooth remained a bit uneven. In my opinion, this technology is best suited to children who are afraid of the dental drill».

Andrew, 32 years

«A year ago, doing ikonom the upper cutter. Overall satisfied, but their money is not worth it. Yes stains on the tooth is almost gone and the healing process was painless, but the difference with the usual fillings are not visually noticed. On the other hand, the doctor said that icon is much better preserves the natural structure of the tooth than a conventional filling. In short, the feeling is quite contradictory».

The cost

As with all innovative treatments of dental caries, Icon technology expensive, this is due to the high cost of imported equipment and materials. The treatment of one tooth will cost around 2-6 thousand rubles, a more specific price depends on the clinic and the scope of work.

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Affect the cost and demands high qualification of the doctor performing the procedure. If you are willing to pay more for the absence of pain and discomfort caused by the operation of a drill, then you can use that Icon.