Implantation of tooth enamel: technology, price, reviews

Today, dentistry can offer our patients the following services – implantation of tooth enamel. About technology, prices, reviews we will tell in more detail in this article.

Dazzling Hollywood smile is the business card of a business person. For the sake of it many are willing to pay a lot of money and spend a lot of time to recreate the perfect manicured teeth. It is a pity that due to various internal and external factors is impossible to achieve natural white teeth.

What is tooth enamel and what are its functions?

By design, it is the top protective translucent layer. Covering the coronal part of the unit is tight and solid barrier between the corrosive environment and the interior of the tooth.

It consists mainly of different mineral substances, the number and the proportion which each person is slightly different. It depends on the consumed food and assimilation of nutrients.

It is believed that 97% of the entire enamel structure is minerals, of which 35% calcium and 17% phosphorus. When you change this balance could be in trouble, which damage the protective shell.

If you violate its integrity for any reason, the entire dental unit will deteriorate quickly, as bacteria will begin to affect internal tissue. In this case, the disease is spreading rapidly in depth and, when not treated can lead to tooth loss.

The protective function of the enamel are designed to resist both mechanical and chemical stresses. It does not damage the tooth even with raskusyvanii solid food, and by eating acidic foods.

The causes of the destruction

And yet, various factors that affect our teeth and the human body in General, the enamel can get ruined and damaged. The main reasons for this are:

  • poor hygienic care of the oral cavity;
  • various aggressive effects, leading to demineralization;
  • the presence of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, which disturbs the pH imbalance;
  • frequent chemical treatments on the shell of the tooth due to eating sour and sweet food;
  • popular energy drinks become an active agent for the destruction of the enamel;
  • Smoking;
  • the use of cold and hot food, especially when they abruptly replace each other;
  • malocclusion and tooth abrasion;
  • various mechanical damage and injury;
  • illiterate treatment of dental unit.
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Of course, nature has created the enamel is relatively hard and durable, which should protect the inner tissues from various influences. But to damage it in modern conditions is not so difficult. Especially when you consider that human nutrition is not enough and full of necessary minerals to create a strong protective shell are often lacking.

Recovery methods

To restore tooth enamel is usually used in ways that provide for the filling of damaged tissue in any suitable material. It can be:

  1. Remineralization, which restores the mineral structure. Involves the use of fluoride varnish or gel. With their help, strengthen healthy enamel or restore the minor minor of violations. Additional fluoridation of the teeth helps to protect it from aggressive external influences. Apply it is possible with the assistance of varnish from the tooth surface or use a special application, which hold all night.
  2. Filling plots amorphous calcium phosphate. Is the hardening of the outer shell of the tooth, which is completely similar to the natural enamel. With this you can reduce the sensitivity and to remove the aesthetic problems. The action of such remedies is quite lengthy.
  3. The use of filling materials. Put them in few thin layers and hope that the effect will be long. Thus, we achieve not only the aesthetic restoration, but also full protection from various diseases all over the surface.
  4. A variety of special substances that are available to use at home. Pasta with a high mineral composition or fluorinating lucky. They help only in the initial stages of destruction and could be a good preventive measure. More severe treatment must be carried out in the dentist chair.
  5. Implantation of the enamel.
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In each case, we select its technology and facilities, but the result is always the same – both externally and on the main characteristics of the enamel is restored and able to continue to carry out natural functions.

Implantation of enamel

We should also talk about this method as it is considered the most effective and high quality. Its benefits far outweigh any other methods. How is the implantation of tooth enamel?

This recovery on a molecular biological level by enhancing tissue. Using this method, you can adjust any amount of area damage. The tooth surface is applied a substance very similar in composition to the natural structure of enamel. After it dries, the tooth is almost the same as it was originally or even better.

Indications for such procedure are:

  • darkening, color change of the enamel;
  • fluorosis;
  • too high sensitivity of the tooth;
  • aesthetic disorders of the form of unit;
  • in some cases, malocclusion;
  • the presence of significant cracks in the interdental spaces;
  • mechanical damage to the surface.

By implanting enamel, change the primary shade, to restore the damaged areas, correct bite, correct shape and enhance the protective functions of thin enamel. All these advantages have made it quite a popular service, for which no pity to give any amount.

The cost of implantation of tooth enamel

The price for this procedure may vary in different clinics, and also depending on the amount and causes of damage. It is necessary to consider the selected method and tool that will be used by the doctor. On average, implants enamel can cost 6000-9000 rubles.

Video: about the implantation of the enamel.

Preventive measures

To prevent such problems and not to pay for the restoration of enamel, you should follow certain rules that will help keep the tooth surface integrity:

  • Brush your teeth after eating or at least rinse your mouth.
  • To eat solid foods.
  • The food should be rich in vitamins and minerals, especially need to pay attention to those products in which high concentrations of calcium and fluorine.
  • Possible exclude sugar from your diet.
  • The use of toothpaste with minerals will be an excellent prevention of damage to the enamel.
  • The brush should be of medium hardness, it is necessary to change it every 3-4 months (instructions on how to properly choose).
  • With hygienic treatment be sure to massage the gums.
  • Don’t overdo the bleaching procedures.
  • Visit your dentist regularly for a General examination of the oral cavity and treat emerging diseases in the early stages.
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In recent time, increased tooth sensitivity to hot and cold. It is very hurt. Turning to the doctor, I was advised to make implantation of the enamel. And though it sounds scary, but essentially, it was a simple procedure, after which my teeth are much healthier. It felt right.


I was worried about stained teeth in some places. But instead of bleaching procedures, the dentist advised implantation of the enamel. It turned out to be much healthier and better. Moreover, he promised that the effect would be to keep almost all his life.


Damaged the surface when raskusyvanii walnut. Good immediately went to the doctor and the tooth didn’t go bad from the inside. Left to hold only the recovery of the upper layer. Now, even quietly, that he’s ever done – looks intact, uniform color.