Implantium dental implants: features, benefits, price, reviews

It’s a decent way to replace the lost dental units is to establish Implantium implants. About their features and benefits, as well as prices and reviews described below. After all, today offers a wide variety of such dental engines, and to figure out what to choose can be hard.

In European countries, far more people are turning to dentists for this service as implants. Unfortunately, we have not yet so much in Vogue. And the main reason is too high prices of the offered items. Still, for those who wish to restore the dentition, suggests the budget system, where the price is affordable and the product quality is not inferior to the famous brands.

About the manufacturer

Dentium company, located in South Korea, engaged in production of implants since 2000. In addition to the implant systems, it also produces the necessary dental tools and various materials used in bone grafting.

On the Russian market, the company became famous and popular in 2007 and still these products are popular as price and quality are very good for our countrymen. At much lower costs for implantation, one gets quite a high quality, aesthetic and functional tooth.

The company also organized the Institute of implantology and is constantly accumulating clinical and practical experience. Scientists make researches, experiments that provide an opportunity to create implants of the highest quality, meets all modern requirements.

The popularity of the products of the Korean manufacturer has taken its rightful place among the countries of Europe, Asia and even in the US, indicating a fairly competitive level of production and the availability of all necessary for implantation of the elements that fit most universal, and sometimes unconventional queries.


All products Implantium represent a set of artificial root and tooth in two classic stage, the gap between them is about 2-3 months. Especially the technological developments are the following:

  1. The presence of the inner cone, providing complete tightness and good fit of the abutment to the rod. At the same time and the load on the artificial root is uniform.
  2. Even with different diameters of each element, the inner part has the same size, giving the possibility to interconnect all of the required elements.
  3. The yellow tint of the abutments of the firm provides an aesthetic appearance of the structure, which does not show through the soft tissue.
  4. Double thread is responsible for secure mounting and good integration upon implantation.
  5. The ease of working with these systems for dentists, which speeds up the whole process and makes it easy and almost painless.
  6. Simultaneous implant implant and sinus lift or bone augmentation.

Advantages and disadvantages

All of the above features provide obvious advantages Implantium implant system:

  • quick engraftment of the structure;
  • minimal damage to the bone during the installation process or operation;
  • reduces the risk of painful sensations and complications of the postoperative period;
  • titanium rod ensures the reliability and durability of the structure, which greatly prolongs the service life of the product;
  • prevention of perforation during surgery, even if the implant does not coincide with the prepared cavity;
  • full conformance for all system elements to each other;
  • due to the possibility of simultaneously carrying out such procedures as implants, bone grafting and sinus lift, greatly reduces the time of treatment, and surgical intervention to a minimum is bothering the client;
  • even in the presence of the corner portions obliquely, it is possible to securely lock the bridge or other prostheses;
  • affordable prices of products compared to European or American counterparts;
  • the implantation does not need turning healthy units;
  • the lightness system does not weigh down the load on the jaw;
  • fully restored as aesthetic appearance of the dentition and its functionality;
  • the ease of finding desired items, which provides the versatility of the system;
  • a special form of the product and thread ensures quick adaptation of the design and shortens the period of tissue regeneration;
  • SLA technology involves a special surface treatment of a titanium root, when the adhesion of artificial product to the natural tissues of the most dense, which also prevents the risks of exclusion.
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Not without its drawbacks. In some cases, observed:

  • the unwinding of the rod and loosening;
  • the probable breakage when high or irregular loads;
  • some patients have an allergic reaction to the metal, so before installing it is recommended to take an Allergy test;
  • resorption of tissue around the implant is tight its interaction with material design.

It happens quite rarely, but on such probabilities should know in advance.


The range provided by Korean systems gives the opportunity to use the following options to choose:

  1. SuperLine – a reliable connection of elements uniform load on a stud, the most natural anatomical root, double thread for better stability and early osseointegration. These are the main features of this series of implants.
  2. Implantium is designed following the technology: two-step helical thread with a special outer contour, a reliable fixation, three cutting edges reduce risk of damage to bones, flexibility of joints of different elements, minimal resorption of the marginal tissues, the material’s resistance to oxidative processes, easy survival in the gums.
  3. Slim Onebody is a special angled implants and abutments that are used in rare cases of implantation, if you want to install artificial teeth under any inclination. Also here we use 8-sided connection of elements and different thread pitch for a sturdy mount and early stabilization of the whole structure.

Indications and contraindications to the installation

As with any implant, the system will be appropriate in the following cases:

  • the loss or forced removal of one tooth;
  • unwillingness to grind units under crowns or bridges;
  • the absence of several teeth in a row, even if they are on the edge series that sometimes complicates the prosthesis;
  • full adentia, especially if the patient does not want to constantly remove and put on dentures or other removable structures;
  • intolerance to the materials used in this area – acrylic, nylon, some types of metal;
  • reducing the functional load during the natural chewing process.
  • the curvature of the face or jaw, these defects due to the absence of teeth;
  • clear violations of articulation and diction.
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But not everyone can approach the implants, as they also have their limitations for installation. For example, it is not recommended for the next categories of patients:

  • the presence of circulatory problems or cardiovascular disease;
  • Oncology;
  • problems in the functioning of the endocrine glands that is displayed on the General state of health;
  • any infection, especially HIV;
  • disorders of the nervous system, some psychological problems;
  • intolerance to metals and a tendency to allergic reactions;
  • the inability to build up the bone tissue for any abnormalities;
  • the presence of tuberculosis and other complications of the respiratory tract;
  • diabetes of the first type.

In some cases, implantation can not hold immediately, but after Troubleshooting, it still do:

  • the presence of carious cavities;
  • the low level of hygiene when additional professional cleaning for removal of abundant plaque or stone;
  • gingivitis or other periodontal disease;
  • marginal periodontitis;
  • the presence of malocclusion, which is desirable to correct orthodontic systems.
  • artresources;
  • the lack of bone that can be easily removed using the building;
  • any addiction, like alcoholism, drug abuse or Smoking;
  • during pregnancy.

Sometimes implantation denied for the following serious reasons:

  • the impossibility of anesthesia to the patient because of its intolerance of such medication;
  • different somatic diseases;
  • taking certain medicines, such as anticoagulants, immunosuppressants, cytostatics, etc., that will have a negative impact on the process of operation and healing of tissues;
  • the presence of distress;
  • total exhaustion, when any intervention may entail serious consequences.

In each case, the doctor is obliged to conduct a full examination of the patient to decide whether to apply such a complex procedure, and data design. This takes into account the body’s response to various drugs and elements of the product, General health, the ability to easily transfer surgical process and quality of tissue healing.

What can be complications?

If we ignore such scan results and recommendations, the patient threatens to collide with the unpleasant consequences of carrying out rash treatments:

  1. The rejection of the implant.
  2. An allergic reaction to the metal or applied anesthetics.
  3. Resorption of tissues instead of their integration with the rod.
  4. The loss of the whole structure.
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It is very important to choose a qualified professional who has been trained in the firm and knows exactly how to install the Implantium implants, and can guarantee the quality of their work. Because the experience of the doctor and his actions also greatly affect the chance of a good healing system and durability of its operation.

Video: Implantium implants.


If you compare the cost of the implants from different companies, the Korean company offers a very reasonable price budget products. So, if American or German design cost of 40-70 thousand rubles, then Implantium will require a cost of only 15-25 thousand, which is much more economical.

It is important to note that the purchase of such products should be only from official representatives of the company, as lower prices from questionable sellers may indicate that they offer Frank marriage, discontinued items, and just informally were not covered by the warranty company.

If you look for a more versatile and cheaper ways to install the dental systems of the company, it is possible to pay attention to offers with lower price «turnkey» or various actions by representatives of the company.



A year ago, installed Implantium implants. Happy with the result, as even for a non-standard tilt all looks neat and natural. Strength is also satisfied, loosening is not observed.


I don’t need to overpay for well-known brands. Korean products are no worse than made of the same material and similar technology as the Swiss or German system. Established for five implants of this company and have no complaints.


My dentist offered a variety of options among global firms. But as he talked about each of them almost the same, I realized that much of a difference, except the price they have not, so I decided to use for the first time, cheap Korean implants. And have no regrets. If you need anything else I’m going to select these.