Implants Astra Tech: setup, benefits, price, reviews

Tooth decay and early tooth loss get people to look for ways of quality prosthetics. And Astra Tech implants were a good way out. Installation is simple, the advantages are obvious, and the price and the reviews talking about the highest quality products.

Swedish technology and scientific developments always meet the high demands and implants are no exception. Certified products of this company has spread to two hundred countries, which is the best indicator of recognition. Most patients are able to choose implants suitable price range and quality you need. Not surprisingly, often be the choice of stops on the products of Astra Tech (Astratek).

About the manufacturer

Russia was quite willing to install the Swedish dental implants, so the cooperation between the two countries became full-fledged sequel. All quality certificates of the company Group AstraZeneca correspond to the state Standards. And doctors who offer their patients the products of relevant training directly to the manufacturer.

Special scientific engineering, and also a huge number of tests and experiments have led to the fact that implants Astra Tech help the best way to combine a titanium base with a natural bone of the person. All materials and technologies that are used, designed to the smallest detail.

Scientists took into account the many nuances that now make it possible to apply this system in almost all cases, prosthetics, and sometimes considerably accelerate the process of tissue healing, and postoperative adaptation to periods of maximum decreased with time.

What is the uniqueness?

Almost all products offered in the system are based on four unique technology that provides all implants and their advantages. We describe these features in more detail:

  • Osseo Speed – used special material, which in itself helps to increase the bone around the installed implant. This allows to use the system even in cases where there is a partial atrophy of tissue and a prostheses, it is impossible to use. The presence of a special titanium coating fluoride and surface roughness contributes to a better contact of the product with the skeletal system of the patient.
  • Technology Micro Thread is responsible for uniform distribution of loading and moving deep into the tissues. This helps more durable and reliable use of the whole structure, which significantly increases its service life. And due to the elaborate carving of the base of the implant is fixed into bone so that he has no chances of loss. In addition, this same technology helps to avoid injury when attaching the base.
  • Conical Seal Design – one design to create a better prosthesis. The conical shape of the product suggests that it will be accurately fixed, and set the crown of any size or material simply. Also, this form ensures the safety of the implant and protection against any harsh external influences. The conical design promotes faster and easier installation, which sometimes can significantly reduce all the time of implantation process.
  • Connective Contour – this development was focused on maximum compatibility of the implant with the soft tissue. For this we have created a special terrain that increases the size soprikasalis surfaces. This helps the best way to secure the product and prevent any bias in the process of operation.
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To achieve the best aesthetic appearance and matching with the natural abilities of each patient, the firm offers a wide variety of sizes, shapes and their combinations in the ordering of individual parts. In each individual case pick the right implants that will allow you to create a completely natural smile and minimize any discomfort during their use.

Advantages and disadvantages

Thanks to these technologies help to achieve the best quality products. Try to specify all the advantages of Astra Tech implants:

  • These developments have gone a long testing and meet the highest standards of many countries.
  • High quality material ensures minimal backfires and reduces painful period of adjustment.
  • Good compatibility of tissues and implants virtually eliminates the rejection of product.
  • All the technology is planned so that the design served as long as possible.
  • Due to the special contours and surfaces is ensured reliable fixation of the implant, preventing him from shattering at high loads.
  • The installation period is greatly shortened, and the whole process takes place with the least discomfort.
  • The risk of injury during implantation with Astra Tech is minimized, saving the patient for future maintenance of the system.
  • The aesthetic result will provide a beautiful and natural smile.
  • Due to the special material that stimulates bone growth, is no sagging and withering away. They become a single interactive system.
  • Fast accretion of the design with the tissues of the patient.
  • At the time of forming gums on the basis of the implant establish a special stub that provides reliable security and protection from various impacts.
  • The service life of the prosthesis is much longer than any other counterparts. The company gives a lifetime guarantee, and offering records, wherein the real time operation of such implants for forty years.
  • Not required any repairs or special maintenance during use.
  • A sound transportation of the implants ensures the safety and sterility all the way to delivery.
  • Materials completely safe for human health.
  • They can be used in a variety of individual peculiarities of the structure of the jaw bones, even when other designs cannot be installed.
  • In the manufacture of implants used nanotechnology, and the system is fully automated, which eliminates the risk of errors and reducing the quality of the finished product.
  • Every doctor that works with this system, undergoes special training program at the firm.
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Not surprisingly, these implants have become so popular among patients and dentists. Especially because of the minuses can select only one price high, which fully justifies the product quality.


As already noted, implants Astra Tech can be installed in virtually all cases, prosthetics. This single tooth loss and complete adentia. Also indicates special situations of their successful application:

  • the need for odnomomentnoe implantation;
  • if for any reason that bone tissue does not have the necessary volume for the prosthesis;
  • when you need more quick adaptation and procedure for one or at most two stages.

Even cases of bone curvature, uneven surfaces and other anomalies does not prevent to install this design, since the different angles, sizes and shapes based on any individual characteristics.

Implant system

The whole kit for installation of one product consists of the implant and abutment. The first is a screw part threaded for secure fixation in the bone tissue of the patient. As the width and the length thereof may be different, depending on the features and structure of the tooth that it will replace.

In turn, the abutment is more varieties:

  1. The abutment, which is used to create space and soft tissue healing. With the help of his own selected and correct length of the future product.
  2. Angled abutment allows the insertion of an implant at desired angle, it is often 30 degrees. But its length may also be different.
  3. Standard – for attaching an artificial tooth provided in a variety of sizes that gives an opportunity to choose the most convenient for the patient.

Insertion of implants Astra Tech

In order to perform the procedure competently, a physician trained at the firm all the subtleties and specifics of this system. Therefore, the dentist makes a precise and rapid actions, which are aimed at patient comfort, the quality of the product and the ease of the whole procedure. Manipulation in this case takes the following:

  1. Initially, you need to prepare the surface for implantation. The doctor makes an incision, gently separates the gums and the periosteum, and also holds the markup to accurately indicate exactly where you want to install an artificial root.
  2. Make a layout, which include what width and length should be a suitable place for the implant. Then gradually drill a hole and expand it to the required size. For this purpose, the nozzle of different thickness, length, and depth, not to be mistaken.
  3. In the finished box, screw the titanium product is firmly fixed and install a special plug to keep debris, food and bacteria, and to avoid overgrowth of soft tissues.
  4. Open incisions the doctor sews and sets the extender in the gums.
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Further, the patient need to undergo the postoperative period, during which the wound will heal and the gums to be shaped by the future implant. Technology Astra Tech aims to help in this matter. Due to the material used, the tissue regeneration is faster and the possibility of complications is minimized. Usually, the healing is given from three to five months.

Sometimes, especially speed up the procedure to make full implant for a shorter period. But here you need to consider many factors – from choosing the model and procedures to the individual patient.

Video: dental implant system Astra Tech.

The cost

The whole system assumes that the implantation will be made «turnkey», that is, choosing the suitable set, you can be sure that there will not need anything else to be bought separately. The price of this kit with the cost of dentist can vary from 60 to 90 thousand rubles.

The firm offers a product catalog, where you can pick up each individual element – from healing abutment to the desired size and shape of the implant. The manufacturer is responsible for ensuring that each item is shipped in a special vial and surrounded by fluid. This permits to achieve a sterility and security in the transportation process.



Never thought I would have to decide on a procedure, but bad teeth and their rapid destruction was forced to resort to implantation. The doctor advised Astra Tech. Trusting everything Swedish, I agreed without hesitation and very pleased with the result. For five years the artificial teeth look even better than natural.


I was embarrassed by the price and required materials. But decided to fork out, so do not save on health. As a result, the healing process went a lot easier than some friends who have chosen other systems.


Previously used removable dentures, and I was angry that they need to be separately cleaned, and periodically and repair. By installing implants, I forgot that it’s not my teeth. After six months, I didn’t even feel them in your mouth like a foreign object. All caught on easily and without problems.