Implants Impro from Germany: technology, types, price, reviews

With implants Impro from Germany you can return the holistic beautiful smile. The technology of their production, as well as products give a guarantee of quality and long-lasting use. But the price and the reviews will convince you that the choice of these products will be successful.

The absence of even one tooth can greatly spoil the impression about the person. In addition, without the load of chewing soft and hard tissues quickly atrophy and can even lead to changes of facial contours which will affect the self-esteem of man, his appearance will cause psychological discomfort, but also will create problems in the gastrointestinal tract. So you should take advantage of modern implants, can fully replace the lost one.

About the manufacturer

Implants Impro (Impro) are made in Germany firm Helmut Knigel. On the market these products only a little more than five years, but proven as it is a quality product. In addition to dental products, the company is engaged in development and manufacturing in the aerospace industry.

Due to the latest technology and unique dental design Impro become competitive and meet the highest standards of quality even by global standards. The manufacturer is so confident in the strength and reliability of the proposed models, which gives them a lifetime warranty.

Technological features

To provide unique characteristics, the German makers of implants use a variety of technological developments:

  • High quality medical titanium alloy, which does not cause allergies, rejection and well compatible with living tissues of the patient.
  • Special bar shape provides not only ease the implantation process, but also reduces the risk of injury.
  • Thread for fixing use self-tapping, which makes it easy to install design.
  • Special surface treatment provides a resemblance to the natural texture of the tooth root, and also ensures the absence of any foreign particles, and prevents oxidation processes during operation.
  • The Quad thread of artificial material protects from excessive overgrowth of soft tissues.
  • A sufficient number of variations of the lengths and diameters of each model provides the ability to install designs in a variety of situations where conventional implants are excluded.

The types of implants Impro

To make the product as convenient as possible for most dental cases, the producers have planned four series of products, which are presented in their catalogue:

  1. Submerged implant with Micronesia. Available in sizes from 3.6 to 7 mm in diameter. And she neck stud cropped for a better visual effect when mounting the abutment and crown. Designed to restore the frontal zone of the smile. Sometimes it happens the unwinding of the model, so you periodically need to monitor their condition.
  2. Series with a double thread. In addition, these products and even changed the thread pitch, which is incremented only closer to the apical basis. It helps better to fix the design while minimizing trauma during the installation process. Very often they are applicable for cases with the damaged bone of the patient.
  3. Transgingival. Their main feature – the ability to install through a small puncture, which significantly reduces tissue damage and facilitates healing. Reliable fixation and neat appearance is ensured through the polished neck of a larger volume than the standard models. This ensures the stability of the artificial tooth even at high chewing loads.
  4. Mini-implants designed for individual cases, when the bone is so reduced or softened that it is impossible to implant a standard design. The reduced length of the rod is better to use only when you need to replace the tooth in the area with the least physical stress. Another advantage – the ability to perform with them a single-step implantation with immediate installation of the abutment and permanent crown.
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In addition, the manufacturer offers different sizes of implants of each series that the result has about 50 variations of individual structures. In different cases it is possible to combine together the elements so that choose the most suitable option for every individual case.

Advantages and disadvantages

A large number of German pros implants made them so popular in a relatively short period:

  • structural strength even with minimum diameters;
  • a wide variety of models and sizes make them versatile for most occasions;
  • longevity of use implies a very long lifetime, which is indicated in the guarantee to each element;
  • easy installation and painless method of implanting a rod;
  • the biocompatibility of titanium helps rapid healing of tissue and reduces the possibility of rejection or allergic reactions;
  • accessibility of implantation in the atrophied jaw bones and other complex dental cases;
  • prevention of reduction of bone tissue after installation of the structure;
  • easy to care;
  • the surface finish of the rod implies the absence of the appearance of unwanted particles during use;
  • the opportunity to combine the implant with different abutment and removable dentures, increasing number of cases of restoration of the dentition;
  • availability of combining operations such as tooth extraction or placing of the implant in a single session, which reduces the number of surgical interventions.
  • the procedure with minimal bleeding, tissue damage and elimination of pain;
  • rapid healing, after 2-3 months, not a trace remains from surgery, and implant fully take root in the tissues;
  • with high quality products with premium value products in the medium price range.
  • good aesthetic appeal a fully restored tooth that looks as natural as possible and of course at the expense of matching shades for crowns and abutment.
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Referring to the cons need to say that in our country, yet the model Impro poorly presented and not all clinics and cities, they are so affordable as we would like. Therefore, a problem may arise in finding suitable designs and experienced doctor who knows how to work with them.

Indications and contraindications

To make the implantation procedure using the Impro products can, in most cases, the need to restore dentition. It can be as one lost tooth, several, and fully edentulous in one or both jaws. Also available to place the implant in the process of deleting units, or in cases of decreased amount of bone tissue, its softening or other complex anomalies of the structure.

There are contra-indications when the process of implantation becomes difficult or even impossible:

  • acute inflammation of the periodontal region;
  • severe cases of periodontal disease;
  • diseases of the nervous system, psychological disorders;
  • pathology of the kidney or liver;
  • the presence of osteoporosis;
  • disorders of the cardiovascular system;
  • the abuse of alcohol;
  • pregnancy;
  • this psychological problem as bruxism;
  • some forms of diabetes.

In each case, the physician must separately resolve the issue of accessibility of implantation and the methods of its implementation. Sometimes you can resolve the problem or to wait a certain period and go to the desired process of restoring the dentition.

Installation steps

Depending on the chosen method of implantation in one session or in two or three. The procedure is approximately the same and are similar in each of the options:

  1. Initially required a full diagnostic of the health status of the patient and the oral cavity.
  2. Then selected the appropriate size and model of the implant that corresponds to the individual characteristics of the structure of the jaw and other teeth located near.
  3. Do anesthesia for patient comfort and prevention of pain.
  4. Make an incision in the gums and form a Lodge under the rod, or produce it with the help of a puncture, depending on the chosen model.
  5. Implant design and its well-fixed with special thread.
  6. Open the fabric sewn up, and install the plug implant, healing abutment or abutment crown. It depends on a more appropriate method of installation.
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Usually the whole process takes about an hour, and full tissue regeneration and engraftment of stem lasts 2-3 months. It is believed that the lower jaw healing takes place faster than the upper. But in each case is strictly individual.

Video: Impro installation of the implant on the bone.


The implant is a German company is about 9000 rubles. But if you expect full price for implants, you need to add to this diagnostic and medical manipulations, as well as part of used elements and doctor’s work implantologist. More than the cost of the procedure is affected by the selected material for the permanent crowns, because the pottery will be much cheaper than zirconium.

If you order the implantation of a «turnkey», with the help of German implants Impro it will cost 20-60 thousand rubles, depending on the pricing policy of your chosen clinic. This is the average category. And if you compare with other analogues, the patient in this case is of a high quality product at a reasonable cost.



Decided not to skimp on teeth and installed the implants. Then they only started appearing on the market, but I trust German manufacturers. All the time there was no damage or discomfort, feel artificial tooth as mine if not better.


These products really stand the test of time. And even though they are new enough to compare them in the process of operation with other firms, but when the manufacturer gives a lifetime warranty, it something Yes means.


I was afraid that the implant in my case would be impossible. But the doctor assured that implants Impro for me, as they are even a small bone. Oddly enough, I have all caught on quickly and painlessly, and a new tooth appeared in just a single session.