Implants Konmet (Conmet): catalog, installation, price, reviews

In addition to foreign dental systems, our compatriots have the opportunity to use Russian implants Konmet (Conmet). The catalog is a wide range of products, installation is simple and the price is affordable. Also talk about reviews of patients using these products.

Because you can’t always guarantee the good quality because the design is expensive. Our developers have tried to create the same good elements for dental implants, as with European firms, while maintaining affordable pricing tier for General patients, with an average salary in the country.


Though implants and Conmet are systems of domestic production, however, their technological characteristics are largely similar to those overseas:

  1. For production use only high quality hypoallergenic materials. Special alloy optionally coated with alumina and a titanium powder to accelerate osseointegration and the best survival design.
  2. Along with these manufacturers use the latest achievements and technologies – plasma application of protective coatings, titanium anodizing, precision laser cutting and special finishes of the screws. This achieves maximum precision and product quality.
  3. It is possible to conduct the installation of orthopaedic implants immediately after removal of the affected units. And this, in turn, prevents the bone atrophy that occurs in the absence of masticatory load for a long time.
  4. The company offers the more implants and a range of ancillary products that are necessary for high-quality prosthetics.
  5. When creating products, manufacturers increase the strength of the neck imlant, which provides a more uniform distribution of load on the system and prevents its breakage.
  6. The company also offers the creation of an artificial root made of gold. However, due to the softness of the material they are not recommended to install on the chewing side, and to replace only the front of the unit, or they can deform under high loads.
  7. The directory includes a wide range of products suitable for different individual cases, prosthetics.
  8. Pricing assumes availability of budget implants for the General population.
  9. All the technology of creating artificial root that it is easy to get accustomed adaptation period and took the least painful.

About the manufacturer

Company that produces dental implants Konmet, is in Russia. The company entered the market in 1993, and dental systems and tools for them released since 1996. High product quality is achieved through cooperation with companies-manufacturers of medical titanium, the latest scientific developments and use the best of German equipment.

Since 2002 the company has significantly expanded the range of structures, providing a catalogue, where you can choose the most suitable product for almost any individual case. With all the simplicity of design and low cost are achieved characteristics of the implant system on a par with foreign analogues.

As a result, products have received many Russian and European certificates of quality, confirming that the products meet all international requirements. In addition, manufacturers focus not only on the implants but also on the entire line of surgical instrumentation to facilitate the work of the dentist.

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Indications and contraindications

Konmet implants can be installed in the following cases:

  • in the absence of almost any unit in the row;
  • a small amount of bone tissue;
  • when it is impossible to hold removable dentures;
  • to restore the frontal defect of smile;
  • in the case of total edentulous, as the main mount for conditionally removable dentures.

But, of course, there are a number of contraindications, when such a procedure is strictly prohibited regardless of product quality:

  • various somatic and mental diseases, especially in acute phases or with uncontrolled course;
  • malignancy and radiotherapy, which significantly weakens the immune system and the health of the patient;
  • acute and chronic inflammation of the mucous membrane or the adjacent dental units that requires dental treatment;
  • violation of the circulatory system, reduced blood clotting ability, which prohibited any surgery;
  • the abuse of Smoking, alcohol or drugs;
  • some doctors refuse patients if they do not adhere to regular oral hygiene.

Advantages and disadvantages

Due to the technology used, there are such advantages of domestic products:

  • the wide assortment gives the possibility to place dental implants even in difficult cases and unusual structures of the jaw;
  • the use of 3D protoberberine ensures the individuality of each element when the design is made just below the patient, which significantly reduces the risk of injury during installation and simplifies the healing period;
  • accurate and reliable fixing of an artificial root, prevent loss or loosening of the structure in the process of operation;
  • the low cost makes implants available to patients;
  • due to the used technology and special coating provides ease of implantation of the implant and the acceleration of osseointegration;
  • no need to spoil in any way to handle healthy teeth;
  • great attachment between the elements that help to tightly lock the system without the formation of gaps;
  • bone tissue is retained in full the whole period of operation;
  • affordability of simultaneous implantation, when the implantation of artificial root is performed immediately after removal of the patient’s tooth;
  • such structures can be a reliable base for dentures for fully edentulous patients or for fixing bridges;
  • quality crown installed on the implant, do not differ in appearance from the natural tooth, which preserves the aesthetics of the smile.

Among the minuses can be noted only the rare negative reviews of patients who have had rejection design. But the reason might be not so much the product as the quality of work of the dentist and the individual characteristics of the organism.


The company provides implants of various lengths, diameters, the shape of the bar. Describe the most popular and used:

  1. The classical model – are provided in diameters of 4 mm and 4.8 mm. And their length can be from 8 to 12 mm. Here the function of thought to switch platforms when due to the convenient connections to achieve a minimum of bone resorption and a good aesthetic effect. The thread is used double, that leads to a better load distribution and special handling of the root surface promotes rapid osseointegration.
  2. Cylindrical options – in diameter from 3.5 to 5.5 mm in length, 8-16 mm. This form becomes a good solution with a limited height of the alveolar ridge, and a special thread helps to secure the product with a high level of density. Usually they are chosen for simultaneous implantation.
  3. Conical diameter 3.5 or 4.5 mm. Also good to replace just the extracted tooth. Still they are recommended for use at the close of the maxillary sinuses, since they require a smaller amount of fabric, but it does not lose its stability.
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Except dental designs, the company produces a number of other additional elements – tools for the operation, screw and plate system for implantation of the superstructure, burs and cutters, tools for modeling, etc.

Dental implants are Konmet

The whole process of implanting an artificial rod is no different from other similar systems implantation. The patient needs to go through the following steps:

  1. The initial survey and establishment of related problems in the mouth and the carrying out of the procedure. The doctor should also carefully examine the medical history and collect some tests to see if there are any contraindications for implantation.
  2. Is sanitation of the oral cavity, which includes not only decontamination of surfaces, but also the treatment of caries, inflammatory processes and other diseases of the teeth or the mucosa.
  3. In cases where there is no sufficient bone tissue, making the procedure of its extension.
  4. Local anesthesia and go directly to the stage of implantation of the finished rod. It requires from the doctor to choose the right size and shape of the implant and carry out the procedure as competently, as this will depend largely on the postoperative period and the risk of rejection. To carry out this procedure it is possible, as in one step when modeling a 3D model of the future tooth with a special instrument, or in two stages with the use of conventional casts and custom-made rod.
  5. After the artificial root has taken root, the doctor sets the abutment, which will be fixed in the near future the final element of the design.
  6. Create the desired shape and hue of an artificial crown, bridge or denture, depending on what exactly was supposed to be done according to the treatment plan. Then it is attached to the abutment and provide General recommendations for the care of the implant and the oral cavity.

In some cases, the removal of the tooth and its replacement is carried out in one day, and sometimes it takes more time and several visits to the dentist’s office. Also and fixation of the abutment and crown can occur in one session, but often this process is stretched in time for the best healing of all tissues.

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The lifetime and quality guarantee

The manufacturer promises that the product can be used for life, that is, determines the working period of the implant in decades. However, to test this in practice yet was not possible, as the latest model in the series was released on the market dental implants only in 2003.

But those patients who have already used the system, exploit the product still, without any breakdowns. If any element fails, the company replaces any of them for free.

The company guarantees high quality products, but warns that if the doctor performed the procedure carefully enough or the patient is somehow overloaded the artificial material in the daily operation, this can lead to rejection or failure. The main indicators of the implants Konmet are quality products and meet all standards and criteria at the international level are the certificates:

  • ISO 9001:1994, issued at the end of the 20th century;
  • ISO 13485:2000, received in 2004 when you re-check;
  • ISO 9001:2000 at the same time;
  • BS EN ISO 9001:2000, issued by the British quality Institute in 2006.

Video: dental implants Konmet.


Themselves implants of the company Konmet are considered to be relatively cheap, though, and meet the highest performance and technology. The cost of one product costs about 18-19 thousand rubles. For comparison, recall that the German, Swiss or American counterparts have a price in two or even three times higher.

But if you add all the necessary procedures for the examination, the preparation and the implantation of the implant, the full process can cost 20-40 thousand rubles.

The final price will strongly depend on the hospital to which you have applied, but also on individual characteristics and the need to conduct additional treatment.



Knowing what the market is our domestic dental implants at a more affordable price, I immediately agreed. Because they do, in fact, the same as abroad, but they are cheaper. Quality satisfied, it quickly healed.


The doctor assured me that the Russian implants no way inferior to foreign ones. The result has been the rejection of two products. The more I save want to pay more, but trust only German or Swiss quality.


Wear these implants in the amount of three pieces set in different times. The first set ten years ago. Feared he will not last long, but noting its strength and stability during the operation, decided the other set the same.