Implants MIS (Miss): types, installation, price, reviews

An increasing number of people prefer full replacement of lost teeth implants MIS (Miss). This company offers many types of quality installation, affordable prices and reviews of satisfied customers on the products.

Needless to say that implantation is the ideal solution when you lose one tooth or even all units. In developed countries it has long been pushed out of the market of removable prosthetics, dentures and other types of artificial dental elements.

About the manufacturer

His work on the creation of implants, an Israeli company Medical Implant System began in 1995. And for 20 years took a leading position worldwide. She offers quality and reliable products at very affordable prices. This ratio value and a good product always wins, even in a reputable and respectable competitors.

Constant research and development, technology, time practical experience in the implantation enabled the company Mis to take its rightful place in the top five manufacturers of implants among global firms. Quality certificates provide a guarantee for each element in the system, and dentists, who undertake the installation, specially trained in the company.

Plants for the production of dental products are based in Israel and also in France and Germany. During the year they have time to create half a million implants are in demand in many countries of the world. The popularity they have gained due to the high qualitative characteristics and wide range of products that allows you to choose the perfect items for any inquiries.

On the Russian market the official representative, who can buy all the necessary ingredients for a high-quality implantation via the Israeli systems is the company Element.

Features of the implants MIS

It is possible to allocate the following technologies and features of these products:

  • The main composition of the metal rod is made of biocompatible titanium, which deservedly has become the most popular in their manufacture. This material allows to achieve high strength values, even with the narrow diameter of the product, and also it causes no allergic reactions or rejection.
  • This results in a good survival rate of the product.
  • Special thread form helps to firmly secure the implant, and not to injure in this case the bone tissue.
  • Surface treatment technologies such as SLA, which uses sand-blasting effect and acid etching, ensuring high integration with the surrounding tissue, as well as reliable stability.
  • The lack of excessive deposition on the surface reduces the risks of allergic reactions.
  • Large selection of lengths, shapes, thread, diameters, allows to choose a convenient design for installation on any area of the dentition.
  • A high degree of osseointegration achieved by titanium material, which allows to install them even with the atrophied bone systems.
  • The ability to use methods of implantation as one Express session and the classical two-step method.
  • The service life of the products can be incredibly long, if you stick to the recommendations of the manufacturers from the moment of installation and during the entire operation.
  • Aesthetic appearance designed so that the artificial teeth indistinguishable from natural, and fully restored the integrity of the smile.
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Advantages and disadvantages

All of the above technologies Mis implants provide the following advantages:

  • high quality material for each product;
  • the uniqueness of the development gives advantages over other firms;
  • high strength metal rod at high loads and a narrow diameter;
  • minimum number of contraindications;
  • the ability to install implants, even with a reduced size of the bone tissue;
  • absence of allergic reactions, risk of rejection and various side effects after the procedure;
  • rapid engraftment of design, good integration with living tissues;
  • 5-year warranty, although these products can last much longer;
  • a good ratio of price and quality;
  • minimal bone damage and injury to soft tissues;
  • performed special labelling of each product that the implantation recorded in the patient record for future diagnostics and control;
  • you can pick up the implant under any physiological characteristics due to the wide selection of products.

But of the cons I highlighted only the high cost of the installation process, as in all cases of this procedure.


The catalogue has 7 types of different systems for implantation. Each of them has a variety of sizes in diameter and length so that you the patient to find the perfect design elements for each case.

  1. Bio Com MIS – conical form and a special Sumiregusa the surface is allowed to securely lock the entire structure in any of the cases of implant – classic or one-step. Good aesthetic appearance of the final product.
  2. MIS Lance – a web form designed to minimize the installation process. Here are a conical shape, a triple thread and a special spiral channels for minimal trauma to the bone or overheating during installation.
  3. MIS Seven is the most popular and widespread product range. It provides versatile sizes diameters and lengths of rod, and special cutters in the kit. Through all of this achieved a good level of osseointegration, ease of installation, minimal tissue damage, and the ability to apply them in bone grafting.
  4. MIS Uno – this form is designed specifically for special occasions of implantation a one-stage procedure, fast loading on the web, and for hard to reach places and as a support for future bridges. They can be used in cases of lack of bone due to the onset of atrophy.
  5. MIS M4 – special bevel design and screw system to help place the implant as for one time only, or in two stages. In addition, this ensures reliable fixation of the stem and perfect fit in the apical part of the root bed.
  6. MIS Mis Orthodontic Provisional – capable of becoming a temporary support for removable structures in special cases, implantation. Are rarely used, and only a doctor can determine that they are appropriate.
  7. MIS C1 there is used a special technology called Dual Stability Mechanism. It uses conical connection with anti-rotation taper. The implant and the abutment are fixed as possible, prevent any risks of loss or loosening of the structure.
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Periodically are developed and new technology, to create a modern series of implants, with more advanced features.


The whole procedure starts long before the time of implantation and various mandatory stages:

  1. Initially examined oral cavity of the patient, the condition of the teeth, gums, performs preliminary diagnosis General health.
  2. If necessary, treatment of cavities, healing of periodontal and other diseases discovered.
  3. If the bone is insufficient for implant placement, with the help of modern materials produce bone grafts in the area.
  4. Is taking a cast of the jaw and the design template of the future artificial tooth from the root to the final appearance of the crowns.
  5. In a laboratory using a dental impression to create all the necessary elements, and we select the most appropriate rod and abutment for the corresponding sizes.
  6. When everything is ready, the patient is done by local anesthesia and make installation of the implant in any chosen method – in one stage or in two. In the second case, the load on the rod occurs only after complete healing of the operated region.


Manufacturer warranty five years on all its products. However, if we stick to the dentist and carefully use an artificial design, it is feasible to expect a significant increase in lifespan.

Exactly how many years it will serve dental implants can only be made after a year and a half after implantation of a rod and assess the quality of the procedure.

Video about MIS implants.


To predpolojit, how much are dental implants MIS and the whole process of implantation, it is necessary initially to define the size, series and number of elements used. On average, the surgery itself can cost 21 thousand rubles on the first stage. When the abutment and crowns to pay around two thousand. The abutment is approximately 1300 rubles, and the removal of the implant, if necessary, 8500.

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Separately to say about this procedure, implantation of a «turnkey», where the whole set of services already included in the final price. Usually the cost of such operations is in the area of 37-38 thousand rubles. But all figures are approximate, as each clinic offers different prices for such services.



Choosing the appropriate implants, has opted for Israeli products, as they are no worse than European or American, but have a more affordable price. But this is not the last criterion to date.


MIS implants I am pleased. For the past two years as I use them and not even feel the difference between their teeth and artificial. The adaptation period was easy and without any discomfort.


When you had the chance to install the implants, the doctor advised the company MIS, as they have a good reputation and high quality products. On experience that this is true. Adverse reactions, Allergy or severe pain after surgery was not observed, all caught on quickly and now, even imperceptibly, I have an artificial teeth.