Implants Semados (Semados): features, price, reviews

One of the latest dental developments are Semados implants (Semados). Interesting to know, what are their characteristics, price and testimonials of those patients who have already had time to install them and some time to use.

A wide distribution of implantation suggests that the person is important to have strong teeth in full. Even the loss of one greatly affects the daily life and overall health. A similar method to recover the lost units are considered the most competent, proper and aesthetic.


In creating such products is a very important question, who is the manufacturer, if you can trust him and what experiences he has. Data implants created by the firm Bego Semados, located in Germany. Therefore, to doubt the quality of finished products is not necessary.

Thanks to long and careful developments of German physicians managed to create a perfect design that has the following features:

  • The Union of two shapes, conical and conical, in a single product helps to close up any cavity and the gap between the design and the soft tissues. And this, in turn, gives no chance to the bacteria to accumulate and multiply around the installed implant.
  • Internal mount for the abutment also has a special form and characteristics, allowing carefully prepisovanie the top element to the bottom without any gaps.
  • The use of medical titanium fourth degree of cleaning ensures that no allergic reactions and minimizes the risks of rejection and any side effects in the process of operation.
  • Additional surface treatment provides adequate surface contact of living tissue with synthetic material for good strength and stability of the entire system.
  • Narrow web makes easier the implantation of the design and shortens the postoperative period.
  • Used metal crown in these implants is able to fully replicate the shape and shade of natural teeth, it looks natural and neat.
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Advantages and disadvantages

Based on the above technology, it is possible to identify the following advantages of implants Semados:

  • no need to grind healthy teeth;
  • the availability of the replacement of any number of units;
  • the biocompatibility of the material used guarantee the absence of allergies and side effects;
  • short healing time of the tissue;
  • perfect aesthetic appearance of the structure;
  • protection from inflammation and accumulation of bacteria around the equipment;
  • a long period of operation, which equates to a lifetime;
  • improved engraftment of the material due to the special surface treatment;
  • easy daily hygiene care;
  • minimal risk of rejection of the design.

Owing to these characteristics, Semados implants are considered one of the best among all offered on the market today. But due to the fact that they recently appeared, not everywhere can be available.

Find similar products easier in modern private clinics, where dentists are additionally trained by the manufacturer in their installation and maintenance.

If we talk about the cons, to our countrymen such a disadvantage would be the price. After all, the cost of such construction, which spent years of studies and experiments, as well as the best materials, the perfect.

The types of implants Semados

In addition to all the elements and developed technology, scientists have thought through yet and quite a wide range of products provided in the company catalogue. Find the right products of this manufacturer can be for virtually any clinical case. Semados presents these options:

  1. Universal – it provides a standard set of models, sizes and shapes, suitable for most situations the implant. High reliability and robust construction and long service life.
  2. RI – specially designed for those cases when the patient as a result of prolonged absence of a tooth quickly atrophied bone. Such implants can be implanted even at its minimum volume without losing the stability of the attachment.
  3. Mini – designed for those patients who by nature has a narrow jaw and teeth are located close to each other. This model is able to accommodate even the smallest space, fully replacing the lost tooth. Also they are often used as the basis for beam systems with the installation of a complete denture for the entire jaw. Strong atrophy of the alveolar processes also will not be a contraindication for installation.
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Video: production of dental implants Semados.


Obviously, such high-quality products that last many researches, developments, experiments and clinical trials, can not be cheap. These structures related to the category of high quality, and thus expensive products. The average price of the implant from the German manufacturer is around 20 thousand rubles per unit.

It should be noted that it added to the work of the dentist and concomitant treatment, if needed. But the manufacturer gives a guarantee on their products and any nuances in the process of operation, you can contact the clinic free of charge to correct any flaws.



I wanted to use implants from this company, but we in the city did not have clinics that work with them. A pity, was ready to pay any money for good quality.


My doctor just recommended that such implants are to install and I agreed. At first I thought that it was too expensive. But after the surgery realized what their pros. Everything healed really quickly and almost painlessly, so it’s worth it.


When implanting artificial material into the body, and even in the jaw, you need to be extremely careful in the selection. Indeed, any allergies, rejection and other reactions can lead to serious consequences. Such things can not save. And German manufacturers know it.