In 10 months no teeth in a child

The question of why the child at 10 months no teeth, worries many parents. This is connected not only with the desire to see baby teeth allow the child to properly grow and develop, but also with the complexities that accompany this event: malaise, excessive salivation, lack of appetite and whims, and sometimes high temperature and diarrhea. All of this makes parents particularly anxious and sensitive to the appearance of the first tooth. The development of the digestive system occupies a key place in the life of every person, and the masticatory organs are directly related to the digestive tract. They are laid in the process of fetal development very early, already at 3-4 weeks of gestation in the embryo there are the beginnings of the subsequent teeth.

What do you do if a 10 month baby, and still no teeth

According to most pediatricians, the timing of the appearance of the teeth each child is individual. In some children they appear in 2-3 months, others — only in 10-11 months or even a year. And the other option is the absolute norm. Although, as a rule, the first milk teeth erupt at 6-8 months of age, appearing in pairs. Teeth first appear in the mandible, and only later — on the top. We need this in order to have the baby formed a correct bite. Most often, the child celebrates its first birthday, already having 8 teeth (4 top and 4 bottom), for 1.5 years he has 12-16 teeth. In this hard time of appearance of the masticatory organs are absent — every kid is different, much depends on his disabilities.

The main criterion by which to judge the health of a child is the presence of it to three-year age 20 milk teeth. They are temporary and by 6-7 years the child will be replaced with permanent molars.

Causes of missing teeth

The reasons why the baby does not appear to be teeth at 10 months:

  1. Heredity — one of the primary factors influencing the appearance of the teeth. If mom or dad chewing organs came later, no need to think that your baby they will appear before.
  2. Water quality and nutrition, lack of vitamins have a direct impact on the time of appearance of first teeth. Although, in the opinion of most pediatric specialists, teething is not affected by the lack of vitamin D and calcium, it can affect oral health in General, as the enamel and gums of the child.
  3. The method of feeding. Children Iskusstvennyi already in 4-5 months can become owners of the first tooth, and their peers-the babies he will appear later. It is believed that infant formula and cereals rich in vitamins and minerals needed for proper growth and development of the baby.
  4. Infectious diseases, and especially their prolonged duration, a period of gestation have a negative impact. It is important to remember this and be wary of any diseases throughout the pregnancy, paying special attention to it the first trimester, when there is a bookmark for future baby teeth.
  5. The lifestyle that was led by a woman, being in a position of (harmful habits such as Smoking and alcoholism, can have an adverse impact on the formation of all systems and organs of the future baby).
  6. An unexpected discovery was the fact that the climate zone can also influence this process. It is proven that children living in southern latitudes, were winners of the first tooth than their «Northern» peers.
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It is also believed that boys delay in the appearance of the masticatory organs more likely than girls. This is due to their later maturation.

As already mentioned, the absence of teeth in the period when the child is the tenth month, a normal variant. Earlier, pediatricians were inclined to claim that the lack of baby teeth in a 1 year anomaly requiring immediate examination, suspected the baby rickets, anemia or other disease. Modern medicine refutes this proposition.

Studies have proven that some children become owners of the first tooth only to 1,2–1,3 years. Dr. O. E. Komorowski believes that the absence of teeth in children under one year «is generally not a problem, but a normal variant, and worrying about it is not necessary».

Other children’s professionals like to repeat the phrase that «no child is left without teeth.» It’s hard to argue, however, the situation should always be kept under control.

Be sure to scheduled appointment in 1 year to tell the doctor about your problem. He needs to listen to you carefully to consider this fact and investigate the cause. The child may be sent to examination (General analysis of blood and urine, biochemistry, ultrasound examination of organs, etc.). Perhaps for the first time the doctor will only give advice on nutrition of the baby and the intake of vitamins, agreeing with you on the re-admission.

If the normal flow situation is not influenced by any pathological factors, it is possible to help the child.

How to speed up eruption

To have the baby as soon as possible appeared to the teeth, you should:

  1. as often as possible to give him solid food: carrots, dry biscuits;
  2. purchased at the drugstore or specialty store rubber ring teether.
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These simple steps will give a boost to the body and will help to complete the development period of the baby when still no teeth.

The symptoms of teething

The symptoms of the first teeth:

  • drowsiness, anxiety, irritability;
  • profuse salivation;
  • reduction or loss of appetite;
  • swelling and redness of the gums;
  • cough, clear nasal discharge;
  • the increase in body temperature;
  • vomiting, diarrhea or constipation.

If such symptoms are detected in your baby, with high probability we can say that the child prepares for the emergence of their first tooth. All these symptoms are normal and after a few days will be on their own. These unpleasant symptoms are often has only the eruption of the first masticatory organs, follow-up, most likely, will appear with less difficulty. Although much depends on the specific characteristics of the organism of the child.

How many teeth should be in 10 months?

What if the number of teeth in 10 months seems not enough for this age?

There is a special formula that allows to calculate the number of masticatory organs in a certain age: Ν = Κ — 4, where Ν is the number of teeth; Κ is the age in months and the 4 — constant value.

If the teeth erupt in a abnormal manner, have a different shade, a must for the treatment of a pediatric specialist.

How to help your child

Every mother should take responsibility for this important process by doing the following:

  1. To warn family and friends that your child may be more Moody and irritable, wants more attention and warmth. Should be treated with the respect and patience to his behavior.
  2. Try to do daily wet cleaning of the premises, to monitor the cleanliness of toys, Cutlery and personal hygiene items, as failure to do so can lead to intestinal disorder.
  3. Buy special toys, teethers gum that will alleviate the suffering of the baby, providing an analgesic effect (the purchase of this item for child care it is better to buy from a pharmacy or a specialized children’s store).
  4. It is worth buying gel for gums, which also help to reduce inflammation, calm irritated gums and numb them a little bit (selection of drug should be done by your pediatrician).
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Basic recommendations to care for the oral cavity seasons


We must not forget that oral hygiene baby’s first year of life great teeth cleaning adult. You need to consider a number of features of child development and to perform simple steps to maintain the oral cavity in order:

  • a daily brushing with a small piece of gauze, soft cloth or cotton wool dipped in boiled warm water;
  • always feed the baby using only his personal Cutlery, as in common use in a still feeble body of a baby may get harmful bacteria, adversely affecting not only the oral cavity but also on the entire body;
  • after each meal to give a small amount of clean boiled water, which will eliminate leftover food from the oral cavity;
  • to exclude an immoderate use of tea or to reduce its quantity to a minimum, limited to 1-2 slices of dark chocolate;
  • to ensure cleanliness nipples through her regular cleaning, boiling and storage in a special container or cap that can protect it from getting all sorts of microorganisms.

Be attentive to their children: children 10 months constantly needs care of the parents, the kid because of age still can not take care of their health itself. Follow the recommendations of a pediatrician and be healthy!