In the language of the red spot: causes, treatment

Sometimes, viewing your mouth, you can note that there is in the language of the red spot. The language reflects the pathological state of other organs and systems of the body. Emerging spots on the surface may vary in size, shape, evoking discomfort. When their appearance is necessary to address to the doctor who at the reception will explain the cause of the item, and ways of dealing with it.

The difference of the healthy and sick state of the organ

To understand that the language is affected, it is necessary to compare the observed signs of lesions and symptoms with physiological structure.
In normal language presents:

  • Mucosa pale pink color;
  • Filiform papillae are located throughout the area, the minimum elevation;
  • When feeling a slight roughness;
  • On the sides, in region of medial furrow, the root is visualised the deposition of small amounts of plaque;
  • No elements in the form of papules, vesicles, erosions and ulcers should not be celebrated.

The options of items in the language of the red spots vary in shape and size:

  1. Spots with yellow cushion;
  2. Petechiae: pinpoint bleeding of the red color;
  3. Small red spot;
  4. Low value of AFTA (ulcer), covered with a purulent film of plaque;
  5. Chancre (ulcer) small value or element, which is celebrated in the whole area of language;
  6. Stain bluish-red color;
  7. Element incorrect configuration, with sharp edges.

Most diseases are celebrated not only in oral but also in other tissue systems of the body, observed that the language appeared red spots, often combined with other signs: the increase and pain in the lymph nodes, itching, muscular body and oral mucosa, an abundant amount of grayish-white residue on the surface elements.

Causes of

The main reasons that the language appeared a spot of red, lie in the infestation of the body by bacteria or viruses. Often the origin of an element occurs when the internal pathology of other organs.

Contributing to the emergence of spots on tongue factors:

  • Burns thermal and chemical solutions mucosa;
  • Caries and its complications;
  • Poor oral hygiene: abundant deposition of soft and hard dental overlay;
  • Habits: in the composition of alcoholic beverages, cigarettes there are substances that contribute to the structural transformation of the tissues of the tongue;
  • Candies, preferably with food dyes in high concentration: injury filiform papillae;
  • Viruses, bacteria, fungi;
  • Cancer;
  • A disruption in the digestive system;
  • Pathology of the blood system;
  • Immunodeficiency States;
  • In response to the excessive cleanup language for the hygiene of teeth and mouth tissues;
  • Restructuring in hormonal ratios during pregnancy.

Under what ailments are indicated by the elements

Diseases during which is noted the red spot on the tongue in adults and children:

  1. Scarlet fever: most of these have been ill in childhood. Cause the disease is Streptococcus. Referred to symptoms: small blisters, pain when swallowing, hyperthermia. In language: in the midline white coating, pale mucosa, originate small spots of red color;
  2. Mononucleosis: more than half of the cases identified on the mucosa muscular organ petechiae. There is pain in the throat, increase and pain in the lymph nodes, asthenic phenomena, the temperature increase. A mandatory feature of the disease is inflammation in the throat, changes in the composition of the blood, the symptoms of fever;
  3. Stomatitis: inflammation of oral mucosa. In the process of development of disease can develop red spots under the tongue. In other parts of the mucous membrane after the formation primarily of erythema, aphthae occur and erosion, on which there is a plaque, pale gray. When eating, the conversation (in case of availability of elements in the mucosa of the lips), cleaning the mouth, may appear severe pain;
  4. Moving erythema on the tongue: geographic tongue. Symptoms of the disease are scant. The main criterion of disease is a kind of pattern language in the form of «geographical map», likely to move (due to the simultaneous combination of the processes of desquamation and regeneration). The basis of infection licking the infection is bacterial or viral in origin;
  5. Shingles: caused by a virus. Localized rash throughout the body. Spots of red color are marked on the side of the tongue and in the field of root cause itching;
  6. Kaposi’s sarcoma: causes the infected by the herpes virus. Most affected individuals with immunodeficiency States (HIV). There has been an increase and pain in the lymph nodes, mucosal breach in the sky, the appearance of spots bluish-red swallowed when malignancy. A suspicion of this pathology requires accurate diagnosis and quickly begin treatment to prevent the development of complications;
  7. Syphilis: a sexually transmitted infection (STI). In the mouth on tongue affects the front third. Emerge solid red color ulcer (chancre). Consultation of dermatologist, the disease is contagious;
  8. Diseases of other organs and systems: often there is a nucleation of spots of small size, with a Corolla yellow. It is noted often during pregnancy. The blood can be observed a General change in the color of the muscle organ (the color becomes richer or pink normal color of the tongue turns pale). Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, for example, gastric ulcer, may also lead to the emergence of sores and in the mouth. Not always uncomfortable effects in the form of itching and burning are present when the background diseases of the body. The detection of symptoms not only in the mouth, but in other areas, requires the consultation of a specialist of the corresponding profile.
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Therapeutic measures

If you start to be stained red color or paler, causing the uncomfortable phenomena in the mouth or without without delay is advised to consult a dentist for a consultation. It is necessary as accurately as possible to remember the beginning of the emergence of what could be connected, had there been some sort of medical treatment, it was noted whether the effectiveness of therapy at home.

If you need a doctor, conducting a clinical examination, performs the assignment of tests that will accurately identify the cause of the origin of the elements. If red spots on tongue in children and adults, it is caused by disorders of other organs, and the dentist directs to consult another doctor.

Treatment of stains of the language should be comprehensive and take into account both local and General changes in the body.


  • The etiological approach: after evaluating the reasons of origin of the items by clinical and additional examination is prescribed the appropriate drugs acting on the pathogen. Pick up the antiviral, antibacterial, antimycotic;
  • Preventing the development of secondary infection: do not RUB the items on their own to remove plaque, scratching at the affected area. In the case of execution of prohibited manipulations occur sores. The mucosa of the tongue becomes vulnerable to microbial flora of the oral cavity. Occurs repeated inflammation;
  • The rejection of bad habits: the mucosa of the oral cavity is very sensitive to the use of alcohol and Smoking;
  • Therapy of other diseases in other parts of the body: in illness of infectious origin prescribed systemic use of broad-spectrum antibiotics;
  • STI: chancre should be treated together with the dermatologist;
  • Curation of pregnant women: irrigation emulsions of medicinal herbs possessing anti-inflammatory, antiseptic. Accepting solutions that strengthen the immune system (green tea, honey infusions, juices from natural products);
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Shingles: antiviral drugs. The treatment is carried out with the use of antiherpetic drugs, drugs for promoting good health, vitamin complexes. To block itching use infusions of herbs (calendula, chamomile);

  • Kaposi’s sarcoma: after the dentist directly to the physician and further analysis in Oncology. If the diagnosis is confirmed, then perform ionizing irradiation, complementing the intervention with chemotherapy. Medical management is long, is held in conjunction with several experts. If the time to begin intervention the prognosis of survival is high;
  • Pathology of the digestive system: to the gastroenterologist to diagnose and treat the underlying disease. Power correction the idea of appointing a special table, diet if necessary. Discectomies, denoted by the diarrhoea and vomiting, is manifested under the influence of strong drugs. For the correction due to the use of antimicrobial orientation is added to therapy, eubiotics (Bifidumbakterin), to restore the beneficial flora of the intestine;
  • Waiver of annoying food: excludes canned foods hot and cold foods, foods with dyes;
  • Therapy glossitis geographic tongue can be complicated, diamond-shaped, hyperplastic. The intervention together with a therapist;
  • Aphthous stomatitis: irrigation with antimicrobial drugs (Miramistin, Taste, medicinal infusions). To stimulate immunity prescribed Immudon. To relieve swelling, pain in the mucosa of the language used Holisal-gel. Gel Metrogyl Denta has a local antimicrobial effect. Actovegin is used to block the itching.



To prevent stains by way of infection or reinfection, it is important to follow some simple rules:

  1. Thorough oral hygiene: adequate in strength to the teeth, gums, mucosa of the tongue. It is preferable to use a toothbrush brush of medium hardness, for the language is better to use soft stiffness. Examination by a dentist should occur every six months;
  2. Personal hygiene: separate kitchen utensils, bathroom accessories, washing hands, vegetables and fruits before eating;
  3. Avoiding harmful habits;
  4. Strengthening the immune system: a healthy lifestyle, correction of power (increase taking products containing iron), immune drugs of plant or animal origin when required;
  5. Food for consumption should be of optimum temperature;
  6. Trauma and burns in the mouth should be treated only dentist. Self-medication can cause complications in the body. You must understand that the filiform papillae, located on a large part of the language difficult to fix.
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The appearance of red spots on the mucosa of the tongue can be caused by different factors. Therapeutic measures must meet the doctor. It is important to follow the recommendations in order to prevent complications with the development of the disease.