Incognito braces (Incognito): the pros and cons, installation, price, reviews

Tell you about the Incognito braces (Incognito), their pros and cons, installation methods, prices and reviews. This unique system of bite correction was developed for those patients who need to have orthodontic design was not visible to others eyes. What says their name.

Provide a brief overview of Incognito lingual braces, because they have become a real discovery in modern dentistry and in a short time gained worldwide popularity. Due to what happened, and what unique characteristics they possess?

Design features

Let’s start with the description of technological differences:

  • the production of each item is strictly individual peculiarities of the teeth structure of the patient;
  • a three-dimensional model and the latest computer software gives the possibility to increase the precision of treatment and reduce its duration;
  • the minimum dimensions of the thin plates provide maximum convenience when wearing them from the first days;
  • the location on the inner surface of the dentition implies full invisibility to others;
  • the special composition metal alloy created with the hypoallergenic characteristics, there is no Nickel, but there is a little gold;
  • the arc SAG is also the individual characteristics of the patient with an accuracy of half a degree.

They are made in German laboratories, 3M Unitek, which guarantees high quality products. And the use of computer technology entails the absence of any errors in the production process. Needless to mention the very strict quality control at each stage that eliminates any margin of error.

Advantages and disadvantages

Braces system Incognito has such advantages:

  • they are easy to use, do not spoil the diction and do not interfere with the eating;
  • adaptation to the system is faster compared to other lingual structures;
  • precision manufacturing eliminates the risk of defective parts, all items are accurately fit the jaw of the patient;
  • doctor using a computer program to show the future result of a correction and predict the completion date;
  • due to the secretive location and the invisibility of the system, they are like representatives of public professions and teenagers;
  • thanks to its unique composition do not cause allergic reactions and are suitable for most patients;
  • efficiency correction, results are achieved in a shorter time;
  • the design is intended for treatment of a variety of defects of teeth and dentition.
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Do not forget about the disadvantages:

  • due legalnogo the mount method for some time will need getting used to, especially in conversation;
  • it will also affect the features of the care for design, because cleaning it out is much harder than common;
  • the high cost of the product will not be available for many who want to install it;
  • there are some limitations and contraindications, as with most of these orthodontic systems.

It is worth noting that to work with data structures is only entitled to the doctor passed a specialized training in Germany from the manufacturer. But the production process takes 1-2 months so that the patient will have to wait.


Fabrication and installation of Incognito braces

List the main stages of creation and installation of orthodontic appliances Incognito:

  1. Diagnostic and preparatory phase involves determining the complexity of the problem, tests, conducting x-rays, orthopantomogram, obtaining tomography of the jaw. Also the patient may be advised to make a professional cleaning and treatment present dental problems.
  2. Remove the molds, fill out a special form and send that in a German laboratory.
  3. Already in the workshop are so-called Setup-model, project deliverable with computer programs and create an individualized treatment plan.
  4. Sometimes additional made also intermediate models to accurately calculate the course of correcting the bite.
  5. The same calculations are made for arcs, its shape, strength, stretching, the date of replacement.
  6. With the help of high-tech equipment create every single element and include it on the Setup model, which becomes the basis on which it will forward, and in the future and set directly on the dentition of the patient.
  7. Finishing involves the polishing, grinding and finishing of each piece to perfect a smooth and neat condition.

Accordingly, accurate calculations, the doctor makes each album strictly made for the tooth in a certain place. After fixing all of the locks pass through the arc. Further treatment involves going on an individual plan, so it is necessary to adhere strictly to the scheduled date of visit to the doctor’s office. These days will be a correction of the arc, its replacement and the overall control of the treatment process.

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At the end of the shoot the whole construction and set for another six months special retainers, which ensure the reliability of the result and do not allow the teeth to return to the previous position.

The scheme of fastening

A very important aspect is the positioning of the braces. Therefore, a doctor needs to follow some rules:

  • To ensure the strength of fixation of the prepared tooth surface, having a professional cleaning to any unnecessary substances do not interfere with the tight fit design.
  • Also the enamel is etched with a special reagent and is applied to the adhesive means, which suggests better traction all the elements together.
  • Every bracket, without removing from the transport model, cover adhesive and put it precisely in the specified location on the surface of the tooth.
  • Only then remove the silicone part.
  • To accelerate fixing of the additional impact a special lamp.

Treatment time

Any orthodontic correction through a variety of systems involves the wearing of braces for eighteen months to two years. But you need to understand that specific dates are highly dependent on the complexity of the defect, the characteristics of the bone tissue, the affected areas of the treatment, additional nuances.

There are times when to achieve a result for just six months. But the complex situation demands a long treatment is 2-2. 5 years. The interesting thing is that when you create a computer model and plan of correction, the doctor can accurately give a timeframe for removing the braces for each patient separately.

Video: install lingual braces Incognito.


An important feature of the Incognito lingual constructions is their production and technological differences. The final cost of installing the system is formed by the following factors:

  • products create only in Germany in the laboratory of the company;
  • you will need to pay for the initial shipment of copies of the forms, and then for the delivery of the design;
  • the work of German experts is expensive;
  • features of the defect, the individual complexity of the location and structure of the teeth, sometimes severely increase the cost of the braces;
  • just install design doctor, clinic’s pricing policy;
  • and don’t forget about additional diagnostic and preparatory activities carried out before the treatment.
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If you select the average price range in Moscow, lingual Incognito braces on all the teeth will cost 200-300 thousand rubles. Although there are prestigious offices where the same procedure will be much more expensive. Some clinics offer to pay in installments or organize actions to reduce their cost.



In my job, it was impossible to use a conventional vestibular braces. Had to pay for secrecy. And indeed, the entire period of treatment no one has ever noticed the plates on my teeth. They are small and very subtle, neatly done.


Daughter just bought this system of correcting the bite, because she is at such a vulnerable age, to go with the «glands» on the teeth is very shy. To delay treatment is not desirable, so they paid for the quality and invisibility of the construction. The baby is happy.


As soon as I learned that there are lingual braces, I realized he would only agree to such. And offer my dentist chose German quality and a more convenient option Incognito. This is probably the best system of correcting the bite, because they don’t break, but the treatment is significantly reduced compared to other versions.