Inflamed gums around wisdom tooth what to do: symptoms of inflammation

Inflammation of the gums from wisdom tooth can cause a lot of troubles and unpleasant moments. During the eruption of the third molars, often a person has to ask for help to the dental surgeon. Treatment eights is extremely difficult. That is why, if inflamed gums around wisdom tooth what to do must be decided by the doctor.

Eruption of dental units in adults

Eight currently have lost their functional ability. They are called sages because of the fact that there are already adults sensible people. Their eruption is observed in the age from 18 to 30 years.

Often, eight appear in the oral cavity are already affected by decay process. Quite often, the third molars are the wrong location and angle. At first they put pressure on seventh dental unit and thereby lead to traumatic pulpitis or periodontitis. Improper growth of teeth, may be complicated by permanent injuries, mucous membrane of cheeks and tongue. As a result, they can become inflamed and are the source of infection to neighboring tissues.

For some people, the sages do not appear at all. In this case, they are considered impacted. Fully formed, they are in the cavity of the jaw apparatus. They can be seen on x-rays. Difficulties arise from partially impacted units. In this case, in the oral cavity is visible only, what is the surface of the crowns and the remaining eight located in the jaw. Over prorezalsya the molar dominates the area inflamed gums. It’s called gingival hood. Injured mucosa is inflamed. If associated infection, the process is complicated and is accompanied by unpleasant symptoms.
In principle, the eruption occurs in adults as well as children. The emergence of wisdom teeth symptoms:

  1. Pain at the site of eruption is the norm. The pathology is severe pain that cannot be tolerated. Not a very good symptom — a sharp spastic pain, which is given in the ear and the temples;
  2. The increase in temperature is a perfectly normal symptom. No wonder the teething in infants, accompanied by a slight fever. High fever over 3 days, with no downward trend is a very dangerous signal. The person needs to be on reception to the expert, in order to understand and eliminate the cause of the heat.
  3. Weakness, pallor, rapid deterioration of health are not normal. This pattern indicates the presence of a pathological process. During the eruption of eights, one must experience the unpleasant painful symptoms in the oral cavity, but his overall health must not be violated drastically;
  4. The gums can swell and become inflamed. A slight swelling of the gum tissue and bleeding in the area of appearance of «wise men» is quite acceptable. Significant swelling of facial tissues – not a good sign.
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If inflamed gums near wisdom tooth, should not be treated independently. Take care of your priceless health and immediately contact your doctor. The longer a person will endure the pain, the greater the likelihood of very dangerous complications.

What insidiously the eruption of «wise men»

When the eights quite often patients seek help. They point to classic symptoms of inflammation, which often you can’t handle yourself is:

A lot of pain. Its amplitude is so high that people can’t sleep, eat, go about their business. After taking painkillers, the sensitivity is slightly reduced, a person is able to sleep. However, after just 2 – 3 hours the pain occurs again.
Swelling of the face. The gums from wisdom tooth increases in size, becomes red. In advanced situations, the cheek may swell up, to swell and become like a balloon. Person is very difficult to open your mouth, realize swallowing. Inflammation develops rapidly, enlarged lymph nodes.
Bad odor from the mouth. Always indicative of problems in the body. In pathological eruption, it is putrid. This indicates the reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms and the destruction of healthy tissue.
High temperature. She literally smokepet a person takes all the strength he had. The higher the temperature, the more pronounced the inflammation process.

When the pathological appearance of the «wise men» around the wisdom tooth is formed of the gingival hood with purulent contents. The local temperature in the mouth rises. To the affected area cannot be touched even by language. Any movement of my head causes pain.
The situation may deteriorate if the eight is in the wrong location, puts pressure on their neighbors or rests on the gums. Sometimes «wise» to erupt in pairs in the upper and lower jaws. It brings people quite a lot of suffering. Complications pathological eruption can be very serious:

  • Perikoronit — inflammation of the gum tissue. It progresses very quickly, and engages in the process of healthy tissue. In the long may cause damage to the jaw bone.
  • Granulomas and cysts occur in chronic process require operative treatment.
  • Alveolitis – inflammation in the bone hole.
  • Abscess – a very dangerous condition in which the human condition is deteriorating, rapidly rising body temperature. If time does not reverse the process, high probability of development of sepsis.

First aid

When inflammation of it is necessary to consult a doctor. However disease always appear at the wrong time. What if in the next few hours to a doctor? How to solve the problem?

If the eruption was complicated with pain and inflammation late in the night on Friday night. Or a disease caught you at work, you can try to remove the unpleasant symptoms and to help your body yourself:

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  1. Rinse your mouth as often as possible. When lifting be sure to tilt the head to the affected side. As a liquid it is advisable to use antiseptic and anti-inflammatory solutions are: Chlorhexidine, Miramistin. Good results have extracts of herbs and flowers: chamomile, calendula, St. John’s wort, oak bark. If the pain caught at night and to run to the pharmacy does not make sense, dilute with water and soda-saline solution and rinse your mouth;
  2. At temperatures above 38.5 °C allowed to use antipyretics and anti-inflammatory drugs on the basis of Paracetamol and Ibuprofen;
  3. If the pain is not possible to tolerate, you can take painkillers remedy: Nise, Ketorol, Deksalgin, Baralgin. Remember, drugs have only a temporary effect and do not solve the problem. Use drugs long-term is dangerous!
  4. If the pain is mild, clean to the oral cavity. Lack of hygiene accelerates the disease process. Try to refuse for a while from chewing and increase the amount of fluids you drink;
  5. It is advisable to process the eruption of antiseptic gels: Holisal, Kamistad.

Following the recommendations, avoid the classic mistakes. It is strictly forbidden:

  • Try to open the gingival hood with sharp objects and squeeze out the pus yourself. Even if you are well visible cavity, where it develops a pathological process, that does not mean that you can take on the role of the surgeon. The fact is that when you apply the action, lack of proper sterility of instruments and surgical field. A person who knows the rules of anatomy structures of the oral cavity, might make too deep an incision and damage to underlying tissue. During the procedure, it is necessary to use local anesthesia. Not being a specialist, hold it. Despite the fact that self-manipulation are nonsense, they are the place to be. Quite often in the dentist’s chair are like the mountain surgeons who are experiencing severe pain and fear for your life;
  • Apply to affected area pounded a lot of onions, garlic, hot pepper. This action will cause burns and necrosis of the mucosa. Aggressive vegetables have antiseptic properties, but cannot be used;
  • You try to put on the gums pills cold sores, rubbed on the surface of the mucosa prepare the ointment of aloe, Kalanchoe and honey. It is not necessary to use the recipes of traditional medicine without the permission of the specialist. Even if your close friend tells you that this method really helps, listen to your mind;
  • It is impossible to connect to the treatment of antibacterial drugs. People do not know what kind of infection it is necessary for him to fight. Wrong treatment is started, ensures that the assigned antibiotic therapy can not work;
  • Reception of alcoholic beverages in order to reduce the pain is not allowed;
  • It is very dangerous to carry out heat treatments. Heat contributes to the rapid development of the infectious process.
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When swelling of the gum above the wisdom tooth as soon as possible ask for help to the surgeon dentist.

The actions of Dr.

If the wisdom tooth inflamed gums, can only help the professional. After examination, the doctor will make a treatment plan. It is aimed at eliminating the source of inflammation and improve the health of the patient. In order to decide what to do, the dentist can use x — ray diagnostics.

What can a doctor:

  1. Open gingival hood, to eliminate foci of necrosis, conduct antiseptic treatment. These actions are carried out under local anesthesia. After manipulation, the person is sent home. He prescribed antibiotics in a pill form. You need to rinse with antiseptic solutions, to protect the mucosa from food;
  2. Penetrate the tooth to remove the unit. The procedure is quite complex. Sometimes you need to cut the gums in order to provide favorable access to eight. After the removal of the limit physical activity. Do not rinse your mouth. Promptly spit swab mounted after the procedure. Carefully follow all recommendations of the specialist. After 5 -7 days after the removal, be sure to attend the inspection to the doctor!


Inflammation of the wisdom tooth is quite severe pathology. The eruption of molars is accompanied by many complications.


Timely visit to the specialist will allow to solve the problem at the very beginning of its occurrence. Do not delay your visit, do not suffer pain, take care of your health!