Inflammation of the palate: causes and treatments

Inflammation of the palate expressed pain and discomfort in the mouth. Because of the defeat of the mucous membrane it is difficult not only to eat or to drink, but swallow saliva. The appearance of redness and swelling in the sky can indicate a number of serious diseases that require timely treatment for medical help. Therefore, if you notice that the dividing wall that separates nasal passages from mouth cavity and located above the base of the tongue, irritated and swollen, contact your doctor.


The structure of heaven and its role in the body

The sky consists of two divisions: solid, located in front and formed by plates of bone that has a concave shape, and a soft palatal curtain created by the muscular layer and the fibrous sheath. Their surface is further coated with a delicate mucous membrane containing many nerve endings. Couch separates the mouth from the pharynx and ends with the procedure for palatinal ie palatal tongue. The sky is part of the speech apparatus involved in the formation of sounds when pronouncing words.

As enclosing walls of this organ prevents food in the nasopharynx. Also the vault of the sky allows the passage of inhaled air in the direction of the trachea and exhaled from the lungs outward. Its mucosa is in contact with the hot drinks and food, the harmful components of tobacco smoke and alcohol. The abundance of nerve receptors makes the wrapper very sensitive to any types of injuries causing pain.

The causes of the inflammatory process

There are primary and secondary inflammation of the upper sky. During the initial process under the influence of mediators of the cell membranes are destroyed, worsening blood circulation and nervous regulation of affected surface. In secondary inflammation it marked an even more active production of mediators, accumulation in the cells of oxidized products. The inflammatory process covers a region surrounding the primary lesion.

Causes inflammation of the sky can be the following:

  • ingress of pathogens into wounds on the mucosa;
  • bacteria or fungi;
  • the lesions of the sky for dental diseases such as periodontitis, stomatitis;
  • the development of leukoplakia — change of the mucosa is influenced by hot, cold, injury items having sharp protrusions;
  • disturbance of the oral cavity under the influence of the metal parts of braces or crowns;
  • the development of sore throat, tonsillitis;
  • Smoking;
  • an allergic reaction to a medical product;
  • neuralgia, and diseases affecting the joints of the upper or lower jaw;
  • thermal and chemical burns;
  • inflammation of the salivary glands;
  • jaw osteomyelitis — infection of bone tissue;
  • malignant neoplasms;
  • the emergence of sialometaplasia — benign tumors, which initially increases in size and then breaks and goes unnoticed.
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The symptoms of the infection of the sky inflammation

The clinical picture is determined by the etiology of the inflammation. When the penetration of infection into the cracks of the mucous membrane marked redness and swelling of the palate in the mouth, it can form ulcers, fluid-filled blisters. It is difficult to swallow, pain, and burning in the area of irritation. Can swelling of the tongue, raised body temperature. If developed stomatitis, sore throat or other disease of infectious origin is clearly seen that the sky is swollen, red, covered with white or grayish bloom, ulcerations. For angina is characterized by the enlarged tonsils.

Covering fabric sheath can become inflamed with the formation of white sores when the pulp resulting from untreated caries. Burns hot food, tea, chemical substances (acids, alkalis, etc.) mucosa is red, it appears blisters, pain and severe burning. The sky can hurt a result of disruption of the temporomandibular joint caused by opening an abscess of the gums. Such a complication sometimes encountered in the removal of the nerve located on the top row Fang or molar.

Neuralgia tissue of the jaw become inflamed, the pain can be felt not only in the palate, but also in other parts of the oral cavity and face. If inflamed salivary gland, visible small benign tumor. In malignant tumors, the sky is swollen, the swelling gradually increases in size. To treat the disease should be at an early stage to prevent the formation of metastases. Sometimes, a sore mouth and after medical procedures — fillings, or removal of damaged tooth prosthesis. If there are disorders in the liver, the mucous may acquire a yellowish tint, with the allergic response marked swelling of the tissues.

The treatment of the disease

To diagnose the condition of the body and treatment you need to consult a doctor. In severe cases, self-treatment may aggravate the disease and delay the healing process. At home to relieve the inflammatory process, you can use a rinse decoction of herbs, such as calendula, oak bark, sage, chamomile.

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Neuralgia treatment

To confirm the diagnosis, a radiographic examination of the temporomandibular joint which can become inflamed. The patient examines the jaw surgeon. The treatment is based on antibiotics, pain is removed by injection of lidocaine. Assigned to physiotherapy, to the site of inflammation apply compresses with bee venom. If the tissue located in the affected area, pus accumulates, it is removed.

Therapy of inflammatory processes caused by infection

In the treatment of stomatitis caused by fungi, used drugs Clotrimazole, Mikosan, Pimafucin, Nystatin ointment, gel Candida. A good antiseptic effect for sore throat, periodontitis, stomatitis and other diseases of infectious origin has treatment oral Miramistina, Geksoralom, Chlorhexidine, Taste, Drug, Rotokana, Lugol, with tincture of propolis.

To lubricate the inflamed areas using sea buckthorn oil. Additional disinfecting action is able to produce a solution of Furacillin, infusions of herbs. To eliminate the pain syndrome in adults by using gel Holisal, Kamistad, for pain control in children 5 months and older is applied Kalgel.

To improve the condition of the mucosa should go to eat pureed dishes that have a liquid consistency. You also have to exclude from the diet of spicy, salty, eat, hot, as these stimuli are slowing down the healing of wounds. It is equally important to refuse to recover from Smoking, as contained in tobacco smoke substances prevent the restoration of the mucous membrane of the sky.

Therapy of burns

To treat thermal burns should rinse the mouth with decoctions of herbs, with a solution of tincture of calendula (a teaspoon in a glass of water). For pain relief on the affected areas, using special gels, such as Matrigel dent. Before applying the gel to the sky mouth propolisovaya warm water. To accelerate the healing of wounds will help aloe Vera — it needs to chew purified from the skin of the pulp sheet or wet by the juice of the plant with a cotton swab and spread it over the mucous membrane.

What to do for chemical burn: immediately after being hit in the front sky harmful substances should be abundantly rinse the mouth with warm water. Then you should without delay contact a medical facility or to call an ambulance for the provision of skilled care.

Treatment of tumors

To malignant neoplasm that affects the fabric of the sky, are adenocarcinoma and cylindroma. The treatment of these pathologies depends on the stage in which the disease is detected, optionally combined different treatment methods — surgery, chemotherapy, ionizing radiation. Of benign tumors in the palate meet fibroma, lymphangioma, hemangioma, papilloma. For their treatment and removal of used cryodestruction, electrocoagulation, laser effects and other types of medical procedures.

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Prevention of occurrence in the sky of inflammatory processes


To prevent inflammation of tissues of the oral cavity is possible by adhering to the following rules:

  • eat foods in a warm state, minimize the intake of foods that can damage the mucous membrane of the mouth, candy, crackers;
  • don’t forget about oral hygiene — teeth cleaning should be performed at least 2 times a day, it is advisable to rinse your mouth after each meal;
  • be sure to thoroughly wash your fruits and berries before use;
  • regularly visit your dentist for treatment of dental caries and other diseases at an early stage of development;
  • be careful when handling chemicals, do not try to taste unknown substances.

Hardened his body through water treatments, strengthen your heart, exercise. Improve your immunity by eating fresh fruits and vegetables, supplying the cells with vitamins and minerals. If you have a predisposition to allergic reactions, avoid taking food and medicine that could cause them.