Irrigator oral Aquajet LD-A7-manual

Irrigator oral Aquajet LD-A7 is the device that will provide effective care for the oral cavity, but before that it is necessary to familiarize with instructions for use and reviews.

He is one of the latest in medical technology and it to improve the quality of care, comparing home care with a professional cleaning at the dentist’s office.

Irrigator Aquajet LD-A7 and its features

Irrigator is a compact set from the manufacturer Little Doctor, under the pressure of the feeding water jet rinse aid, medical fluid or some other solution. The nozzle is directed to the tongue, oral mucosa, gums and teeth. Due to the positive pressure cleaning is fast and without injuries.

Dentists note that in combination with traditional methods of cleaning the oral cavity (dental floss and toothpaste) effectiveness of care increases to 95%.

Container Aquajet LD-A7 of plastic, so monitor the fluid level in it easily. In the complex the unit has 4 heads, but it allows using only one device, without having to purchase a few.

Akvadzhet has a number of features:

  • the tank you can fill the normal warm water or special solutions. Due to the diversity of their compositions they have therapeutic and bactericidal effects;
  • on the device there is a switch — flick of a finger select the optimum feed speed of fluid, therefore to irrigate conveniently at any age. There are 4 speed mode;
  • akvadzhet compact, fits comfortably in the palm of your hand, it has a special compartment for nozzles;
  • you can clean not only the teeth, but the cheeks, tongue, and plug-in designs.

Aquajet LD-A7 passed numerous tests in the medical-dental Institute and experts have confirmed its safety and ease of use.

«Empty» irrigator you can enable it only if you are purchasing to verify that it works. Often, such manipulation will lead to the fact that it will quickly become worthless.

Advantages and disadvantages

The use of the device provides a number of advantages:

  1. Protection of oral cavity from inflammatory diseases.
  2. The improvement of salivary glands for prevention of salivary stone disease.
  3. The implementation of the at home and professional dental hygiene that is comparable to expensive procedures in clinics.
  4. Purification from microbes of the mucous membrane, braces, implants and dentures.
  5. Directed stream has a kind of massage properties, it helps to accelerate the regeneration by improving blood flow.
  6. Aquajet LD-A7 is one of the most affordable irrigators that for many remains an important advantage.
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Irrigator easy to use, but creates a lot of noise, this is its main disadvantage. Breakage is rare, with proper maintenance, the risk of damage is minimal.

It is impossible to irrigate too often, and especially to replace the usual means of oral hygiene, since daily treatments adversely affect the gums. And you can buy it is better in the checked shops to avoid buying fakes.


Specifications is almost the most important criteria for selecting a Waterpik for the oral cavity, therefore, urge you to read the article about their choice at this link.

  • 1.35 kg weight of the device;
  • container capacity 500 ml;
  • a stationary device, power supply, standard voltage (220-230 V);
  • the liquid is fed with a pulse (1200/min);
  • changing pressure jets from 290 to 600 kPa.
  • warranty — 1 year;
  • regulation of the pressure of the finger;
  • blue and white color housing;
  • continuous operation for up to 10 minutes;
  • the hose has a length of 90 cm;
  • the volume of water or a special solution enough for continuous operation for 2 minutes.

Video: more details about Aquajet LD-A7.


► The instrument is in the following configuration:

  • container;
  • irrigator;
  • warranty card;
  • cover for mounting;
  • mounting the tool to the wall;
  • the instructions for use.

► Complete with irrigator nozzles are supplied, there are 4 types:

  • standard nozzle (2 PCs.);
  • nozzle-a spoon used to clean the surface of the tongue;
  • periodontal attachment with medical silicone to clean the gingival pockets.

After 6 months you will need to change nozzles on the new one.

► In addition to the standard set of nozzles is optional. Buy them separately:

  • orthodontic — need for cleansing orthodontic appliances and to rinse hard to reach areas;
  • nasal nozzle with special seal to reduce the pressure for quality washing of the nose.
  • attachments for implants;
  • dental nozzle for entry of the drug into the gums.
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Indications and contraindications

Indications for use of the irrigator Aquajet LD-A7 lot:

  • prevention of dental caries — jet removes the accumulated food and bacteria from even the difficult to access places, preventing the decay and destruction of tooth;
  • the unpleasant smell often occurs due to a lack of thorough cleaning of mucous, so it is important to irrigate when the phenomenon;
  • lactation and pregnancy the risk of periodontal fields diseases in this period significantly increased. The device will prevent such manifestations;
  • plaque removal is especially this aspect is important for patients with braces, dentures and other orthodontic structures. In this case, you need a very thorough cleaning over the entire surface of the mouth and teeth;
  • implants — Aquajet LD-A7 from the company little Doctor is necessary to prevent rejection of the implant;
  • bleeding gums;
  • treatment and prevention of periodontal diseases, especially periodontitis and gingivitis — acute stage of inflammatory disease is always cured, but in the future, the irrigator allows to avoid problems;
  • dental stones.

Contraindications that prevent the use of very little. Not at some period have from them patients with periodontal disease in the acute phase and in people who have had dental surgery recently. Children up to 6 years and it is not recommended also.

Video: how does irrigator oral Aquajet LD-A7?

Instructions with pics


Valentine, 57 years:

Lately without Aquajet LD A7 nowhere. The mouth is treated not so often, but dentures clean them daily. Of course, the positive aspects from the use of a lot more, but I would like to mention the disadvantages. First, it is a short cord, if the sink outlet is far away, have to use an extension cord, which I do. Second, the weight of the device, I have a small bathroom, so I can keep the irrigator in it, you have to carry, and it weighs more than 1 kg. I Really hope that these drawbacks will be rectified in the future, although the use of they, of course, do not interfere.

Roman, 17 years old:

Use the irrigator for long, after the installation of the braces. The brush was awkward, but the fluid is flushed through all parts perfectly! No discomfort, and even plaque from coffee was removed! On the advice of the dentist has acquired a special solution, he anti-inflammatory effect. I noticed that the gums have become less bleeding, and used to be very tortured by this problem. In General, some pluses from usage, I am very happy!

Inga, 26 years:

I pay a lot of attention to the mouth. Communicate with customers, so it is important that the breath was fresh, no plaque was not on the teeth. I am pleased with the irrigator, toothbrush would compare. It cleanses well, modes can be changed to clean off food residues. To Akvadzhet did not even know that the mouth has accumulated so much sediment, although good hygiene is very carefully monitored. Now I use regularly.

Further questions

► How much?

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Price range floating. Irrigator Akvadzhet can be purchased as for 2000 rubles and 5000 rubles. Business depends on sales region, brand, seller, or network, availability of promotions and discounts. The average cost is 2700 rubles. In addition to the device purchase the package with attachments (price — 150 rubles). Additional spending does not end there, as you need to acquire special balms and liquids. The price of solutions also varies and ranges from 150 to 500 rubles.