Irrigator oral B Well WI 911: manual, reviews

In the modern world there are always new devices for hygiene. One of them is irrigator oral B Well WI 911. The instruction on its application, as well as reviews talking about the convenience of the device.

It will provide full care will prevent dental plaque and plaque. It is convenient to use even with artificial structures. The oral irrigator will be an indispensable tool which helps the prevention of gum disease, but most importantly, he is very mobile and can take with you.

Irrigator oral B Well WI 911 and its description

Device B Well WI 911 portable, which distinguishes it from stationary irrigators. Not as large in size and weight, it is not inferior to the latter in power and efficiency. Available in 2 colours: white and blue.

It supplies water to the normal and soft mode and also in pulsed. At the beginning of the use of the normal fluid is too strong, especially in contact with mucous membranes and tongue, but after getting used you can go to him with a soft regime. The pulsing method of the feed streams is required not to cleanse interdental spaces and massage the gums.

The manufacturer has tested the irrigator B Vell and he was found safe. Technical and clinical tests conducted in public health institutions. The device is made in Switzerland, accordingly, continuous control ensures the product quality and its durability. Company B. Well has been producing medical devices for about 11 years.

The small size does not affect capacity. The main body of the irrigator has comfortable grooves for your fingers.


Irrigator B Well WI 911 has a number of advantages:

  • rotate the nozzle 360 degrees, which provides the best quality cleaning mucosa;
  • protection against unintentional switching on: power off device after 2 minutes of work;
  • simple to operate, the shell is only 2 buttons
  • less noisy in comparison with other irrigation experts;
  • can be used by two people;
  • convenient to fill water;
  • nozzle is easily removed by clicking a special button;
  • easy to carry.
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The model has the following specifications:

  1. Compactness. The device weighs only 253 grams, and the size of the irrigator is ideal for bath (55х195х70 mm).
  2. Warranty — 1 year.
  3. Three speed supply of liquid. Pulse effective for home massage the gums surface, speed Normal provides the best quality of purification, and at high sensitivity you need to set the mode to «Soft».
  4. The power of the jet can be adjusted by selecting the pressure level. The available range is from 275 to 620 kPa.
  5. The charge lasts for 70 minutes of operation of the device (for about 1 month. use no extra charge). The device is equipped with a rechargeable Li-ion battery that ensures long-term reliability of the device.
  6. Ripple of water is 1600 pulses/min.
  7. The tank has a capacity of 150 ml.
  8. The term of service is 5 years.
  9. With a full tank of water work period is 1 minute.
  10. Voltage (nominal) — 100-240V.

Before thinking what irrigator oral to choose, you should consider several factors. So click the link above and be aware of all the nuances of choice.


Irrigator B is well supplied:

  • nozzle — 2 PCs.;
  • card warranty;
  • charger;
  • a container for liquid;
  • manual.

Indications for use

Irrigator Wi 911 B Well advised to apply dentists to prevent a number of diseases and problems of the mouth, you can use it even children. Necessary irrigator if:

  • there are any types of artificial structures including implants, bridges and braces.
  • elimination of unpleasant odor;
  • improvement of healing of gums after dental surgery;
  • the deposition of large amounts of plaque;
  • prevention of periodontal disease or caries (high risk of these problems is present in patients with diabetes mellitus and pregnant women);
  • the need for cleansing hard to reach areas, when there are periodontal pockets or crowded teeth;
  • eliminate bleeding and reduce gum sensitivity.

Thinking about purchasing the Waterpik you need to smokers, because it will help to remove the smell of cigarettes. It is known that smoke is bad for the teeth, so the device will support their condition. Use recommended and with reduced immunity, since the accumulation of plaque in this case will quickly cause tooth decay.

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Instructions with pics


Asya, 25 years:

Bought irrigator according to the advice of friends. Recently decided to put the braces and had to buy this miracle of medical technology, as an ordinary brush to clean hard. First impression was terrible, of course, since the gums were hurting, they were even bleeding a lot. The dentist said that at first it is normal, but still pleasant enough here. After I have used the Waterpik less power. After removing the braces almost never use them in the dispenser I pour 3 times water, not enough capacity for one time, so the morning of the procedure stretch. Conclude that a good thing, but it’s more of a luxury than a necessity.

Anna, 29 years old:

I bought a Used Vell six months ago and used regularly since then. For me, the essential thing! After the irrigator is felt sterile, as if instead of water, use a special concentrate to something else and the freshness is guaranteed. Among the shortcomings identified is the power of the jets in all modes decreases as discharge the battery to total discharge it is better not to hold on. It’s still early disadvantages I attributed the inconvenience of cleaning the inner side of the teeth, but it turns out I just misread the instructions and now just turn the nozzle 180 degrees and continue to use it.

Daniel, 36 years:

This is my first irrigator. Before one of the visits to the dentist didn’t even know about these devices. But then there were serious problems with the gums and after all procedures the doctor advised me to buy oral irrigator. Stopped on the model B Well WI 911, as I often travel and it is important to be able to take the device with you. Yes, and bribed its specifications. At this point I use it for a month and noticed that disappeared bleeding completely ceased to stagger the teeth now safely can eat hot or cold! Not to mention the fact that the breath is constantly fresh. Normal hygiene I have to achieve this did not work, had to constantly look for new rinses, floss. Now think about the stationary irrigator for the whole family.

Video: details about B. Well Wi 911.

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Further questions

► How much?

The cost varies, but the average price is 2500 rubles.

► What to do if the irrigator B Well WI 911 is not charging?

The battery may be the weak spot in the entire kit. If it was discovered that the device is not charging at all, it is best to return the instrument to the store for replacement. Don’t forget that the warranty period is valid for 1 year.

► Does not work and is not included irrigator B Vell

Before use, the device needs to charge for at least 8 hours. Only after the first full charge you can turn on the irrigator and start to use it, otherwise it might not turn on at all. If the device is not working, it can be assumed that the model is defective. In this case, the irrigator needs to be replaced.