Irrigator oral which is better to choose

Increasingly popular another device such as irrigator oral, how best to choose and how to apply, you will learn in this article. In the home constantly to do quality cleaning of the teeth, especially if you wear orthodontic design or crowns. But it is not only a stationary appliance, there are, for example, portable models are convenient to take with you on trips.

What is the oral irrigator

This device for cleaning teeth over the last few years has become very popular, more and more families are acquiring it for everyday use. The fact that the quality of home care for the oral cavity thanks to him comes close to what you get in the dentist’s office, resulting in quite a saving of the family budget.

Irrigator of an oral cavity allows to remove two times more plaque than using ordinary toothbrush. Also, cleaned the entire mucosa, and gums are getting a massage, improving blood circulation.

I wonder how the Waterpik — it consists of a compressor, a special tank, which is filled with liquid, the kit included a pen and a set of attachments for it. Is brushing your teeth with water under pressure, but experts advise using the intended solutions and balms.

The advantages of irrigators

Before making a purchasing decision it’s important to understand why the need for the irrigator. It can be used not only preventive but also therapeutic purposes depending on the configuration of special nozzles. Please note all the benefits that this device has:

  1. A user obtains protection from such common dental diseases such as caries, gingivitis, periodontitis;
  2. Significantly improving the quality of daily care for the oral cavity, which can be compared with a professional;
  3. For gums massage, thanks to him, significantly improves microcirculation in the tissues, accelerates the metabolism and overall regeneration;
  4. Microorganisms are removed from the most inaccessible areas — irrigator toothbrush cleans not only the interdental spaces but also the gingival pockets, as well as surfaces under braces, implants, dentures;
  5. The salivary glands work better, which is very important for the formation of normal microflora in the oral cavity.

When desirable

For all his positive impact on the oral health apparatus for brushing teeth with water or cleaning liquids contra-indications. The reasons for the rejection of the use of this device for some time or permanently are the following:

  • The presence of certain diseases of the cardiovascular system, especially the heart, as well as rosacea, a disease of brittle vessels;
  • Recent surgical intervention of a dental nature;
  • The recent installation of implants in the oral cavity;
  • Periodontitis in strained condition.

But for pregnant women, diabetics and heavy smokers irrigator for your teeth is an essential thing.

The types of irrigators

Today produce models of several types, each has its advantages:

  1. Stationary. Such irrigator of an oral cavity is relatively large and runs from the power supply. To varies target audience — for family or individual use. Models of the latter type differ in fewer bits, more budget;
  2. Portable. Due to the built-in battery to use the device in all conditions, dimensions make it easy to take it with you on the road. There are devices that are comparable in size to an electric toothbrush, from cons — high cost and small volume reservoir for the liquid;
  3. The device, powered directly from the water. Using the adapter it is attached to the faucet, regulating the pressure is made automatically. The main drawback — you can not use special fluids, the water must be of excellent quality that are difficult to manage on their own;
  4. Baby. They are designed for children’s delicate tissue, not injure them, as I work in a sparing mode, but no less effective.
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Variety of nozzles

The thread that creates irrigators oral cavity will vary depending on the procedure the nozzle. Choosing one or another model, should give preference to a few options, for example, one — to orthodontic appliances (braces), and the other to massage the gums.

Modern irrigators of the mouth can have the following types of nozzles:

  • Classic;
  • Orthodontic with tiny bristles;
  • Periodontal where there is a thin tip, allowing qualitatively to clean periodontal pockets;
  • A special spoon for cleansing the surface of the tongue;
  • To remove plaque with three bunches of setae is a combination of the device with a toothbrush;
  • With a mini-turbine to switch direct flow in a spiral.

What determines the choice

Firstly, if you decide to buy the oral irrigator for mouth, what is better choose to tell your dentist. Before buying consult a specialist, he will give personal guidance on the necessary variety of the device, particularly about those or other attachments.

If you travel frequently and you don’t have a large family, irrigator is best to choose portable, easy to carry, independent, battery operated and battery which needs to recharge sometimes.

If the device will be used regularly by a large number of people will focus on the model with a large reservoir for liquid and personal attachments.

Consider the following options when deciding:

  1. The cost for a family is a budget model;
  2. Versatility. For example, if you already use electric toothbrush, the selected device may not have advanced features;
  3. The presence of a large socket set. For people with dental diseases it is important to have special additions;
  4. Experience. Beginners will fit most automated model, low extra features.

Review of the best models

Among such a variety of customers inevitably wonder how to choose the irrigator that will be most effective and easy to use. You have to consider many options, but today we can distinguish several manufacturers that deserve positive ratings of their products.


Product line is designed to versatility and versatility, the company manufactures both portable and fixed devices. But especially interesting model Donfeel or 820m is:

  • Treatment and prevention of diseases of the nasopharynx due to the nozzle spray;
  • The availability of high build quality. There is a capacious reservoir for the liquid, a convenient wire;
  • A set of nozzles — three periodontal, two standard nozzle-a spoon for the purification of the language.
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This model is recommended not only by dentists, but also otolaryngologists, as it allows you to more efficiently remove plaque and conduct comprehensive therapy.

B Well


This company produces quite a budget model, has the ease of use and ergonomics. As an example, a good road option B Well wi 911 water jet it perfectly cleans food debris from interdental areas, very useful when wearing different tabs and orthodontic appliances.
Toothbrush irrigator has three operating modes, operates on battery power. It is easy to travel with, the principle of maximum and simple — one button for on/off, the second toggles.


Features all models from this manufacturer standard equipment from the four attachments, the versatility and compactness, accessibility. For example, take one of the most popular devices of this brand Aquajet LD-A7. In addition to the basic functions he copes with massage gums, stimulating and improving blood circulation. Buyers note affordable price the device and its longevity.

Oral-B (Braun)

Modern stationary model of the Oral-B Professional Care OxyJet MD20 is more ergonomic and well balanced design compared to previous versions from the manufacturer. Especially noteworthy is his indispensability in the fight against certain dental diseases: halitosis (unpleasant breath), periodontal disease, gingivitis in any form. Works on the basis of filtered water or intended for the procedure treatment solutions.


The products of this brand are quite popular, it is low cost and reliability, multi-functionality and all necessary nozzles.
For example, the models of Waterpik WP-100 Ultra you will easily remove plaque in hard to reach areas, producing gingival massage, prevention of bleeding, inflammation. There is a large tank of liquid, and 10 modes.


When deciding which oral irrigator to buy, the main criteria is still the best ratio of price and quality. In this sense, we can recommend model vip 003 of Ves, it allows you to efficiently remove plaque and cleaning, including periodontal pockets, prevent the development of dental diseases and refreshing breath.

A set of nozzles consists of 9 items, which are conveniently hiding under the cover inside the device.


Portable model EW 1211 is equipped with a battery with a long period of operation without recharging — up to two weeks, which is handy during long trips, business trips. The set includes two interchangeable attachments, excellent cleaning effect is achieved by the three modes of water flow together with air flow and ripple.

Rules for the use of the device

Despite the simplicity in the operation of the irrigator requires careful and respect some rules:

  1. Operate the unit only with a fluid-filled reservoir, otherwise there will be overheating;
  2. After each procedure, thoroughly rinse the container with water;
  3. It is desirable to use the finished products for hygiene. But if you decide to try the broth of her own making, it is important to drain;
  4. The jet movement should start from gums to the edge of the tooth, so the pressure on the gum pockets will be minimized;
  5. In diseases of the oral mucosa exposure should be delicate do not use too high pressure;
  6. When processing of the upper jaw should be tilted forward, otherwise the liquid can get into the throat;
  7. The presence of orthodontic appliances, bridges requires careful study of the plots for them, the use of a special nozzle.
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What kind of fluid to use

This is one of the most important components of quality care for the teeth with the Waterpik. Ordinary water experts advise to use rarely, because it needs to be of excellent quality, have a certain chemical composition.

Divide all liquids into two groups — hygienic and special. The first used daily, funds from the second group intended for course use.

Special solutions already contain all the necessary and have a narrow action, e.g., anti-inflammatory and protivokariesnoe, for sensitive teeth release the respective liquid. Liquid with calcium, fluoride and potassium strengthens the enamel, there are also styptic or bleaching in the presence of hard plaque. Before using be sure to read the included manual.

The cost of irrigators

What is an oral irrigator the oral cavity? This is an important addition to daily brushing, choose which on the basis of efficiency, quality and Assembly and match the personal needs of the buyer. Thus, its price depends on a number of factors, including the popularity of the brand, but not always, the more the better.

If you want to use the device only for the duration of wearing braces, for example, why do we need an expensive and versatile camera? Enough will be very simple with a standard nozzle and multiple modes. As for numbers, we can recommend one of the most budget — model from the domestic producer Donfeel, it is about 2500 rubles.

The Aquajet device will cost 3500 rubles, but the downside is that additionally have to buy nozzles. But the model from Waterpik will cost about 5-7 thousand rubles.

On the market there are more expensive examples, but they should not so much on the price tag, how much, say, on the warranty from the manufacturer, availability of service centers in your city, reviews.