Irrigator the oral cavity: which is better?

Irrigator the oral cavity, which, with the trickle of liquid cleans the teeth. Most interested people want to know what exactly irrigator is best to choose.

In recent times, such devices are becoming increasingly popular, and in this article we will explain what is the reason and what criteria should guide the choice.

What is a Waterpik?

Irrigator for teeth is a device that creates a powerful and thin stream of liquid, cleansing the space between teeth. To actuate this device it is necessary to fill it up with water, and by adding irrigator in a variety of therapeutic solutions you can achieve excellent preventive and therapeutic actions.

The specificity of action of such a device prevents many diseases of the oral cavity (especially bleeding gums and gingivitis). Irrigators first appeared in the early 60-ies of the last century in the United States, from the time that the device has passed many tests and has gained serious popularity.

Unlike dental floss, irrigator does not provoke bleeding gums and exceed them in quality of cleaning the tooth surface. They also help to prevent periodontitis, is perfect for the care of dental implants and orthodontic devices.


Varieties of irrigators differ depending on the way they operate. The classification of such devices as follows:

  1. Portable — can run on batteries or on the battery, it has a compactness of shapes, lightweight and easy in transportation. Inexpensive and fairly simple to use, but because of the specific design it can be only in one position, otherwise the mechanism will stop working and pump water.
  2. Fixed — connected to the mains and is suitable for use by multiple people, also referred to as family, because they have included several attachments. The principle of operation is very different from the previous species, the water from the tank with a special hose to the handle, which in the form of a jet gets into the oral cavity.
  3. Connected to the water — feature this type of irrigator is that a jet of water from it is supplied all the time, but many experts do not recommend using this type of device. The fact that running water is often not suitable for oral hygiene, for example, it may be composed of a large amount of fluoride, which, in case of exceeding the norms in the body, can cause problems, including those associated with the teeth (fluorosis and violations of the condition of oral cavity as a whole). As in the case with stationary, can be used by the whole family due to the number of nozzles.
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The distribution of irrigators into types based on its use in the home and outside the home, one person or several. Another selection criterion may be a feature of the feed water stream:

  • classic continuous stream — water is one thin stream without pauses and delays.
  • the jet, based on the pulsation — with this method it is possible to more effectively remove plaque;
  • with air bubbles — in this case, the water jet not only cleans the teeth from contamination, but also performs some protective functions due to saturation of water with oxygen.

Some oral irrigator for mouth is better to choose?

When choosing the Waterpik should take into account the range of factors to decide which device will suit you best. You need to consider:

  • the age of the person or people who will use it;
  • the estimated number of future users;
  • problems with the oral cavity;
  • a way of life.

Below we will try to explain what a Waterpik is better to buy in each of these cases.

With attachments or without?

If you buy an irrigator only for yourself, you will be quite one or two nozzles, the main thing is premature to decide which of them you need.

If you are buying the device for the whole family, in this case it is necessary to take a large number of nozzles, which is at least 1 point must exceed the number of members of your family. Thus, it is desirable that the nozzles were of different colors, especially in the case with adult teeth will be cleaned children.

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Some irrigators are equipped with nozzles for washing of the nasopharynx, which perfectly perform a preventive function in that zone.

Video: what is a Waterpik?

For children

The use irrigator children, opens up opportunities for them and is able to simplify the process of caring for the oral cavity in children. For example, it is indispensable for a child process the loss of milk teeth, as gums in such cases it is quite painful and very sensitive.

Brushing your teeth regular brushing can become the child’s torture, he can refuse to do these procedures, which in turn will lead to growth of bacteria in the oral cavity, and it is extremely desirable in this period. Irrigator also gently cares for the oral cavity and does not cause the child discomfort.

If you have a stationary irrigator, which is used by the whole family, then the child should have its own nozzle, preferably different from the other color.

In the first period of use of the device near the child should always be one of adults that will show you how to do it right and make sure that the child adhered to the recommendations. Otherwise, such procedures can harm your baby.

When braces

If any of the family members braces required a special attachment that will clean the points of contact of tooth surfaces with orthodontic design.

The fact is that conventional nozzles can not effectively clean the entire surface of the teeth if they have braces, especially in areas near the so-called «locks».

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Important! It should be noted that when using such complex dental structures like braces, irrigators are considered to be the most appropriate means to care for the oral cavity. No toothbrushes, no dental floss will not be able to cope well with the challenge.

Video: using the Waterpik with braces

Compare the best models

Compare the most popular models of irrigators should help determine the choice. The rating instrument is based on the main indicators: price, number of nozzles, type of water jets, extra features, power levels of the feed streams. Also important is the user feedback about a particular device.

The website Infocube conducted the study, analyzed the market and made your rating irrigators (picture is clickable).

Do not trust the first read comment on the Internet, draw conclusions, only read some reviews, compare them to reviews on other device. You can consult with a dentist who will give you a recommendation.

Further questions

Replace if the irrigator toothbrush?

No, it can only be an additional means of hygiene for the care of teeth and oral cavity, but not the main one.

Which oral irrigator should I choose?

Our website did an independent study comparing the most popular models, which you can see above in the article. The most popular companies are: Waterpik and the Aquajet.