Irrigator the Panasonic Dentacare Handy EW 1211: instruction and feedback

Compact portable oral irrigator the Panasonic Dentacare Handy EW 1211: instructions for use and user feedback.

To determining factors to maintain the health of teeth and oral cavity hygiene concerns. Twice-daily brushing with toothpaste and brush is not enough, because the tools are not able to penetrate into the space between the teeth and clean the area around wisdom teeth. Complete purification is achieved only by combining the standard and additional funds to maintain the hygiene.

Increasingly popular in the fight for a healthy smile gaining electrical appliances – irrigators. This device with the help of water stream irrigates the difficult to access areas, washing away particles of food and bacterial plaque.

Irrigator oral Panasonic EW 1211

The device is manufactured by Matsushita Electric Co. Manufacturer from Japan, whose early works Panasonic company has established itself as a reliable and trusted manufacturer of appliances.

Description of the external form of the apparatus suitable to modern requirements.

  • the ergonomic body design — the use of an irrigator is not only safe, but also practical;
  • silicone pads protect against slipping and contribute to a reliable hold even in wet hands;
  • the expansion in the bottom part of the housing, whereby the device is conveniently placed in a vertical position, it leads to saving space;
  • contactless induction charger can be stored in another room, that also helps not to take up space in the bathroom;
  • a convenient attachment that allows you to store the irrigator on the wall;
  • the model has diverse color scheme: silver, white, blue;
  • mode switch located on the front surface, the change in power with the button occurs at the level of intuition.

Design features

Model Panasonic EW 1211 is the constructive features of the structure, thanks to which the irrigator is in a better position than devices from other manufacturers.

The most important difference is the presence of built-in double-chamber pump. The first performs a standard function of liquid supply, does not differ from the other models. A second pump contributes to the enrichment of water jets and air bubbles.

Bubbling stream of water better cope with the task and not leave in difficult to access areas of food residues. In addition, such a jet produces a gum massage, which favorably affects their condition and improves blood flow.

The device has three power modes:

  • the first mode is to supply water under pressure of 590 kPa. It is a powerful stream of liquid which splashes without additional air enrichment. This mode is good to handle the interdental spaces and to clean the mouth with a fixed braces system;
  • the second mode is the water supply pressure 390 kPa. Irrigating fluid is supplied to the average power, and further connects with the air jet standard power. The irrigator in this mode it is convenient to treat healthy gums, providing an additional massage;
  • the third mode – the flow of a fluid under pressure at 290 kPa. The water flow is connected with the air, forming a faint wildness. Recommended for use in the period after dental surgery, when the gums have not yet healed, but is required to carry out hygiene care to prevent suppuration of wounds.
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Due to the operating parameters becomes possible a comparative analysis of different models.

  1. The number of pulsations for 60 seconds – 1400.
  2. Liquid container – 130 ml.
  3. The primary charging cycle is 15 hours, the subsequent full charge in 8 hours.
  4. The continuous operation – 15 minutes, this is enough to make full use of the irrigator within 10-14 days.
  5. Battery – 100-220 VAC (50-60 Hz).
  6. The dimensions of the device for charging 4.0 x 9.3 x 9.8 cm
  7. Irrigator dimensions – 19.7 x 5.9 x 7.5 cm
  8. Weight charger – 165 gr.
  9. Mass irrigator – 300 gr.
  10. Operating modes – 3.
  11. The power of water and air jets from 290 to 590 kPa.

Video: Panasonic oral irrigator EW 1211 Dentacare Handy.

The pros and cons

Device Panasonic EW 1211 is portable, which advantageously affects the ease of use and placement of apparatus. The positive aspects from the use of an irrigator is a lot that is ensured thanks to the structural features and ease of use:

  • anti-slip silicone pads in hull design provide comfort and reliability;
  • three working modes, which enable cleansing of the oral cavity with different power depending on the situation;
  • a smooth transition of force due to which the period of adaptation to the device is reduced;
  • big throbbing force of the water flow – 1400 pulses per minute;
  • fixing on vertical surfaces saves space;
  • wireless device powered by two batteries, a full charge which allows you to clear the oral cavity for 10-14 days;
  • double pump extends the technical characteristics of the equipment and increases the application possibilities.

Cons of camera Panasonic 1211 virtually none, except a small reservoir for the liquid. For full irrigation of the mouth is necessary to fill the container two or three times for the procedure.


In the configuration of the irrigator, there are two classical heads. On the tail are the colour marking ring, which allows them to distinguish when using the device by two people.

Good for cleaning teeth and gums, and to prevent the reproduction of microorganisms on the tips, dentists suggest to change them not less often than 2 times a year. In addition to the presented model, the data driver bits available for other irrigators Panasonic.

Don’t know what the irrigator of an oral cavity it is better to choose? Read this article. All of the criteria for device selection and the advice of dentists.

Indications and contraindications

Like every device, the oral irrigator Panasonic 1211 has a list of recommendations in which situations are allowed the use of the apparatus, and in which to do so is unacceptable.

The device is shown in the following cases:

  • areas of difficult accessibility in the mouth are present in almost every person. Such dental problems as overcrowding and improper location of the teeth, wisdom teeth, located outside of the dentition, a deep pathological pockets in the gums – all this is easily cleared with irrigator;
  • orthodontic fixed structures – in children, and some adults often fixed devices, which straighten the teeth;
  • orthopedic products for replacement teeth dentures and bridges, implants, crowns;
  • sore gums – various periodontal problems such as bleeding, gingival recession, periodontal pockets;
  • after implant surgery – soft tissues need gentle care after implant treatment;
  • getting rid of halitosis is to carefully remove food debris and plaque, and reduces the growth of colonies of pathogenic microorganisms that cause odor;
  • prevention – clean mouth reduces the risk of health problems, teeth and gums.
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The list of contraindications is small, but they are available:

  • the acute form of the disease during exacerbation of diseases of the oral cavity such as gingivitis and periodontitis, temporarily apply the irrigator is not recommended;
  • ongoing bleeding – if after 14 days of use of the device does not stop bleeding of the gums. In such a situation, you must contact your dentist;
  • early childhood – the use of young children allowed only under the supervision of parents, to use the oral irrigator to irrigate the child is allowed when he already knows how to handle the electrical appliances.

Usage instructions

To irrigator lasts as long as possible, it is important to know how to use the device.

  1. Before you pour the liquid, check the battery.
  2. On the back of the device is a tank. Open the valve and pour the liquid, and then tightly close the lid.
  3. Turn on the device.
  4. Optionally, pour the water, the device should be switched off.
  5. If after cleaning the oral cavity in the container remained water – pour it.
  6. When you use mouth rinses, rinse the tank with water after the application.

Usage tips

Not every person is familiar with a device such as irrigator. The correct use will provide reliable and hygienic care of the oral cavity. As the device belongs to the devices that run on battery power, it is important to remember how to handle such equipment:

  • irrigator can not throw on hard surfaces, as this leads to the appearance of cracks on the body and the motor output of the system;
  • do not pour hot water because it can cause burns of the mucous membranes;
  • in order for the device to charge, it is perfectly vertical. In other cases, inductive contacts may not coincide;
  • you cannot enable the irrigator with an empty tank, it affects the functioning of the internal mechanisms and causes of failure;
  • charger can not be washed with water. Sufficient cleansing of dry and clean cloth.

Before you begin to irrigate the teeth and gums, review the recommendations for use. This will prevent from incorrect actions and will prolong the life of the irrigator.

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Video: review of the oral irrigator oral Panasonic 1211.


Oksana, 25 years

I spent six months thinking about whether to buy irrigator. Asked about those or other models from friends, read reviews online, asked questions to consultants in stores. After comparing the pros and cons of different companies, I have come to believe that Panasonic EW1211 the best option. It’s portable, which for me is important because I travel frequently. The device is also comfortable to hold and use. And the appearance of the body looks very stylish and fashionable! Of course, there are cheaper models, but my opinion is for quality you have to pay!

Olga, 32 years

I stand braces, so the question of hygiene for me significant. Before installing the braces, I thought about how I will maintain cleanliness in the oral cavity. After weighing all the «pros» and «cons», I bought irrigator firms Panasonic, model EW1211. I love it! The device is small but powerful. It perfectly removes plaque, cleans the braces. My teeth every day in this state, I feel like I just spent professional care.

Ivan, 30 years

I’m watching my health very closely when a friend saw the unknown device in the bathroom and inquired about its purpose. He told me why the need for the irrigator. I decided to buy the exact same device. This model Panasonic EW1211. The device is branded, made by a reliable company. Use the device for the fifth month, very happy. Works perfectly, never had any problems. I like that the Waterpik cordless is very convenient. Charged it about 8 hours and have enough charge to work on two and a half weeks. Washes away plaque and leftover food excellent, also does massage the gums.

Further questions

► How much?

The cost of the Waterpik is slightly different in different areas, but the average price range is between 5600 and 5900 Russian rubles.

► Irrigator Panasonic EW 1211а what is the difference?

Model Panasonic EW 1211а is the latest development of the company. For functional characteristics of the irrigator similar to the previously presented model on the market, EW1211. The device features advanced design, and also it waterproof and lends itself well to the purification of water.

There are minor differences in the design and marking of control. Button air enrichment of the water there are two modes «regular» and «soft». The previous model was an indication of «normal» and «soft».