Irrigators Donfeel OR: 820, 840, 880, 888 and their description

Irrigators manufactured by a domestic company Donfeel occupy a strong position in the Russian market. The article presents the model, OR: 820, 840, 880, 888 and their description.

Not every person knows what is behind the unfamiliar word «irrigator». This device is a small device consisting of a reservoir for liquid and the working tip, resembling an electric toothbrush. With the help of a hydraulic device is triggered into action. Of a thin and long tip sprays water produced under pressure.

Toothbrush and toothpaste are versatile products for maintaining hygiene, but only with their help it is impossible to achieve clean and refreshed, just like after professional hygiene at the stomatologist. Clean the back and sides of the tongue, the cheek bands, interdental areas, as well as periodontal pockets – all under the power of the irrigator.

Irrigators oral Donfeel

Firm Donfeel is a young Russian company that has been producing dental devices for teeth care and oral hygiene. Since 2001, scientists-enthusiasts engaged in the development and improvement of irrigators.

In 2006, the Russian market has a device for oral care, produced by the firm. Today, the manufacturer produces not only irrigators. Established manufacture of electrical brushes, flosses, and rinses.

The basis mechanism is put unique technology. Of tip is not just a stream of water under pressure microscopic bubbles are formed that contribute to a better purification of parcels with difficult access. Modern irrigators Donfeel compete with imported devices, it is not inferior in quality. And the price is more attractive and affordable.

Before purchasing such a device, it is necessary to take into account all the selection criteria. Read more about this in the article — what irrigator mouth is better to choose?


► Donfeel OR-820M:

  • voltage — 220-230 V;
  • power consumption — 35 W;
  • the minimum supply pressure water flow — 0-150 kPa;
  • the maximum supply pressure of the water stream is 620 kPa;
  • pulsations for 60 seconds – 1200;
  • regulation of the strength of the jet — smooth;
  • lifespan — 5-8 years (assuming careful use).

► Donfeel OR-820D Compact

  • supply voltage – 220 V;
  • power consumption – 18 W;
  • the minimum supply pressure water flow – 80 kPa;
  • the maximum supply pressure the water flow is 680 kPa;
  • the volume of the fluid container – 600 ml;
  • while working with the available fluid volume is 90-120 seconds;
  • emissions-water bubble flow in a minute 1250-1700;
  • dimensions – 150 x 100 mm.

► Donfeel OR-840 Air:

  • voltage – 100-240V;
  • power – 18 W;
  • the volume of the bowl of water – 600 ml;
  • time full empty the tank – 90-120 sec;
  • the minimum supply pressure water flow – 80 kPa;
  • the maximum supply pressure the water flow is 680 kPa;
  • pulsation jet for 60 sec – 1250 – 1700;
  • dimensions – 145 x 100 mm.
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► Donfeel OR-880:

  • supply voltage – 50 Hz 100-240V;
  • power – 5 W;
  • the capacity of the fluid container – 120 ml;
  • the minimum supply pressure water flow of 300 kPa;
  • the maximum supply pressure of the water stream is 620 kPa;
  • pulsating emission of liquid per minute – 1200;
  • device weight – 350 grams, with the device for charging – 500 grams;
  • dimensions: 9 x 7 x 20 cm

► Donfeel OR-888:

  • voltage – 110 – 240 V, 50 Hz;
  • the capacity of the device is 5 W;
  • tank capacity liquid – 170 ml;
  • the minimum supply pressure water flow of 300 kPa;
  • the maximum supply pressure the water flow is 560 PA;
  • pulsations for 60 seconds – 1400;
  • charger type – pin adapter;
  • weight – 265 grams;
  • dimensions – 70 x 55 x 130 mm.


The company «Denfil»offers five models of irrigators, two of which are portable. From the diversity of models you can choose the device that will cater to all needs and requirements.

In this article we describe in detail the following models:

  1. OR-820M.
  2. OR-820D Compact.
  3. OR-840 Air.
  4. OR-880.
  5. OR-888.


Stationary model irrigator is popular among buyers, though is the most massive.

The set includes 6 interchangeable tips: universal 2, 3 and periodontal one brush for language. In addition to maintaining hygiene of the oral cavity, a handy device for irrigation of the nose.

  • the device has many functions;
  • technology of formation of vials of air;
  • reliable Electromechanical elements;
  • the extensive features of the regulation;
  • the democratic value.

OR-820D Compact

Is a classic image of the irrigator.

The device uses a motor, working with DC, that has allowed to reduce the size of the device compared to the previous model.

  • the combination of high performance and compactness;
  • the water supply pressure increased with halved power;
  • a wide variety of bits;
  • quite a large bowl of tank for proper cleansing.

OR-840 Air

Lightweight compact design in a stylish and ergonomic design will easily fit on the table in the bathroom, and its operating parameters will satisfy even the experienced user.

2015 model year, which meets all standards of quality, which is confirmed by the seal and signature of the master.

  • the increased security settings of the device;
  • practically does not create noise due to depreciation;
  • handy tip;
  • the container for nozzles located in the lid of the device;
  • cheap repair service.


Portable advanced model, which outperforms competitive technological devices for 2-3 years. The only company represented in the domestic market, which produces «white» pre-Assembly in Mytischi.

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Other manufacturers produce portable irrigators, mainly in China.

  • a wide range of adjustment of water pressure;
  • has control using the microprocessor;
  • contactless induction charger;
  • the ergonomic design of the housing.


The most compact model of the line irrigators Donfeel.

The miniature design achieved with body format is «slider».

  • the smallest model is only 13 cm in height;
  • storage tip directly into a housing;
  • nearly silent operation;
  • convenient and reliable slide switch.

Instructions with pics

Instructions for using the Waterpik Donfeel OR-820M. Manuals for other models can be found on the official website of the company.


Each of these models irrigator «Denfil» equipped with a set of tips. As standard are the following tips:

  1. Universal – suitable for daily irrigation of the oral cavity, with no special problems.
  2. Periodontal – equipped with a soft tip made of rubber, thanks to which is injury to the periodontal tissues.
  3. Orthodontic – presented in the form of a small brush, used for cleaning, in accordance with the designs for the correction of the bite.

Besides the above tips, some models fitted with scraper to cleanse the tongue, a nasal tip for washing the nasal cavity and maxillary sinuses, and head «crown», used for the care of established implants.

Donfeel the company also produces liquid and balms for dental care that is poured into the reservoir of the irrigator. The use of different mouthwashes can not only clean the teeth from plaque, but also deodorizes and also has a positive effect on oral health.

Video: details about oral irrigator model OR-820 from Donfeel.


Olga, 28 years

I travel a lot around the world, so it is not tied to my apartment. Health and beauty for me are the priority things. To care for the oral cavity I bought a compact irrigator Donfeel OR 888 and have never regretted my choice. First, it takes up little space in a suitcase, and secondly, has quite a large water container. This allows not to be distracted by frequent filling of the liquid during irrigation of the oral cavity.

Ignat, 21

I live in a student dormitory. So in the shower room at my disposal is only one shelf. In order that my smile was beautiful and breath exuded the freshness, the dentist advised to purchase the irrigator. For reviews on the Internet I studied the characteristics of the different models. Your choice is stopped on Donfeel OR-880. This «pocket» irrigator, it is convenient to take with you when you go to your parents. It takes up little space, which for me is very important. A big plus is that this Russian manufacturer. Good quality, and the price is affordable.

Paul, 18 years old

Three months ago, the dentist gave me a retainer. A month I suffered and was brushing my teeth and only brush with the paste, spending a lot of time, and the effect does not suit me. The next time you visit a doctor, I asked about how effectively clean braces. My dentist advised me to buy oral irrigator. Shop medical devices were a lot of models, but my choice fell on Donfeel OR-840. The device takes up little space, multi-functional, and also looks very stylish!

Irina, 42 years

I have a big family and children’s health worries me in the first place. I was looking for irrigator, who would be a helper for the whole family. And I found it! OR 820m from the company Donfeel produced in Russia, which is a huge plus. Just looking at the appearance, it becomes clear that it is reliable. Large volume tank offers convenient and easy to clean. Color-coded tips helps to distinguish whose is whose head. The only downside is the bulkiness of the irrigator.

Svetlana, 30 years

On the anniversary of colleagues at work gave irrigator Donfeel OR-820D. I was very surprised by this gift. Agree that this is not a trivial gift, and a thing desired in every home. It’s been three months… is Working properly, does not cause a lot of noise. I use a universal nozzle, a tongue scraper and periodontal tip, as have problems with your gums. I like that the bowl of water big. It’s convenient, so what amount is enough for a full cleansing of the mouth.

Further questions

► What is the cost?

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The price of the device, the company Donfeel wins in comparison with imported devices.

  1. OR-820M worth of about 4500 Russian rubles.
  2. OR-820D can be purchased for 3700-4000 rubles.
  3. Price OR-840 Air varies in the range of 3500-3800 rubles.
  4. The cost of a portable oral irrigator Donvil OR-880 is 4000-4250 rubles.
  5. For 3900 – 4300 you can buy a device OR 888.