Is it possible to put braces on crowns, implants, fillings?

When malocclusion occurs in adulthood, it raises a lot of questions. One of the most important – is it possible to put braces on crowns, implants, fillings and other dental design? After all, the older a person is, the more different dental problems that must be considered individually.

In pediatric dentistry such nuances run much less frequently, it is only with age, there are cavities which need to heal. Also it happens that the correction of a defect a person decided, already having lost a few units or their elements. Every nuance should be dealt with separately.

Whether the presence of seals contraindication?

Braces will have for a long period. So first be sure to hold the sanitation of the oral cavity, which includes filling decayed teeth.

Why do it before installing the orthodontic design? So over a long period of treatment did not happen more serious infection of the surrounding tissues. After two years, which will be needed for the correction of the bite, the bacteria can spread to teeth and even lead to inflammation of the gums.

It is worth noting that modern filling materials are of sufficient quality and create with the walls of the tooth is a monolithic design that is difficult to damage any mechanical impact. Therefore, if you have such fillings it is permissible to wear braces.

But the older materials that have been used for dental treatment many years ago, will have to be replaced, because under strong pressure braces they can crack, if not to fly. Treatment in the process of bite correction will be difficult.

About narcosong seals

This is a special kind of dental products that set not to treat any disease, and to prevent adhesion between the upper and lower elements of the orthodontic structure when chewing. They do not need always, but only when particular forms of occlusion.

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Nadkusannoe fillings when the braces have their own characteristics:

  • put them just on time before the end of the correction or the position until the jaws will not change so that the elements ceased to cling;
  • they are made of hypoallergenic materials, often using acrylic;
  • attach them on the chewing part of the tooth to prevent tight clamping between opposed units.

This kind of protective elastic plate, not giving the parts of the system damaged with natural daily activities. Removed as needed, or at the end of orthodontic treatment using the dental drill.

Is it possible to put braces on crowns?

How crowns and bridges are non-removable dentures that help to restore the visible part of the dentition with the loss of individual units. When installing the braces, it is necessary to consider the material from which they are made, and the strength of their attachment and the presence of the root. The doctor should put the brackets on the crowns of the teeth very carefully after checking all the details.

The specialist will advise you to use metal structures for treatment to provide the best grip material artificial product. In case if you have already had to replace a number of lost units of the whole bridge, then at the time of the bite correction can do the following:

  • to saw it into separate periods, so they do not destroy the overall structure of the displacement of the teeth;
  • to completely remove the design, and it’s time to put the plastic.
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To prevent breakage, crowns, bridges and braces themselves is very important to follow the rules of nutrition you need to give up solid foods and sticky foods.

What can be complications?

The decision to install braces on crowns is made by the doctor in each case. Sometimes this can lead to the following issues:

  1. In the presence of a healthy root under the crown, from the mechanical action of braces, he can completely turn around in an unexpected way.
  2. The surface artificial material will change its properties – darken or appear roughness that will need to be further sanded.
  3. If the pre-treatment of the crown is removed, then back to install it can be difficult, as the position of the teeth will significantly change.

In each situation, you need to follow the recommendations of doctor who is better versed in the pros and cons of all designs.

Do braces on implants?

Through the implantation, the doctor with millimeter precision thinks the position of the metal rod. Its offset can lead to serious issues and unexpected results. When in doubt, is it possible to put braces if you have an implant, you should seek the advice of an experienced specialist.

He will probably say that this is unacceptable. In the presence of such problems as the lack of certain units in the dentition and the occlusion offset, initially adjust the position of the jaw and teeth preserved. And only after that proceed to implantation.

Video: Board of orthodontist about braces.

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What awaits us in the future?

Now we can talk about the availability of a combination of orthodontic treatment of malocclusion and the presence of various fixed and removable designs to teeth. In the future, certainly there will be discoveries that advanced dentistry further and will provide us with a brand new technology for the treatment and correction of many diseases and defects. But the final decision in each case will still make only an experienced doctor.

There are a number of features that must be considered when such treatment. And if it is not yet possible to change the bite, using already established implants, various prostheses, crowns, restorations and other devices are practically no contraindications for this.

It is very important that the physician possess high professional skills and could precisely carry out the necessary manipulations, taking into account all the nuances of established designs. Perhaps, over time, will come up with another system for correcting the bite, which can change the position of teeth, regardless of present artificial elements.