Is it possible to remove the tooth during your period

Women and girls, who will remove the tooth, are interested in what’s the best time to do it and is it possible to remove the tooth during menstruation. Menstruation is accompanied in all healthy women, but not all are very easy and painless. Any external factor, trauma or surgery during menstruation can lead to serious complications and adverse side effects. In this period of change and hormonal women, and the qualitative composition of her blood. All this affects the state of the organism as a whole.

When it comes to removing

Is it possible to remove teeth during menstruation — the question of the women who need such intervention. Dental treatment is usually a long process, rarely limited to one trip to the dentist. It is not surprising that some procedures can coincide with menstruation. How dangerous is it and what are the consequences for the organism and health of a woman can have tooth extraction during menstruation?

Tooth extraction is considered not too simple procedure in dentistry. Indications to its carrying out can be set. This and the inability to restore the teeth affected by caries, with the help of the sealing or other methods, and the breach of the dentition, when his alignment pull any tooth. Another reason for abandonment may include injury, after which you cannot restore it. Surgery to remove the tooth with a botched extraction can cause a lot of complications. So before its implementation, the doctor must find out all interesting aspects of the patient. Most important of all, what is blood clotting in a patient, depends on how quickly you stop the bleeding from the hole.

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In the case when the patient is a woman, the first question she will ask the dentist before you remove the tooth, if she had menstruation and she doesn’t expect Lee child. So why not remove the teeth during the period? During this period, in women, reduced blood clotting, and changes its very composition, which dramatically increases the risk of bleeding. Also from changes in the composition and quality of blood in the menstrual period depends on how the anesthesia will affect the patient and how likely infection hole in place of the tooth that was removed.

Surgery during menstruation

There may be situations when not to avoid tooth extraction during menstruation. If there is a risk of infection or if the patient is unable to tolerate a toothache that prevents her to their way of life, to postpone surgery to a later date impossible. Will have to pull out a tooth during menstruation. In this case, the dentist needs to explain in detail what to do before, during and after surgery in order to reduce to a minimum the likelihood of complications. If the patient has a couple days before surgery to prevent bleeding and enhance blood clotting during menstrual period, we recommend the following:

  • stop Smoking and alcoholic drinks;
  • to minimize eating foods that contain caffeine;
  • to avoid nervous and physical stress;
  • to start taking prescribed medications to improve blood clotting;
  • to avoid hypothermia and overheating (hot bath, shower);
  • to avoid visiting sauna or bath;
  • to refuse medicines, blood thinners (e.g., aspirin).

In cases where the patient is brought, for example, by an abscess or severe intoxication, pulling teeth need extra. In this case, the risks to life too high to transfer the operation to a later date, and you have to remove the tooth at the monthly.

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How to minimize risks in operation during menstruation

If I had to remove the tooth during your period, after surgery need to follow a few simple rules. First, after the intervention do not rush immediately to go home. Spend in the dental clinic for about an hour to make sure that the bleeding stops and a clot is formed in the hole. If on arrival home will show signs of bleeding, fever, nausea, vomiting, you should immediately consult a doctor. Second, we must strictly implement all the prescribed medication, prescribed, and be sure to rinse your mouth with special solutions in order to avoid infection of the tooth holes. About a week after tooth extraction during menstruation is not desirable to take a hot bath, subjecting the body to physical exercise and consume alcoholic beverages. All this can provoke bleeding.

Every woman menstruation occurs individually, and on the question of whether to pull the teeth during this period, a clear and categorical answer is no. Someone easily transfers these days, almost not noticing them. In this case, to remove teeth when menstruation is possible, as a possible abscess and infection will bring more problems than torn during menstruation tooth. If menstruation profuse and painful occur, neither of which better removal in this period is not to think. Unfavorable for surgical intervention is also considered a period of 3 days prior to the beginning of the month.