Is it possible to treat teeth pregnant with anesthesia

Is it possible to treat teeth pregnant is anesthesia? This question is very relevant for future young mothers. Before answering, you need to pay attention to, gynecologists and dentists think that the treatment of all diseases must occur before the moment of conception. It is necessary to worry in the planning stage. In addition to the relief of foci of infection is desirable that the parents refused use of alcoholic beverages and cigarettes. A balanced diet, moderate exercise, fresh air — all these components have a positive development on the conception and growth of a healthy baby.

Diseases of the teeth in expectation of a miracle

Pathology of the oral cavity causing a lot of trouble. As a rule, they bring pain, discomfort during eating. Can also occur: fever, hypersalivation, bad breath, bleeding gums, swelling and swelling. Signs that indicate the presence of an inflammatory process cannot be ignored. Make a note of their health attention, in the period of waiting for a baby.

Important! Can pregnant women treat teeth? Medical intervention is advisable in the 2nd trimester. Strongly desirable to have manipulation in the first 12 weeks from conception, the laying period and the formation of organs and systems of the fetus. The excitement and experiences of the young women can cause uterine tone, cause threat of interruption of pregnancy.

Since 34 weeks, treatment of dental units try to resort in extreme cases. Negative emotions associated with medical interventions may provoke early labor activity. Dental treatment during pregnancy under anesthesia strongly desirable and dangerous!

Common oral pathology:

  • Caries is characterized by a primary lesion of the enamel, and then dentin. Pregnant women develops most rapidly in connection with hormonal changes and increased need of calcium, which is a tab of bone structures crumbs. The task of the dentist to detect caries in the stage spots and spend regeneratio tissues. If a favorable moment is missed and pathology struck enamel and dentin, it is necessary to resort to the traditional treatment using a drill.As a rule, primary and secondary caries may be cured without the use of anesthesia. It is performed only in people with high sensitivity to pain, in great fear, and the experience of the patient.
  • Pulpitis — inflammation of the nervous vascular bundle.The nerve is cavities root canals. In a healthy tooth it is well sheltered from the external environment by a layer of enamel and dentin. With the development of deep caries lesion, the lesion of the nerve results in severe pain. Initially, they are short duration, occur when consuming hot, cold, sour, salty, spicy foods. The pain quickly gaining in intensity. The patient is a pregnant woman is worse at night. Impaired food intake, sleep mode, it has a negative impact on General health of women and the development of the unborn baby.Pulpitis is a condition that requires intervention on an emergency basis. Anesthesia when dental care during pregnancy is therefore needed.
  • Periodontitis — inflammation of periodontal. Pathology develops when: ignoring pulpitis in the acute stage, a wrong dental root canal treatment, trauma to the jaw.The disease is accompanied by dull aching pain, which gradually intensified. In advanced cases, there is fever, impaired General health. For chronic periodontitis is characterized by the formation of a fistula. The acute phase of the pathology is often accompanied by swelling of the tissues — abscess (periostitis).Periodontitis cannot be ignored, the risk of complications is high. The treatment is done on an emergency basis. The use of anesthesia is most commonly required.
  • Gingivitis — inflammation of the gums. Pathology is often found in pregnant women. Causes of development: non-compliance with or violation of the requirements of hygiene, hormonal changes. When gingivitis worried about bad breath, bleeding gums, there are unpleasant sensations when eating. It is not necessary to treat a pathology of their own. To heal the patient, the dentist must remove bacterial plaque from the surface of the gums and teeth. Manipulation of the doctor is uncomfortable but not painful. If necessary, it is permissible to use local anesthesia.
  • Periodontitis is an inflammatory disease of the periodontal tissues. Occurs in the absence of skilled assistance for gingivitis. A pregnant woman appears, bleeding gums, them from settling. During the meal marked pain. Of purulent deposits at the necks of the units, bad breath violate the aesthetics of a young woman. In severe situations may lead to the mobility of the teeth.Treatment: elimination of plaque irrigation of periodontal pockets with antiseptic solutions, the use of therapeutic rinses and applications, massaging gums anti-inflammatory gels and ointments. On the recommendation of the dentist therapy at home. Pathology requires a dynamic observation of a doctor. After the treatment is needed every 3 — 4 months.Periodontitis is a chronic infection focus, could have a negative impact on the growth and development of the baby. Pathology reduces protective functions of the organism, impairs the beauty of a smile. Bad breath repels others from the communication and reduces the self-esteem of the individual.
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Pain is the main symptom of inflammation. Violation of the power of rest and sleep, which arise due to pathologies dangerous for the pregnant woman and her baby. Therefore, the appearance of discomfort in the oral cavity immediately visit the doctor. On reception at the dentist, be sure to mention expecting a baby. After examination, the dentist will explain the cause of the pain and talk about the need to resort to medical procedures.

Don’t be afraid to go to the doctor!

If future moms toothache, you should not delay a visit to the clinic. The long wait will lead to loss of valuable time, pathology is complicated, for the treatment of it will have to resort to more radical methods.

The range of dentists there are enough powerful, safe and effective anesthetics.

Anesthesia of the teeth during pregnancy is achieved by:

  1. Lidocaine;
  2. Of ultracain;
  3. Septanest;
  4. Articaine.

The doctor selects a drug based on data on disease and pregnancy. Trust your healthcare professional and think about a speedy recovery. Most local anesthetics are safe, they are not absorbed into the bloodstream and have no adverse effects on the fetus. The use of anesthesia is indicated for: the removal of the tooth, pulpitis, periodontitis, periostitis, treatment of the gums (depending on need).

If a woman is in an interesting location and had to fly to another city or country, or she just may not visit a medical facility because of employment on the job is allowed to use:

  • Paracetamol;
  • Nurofen;
  • Ibuprofen;
  • A saline rinse.

The pain medication is not a treatment. At the first opportunity, seek medical help.

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Getting ready for the big event

The future health of the crumbs depends on many factors. For a safe pregnancy and reduce the likelihood of malformations, the young women recommended:

  1. To abandon bad habits.
  2. To lead a healthy lifestyle.
  3. A lot of walking in the fresh air.
  4. Eat right. Excluded from the diet foods, crisps, fizzy drinks. To enter the menu of fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs.
  5. Start taking special vitamins. Are mandatory: vitamin E and folic acid.
  6. Analyses to identify underlying infectious processes in the body.
  7. Sanitize chronic foci of infection.

In anticipation of the child’s body is experiencing high loads and the need for nutrients, elements and minerals. Occurring hormonal changes lead to the fact that the existing foci of chronic infections start to deteriorate and this affects the health of women.

Can pregnant women dental treatment with anesthesia?

Yes, it is safe. Trust your health and life is precious baby, only trusted doctors and dental clinics. After the doctor makes an injection, numbness of the tooth and part of jaw. The drug to end for 30 — 60 minutes.

If a woman advance to worry about oral health, when the pregnancy pathology is unlikely. People watching their health, visiting doctors for preventive health checkups, reduce the number of diseases and their complications. Take care of your health and the health of their future kids!