Is it possible to treat teeth with a cold?

There are times in life when you need to decide whether to treat the teeth with a cold? Because to plan a trip to the dentist turns in advance, and defeat a viral infection always comes as a surprise.

In each situation, it is advisable to consult a doctor and check with him whether emergency treatment of dental pain, or should we wait until retreat is a viral disease. Individual cases are so different from each other that there is no exact universal answer to this question.

Why teeth hurt when cold?

Besides that they have dental problems often coincide with respiratory illness, the virus can become the cause of unpleasant symptoms in the oral cavity.

So, infection of a General nature leads to such complications with teeth:

  • due to the increased pressure in the sinuses pain appear on the jaws;
  • the healing process of the virus is always accompanied by a rich drink with a high content of vitamin C and other acids, which, settling on the enamel, cause discomfort and irritation, aching teeth;
  • during this period, very much dries the mucous surface of the mouth and if there are remnants of food or sugar, it contributes to the rapid emergence of various dental diseases;
  • cold can cause inflammation of the trigeminal nerve, then the person complains that even when walking gives pain in the jaw.

Why not treat your teeth in this position?

It is worth remembering that any illness is a severe stress for the entire body and completely depletes the immune system. The treatment the dentist will require the patient’s immune mobilization. Therefore, the most frequent response to the question of whether to remove the tooth with a cold or to treat decay at this moment, it sounds negative.

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Dental procedures be banned for a period because of simple reasons:

  1. Due to a weakened immune system, the body more easily lends itself to any infections and viruses, which can easily penetrate inside, if you shake the aching tooth.
  2. When in the process of manipulation required to make the wound, to remove the unit by opening the hole, they will immediately be exposed to the contagion, and infection.
  3. Sometimes cases need to use anesthetics. And during colds their effect will be reduced.
  4. At the onset of a cold to spend a long time in the dental chair impossible with an open mouth that will directly impede breathing.
  5. Cough is also a trivial obstacle that will not hold all the required procedures.
  6. And always remember that a dentist is also a normal person who can get you from a viral infection. So no need to spread the disease, coming to the reception like this.

When treatment is needed?

Obviously, if you have a fever and cold symptoms manifest themselves clearly, any manipulation in the dentist chair forget. But sometimes there are situations when you urgently need the intervention of a doctor.

As early as possible should visit it if:

  • appeared inflammation of the mucous membrane;
  • formed acute purulent process;
  • fanned her cheek in the area of the affected tooth, that is the flux.

The physician is able to undertake the necessary procedures carefully and in the cold as such is not direct and absolute contraindication for treatment. It is therefore advisable to consult with your dentist who will tell you to defer or intervention should be performed immediately.

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Then what to do?

If all manipulations are deferred to the period when retreat is a viral infection, and the tooth ache is unbearable, you can help yourself in simple ways:

  • the nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs will render analgesic effect and even reduce the temperature;
  • candy with menthol well act as a local anesthetic, if they some time hold in the mouth;
  • the soda solution at the rate of 1 teaspoon in a glass of water with frequent rinsing removes any unpleasant symptoms and perfectly disinfects the oral cavity;
  • folk also recommended herbal teas for relieving toothache, for example, sage, ginger, thyme, chamomile, St. John’s wort, etc.;
  • you can make compresses from the leaves of geranium, cotton swabs with special dental drops or propolis;
  • onions and garlic are also used for reducing pain and General strengthening of the immune system;
  • if these feelings are caused by the common cold, it is enough to get rid of her and then will not require dental intervention.

Remember that even in the period of General malaise, it is necessary to observe all the hygienic requirements for the care of teeth and oral hygiene so that the infection did not provoke new diseases. And extra rinse on the basis of the herbs will contribute to the overall cleanliness and to influence the harmful bacteria.

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Treatment of the common cold on the lip

Often when such symptoms appear the so-called cold well lip, that is, there is a loss of herpes virus. It is believed that it is present in 90% of the world’s population, so the problem is quite common and popular. Should I go to the dentist during the period when you are struck by such illness?

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The answer is no. No need to think that such bubbles are just easy aesthetic temporary lack. He points to a significant infectious process in the body. And if at this time to perform any dental procedures, the consequences will be very sad.

Penetrating more deeply into the wounds exposed, for example, when removal of the tooth, the virus can cause the appearance of herpetic stomatitis, when the bubbles will cover the entire oral cavity. To cure such will be much more complicated than the common cold on the lip. Therefore, doctors insist on fixing the problem and delaying dental visits until complete healing.