Kamistad baby: instructions for use, reviews, price

There are many tools designed to help the baby during the period of teething and Kamistad baby is one of them. So you need to deal with instruction on the use of the drug to know the price and the reviews about it.

This tool proved its effectiveness among users. It attracts the expanded scope and content of natural components in its composition.


Kamistad Baby has a different method of production. Many moms don’t know about it, so either refuse his application because of the restriction of admission of children up to 12 years (stated in the abstract), or use the form that is not appropriate for infants.

For little kids version Kamistad console has a baby and is available in the form of transparent, yellow gel. In this form the tool is used in early Pediatrics.

The product contains components that have complex effect:

  • reduce pain;
  • have anti-inflammatory effects;
  • eliminate bacteria in the oral cavity;
  • promote faster healing of damaged mucosal tissues of the mouth.

Thanks to a wide range of actions Kamistad baby — essential medication in the medicine Cabinet young parents. With the process of extension of the crumbs will pass with a minimum of losses. The drug has a low allergenicity, and the lack of sugar also makes it even more suitable for children.

An important advantage is the ease of application. Due to the special shape of the tube with elongated nozzle gel gets where it is needed, without spreading throughout the oral cavity.


What a wonder-the components contained in the composition of this gel? The main active substance in it is:

  1. Extract of chamomile flowers (Chamomillae extract recutitae floridis) — since the world well-known medicinal properties of this simple plant. It has antibacterial, regenerating and anti-inflammatory properties due to which already significantly reduces unpleasant sensations in the mouth.
  2. Polidocanol (ethoxysclerol) — one of the effects of this component is an anesthetic effect, i.e. analgesia. Baby form Kamistad polidocanol replace the lidocaine that is part of the drug for adults.
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In addition to the main components Kamistad baby contains excipients: water, propylene glycol, carbomer, glycerin and other, necessary to maintain the structure and storage of the gel. From clear of subcomponents can be called honey and mint flavors. Besides the smell, they give a nice taste that very well, as kids rarely agree to take in a mouth something unpalatable. Mint flavor additionally cools the site of application.

Indications and contraindications

First of all, Kamistad baby gel is used to facilitate the condition of the child, if teething he runs painful. However, the indications for its use are not limited. The high efficiency of its components are such as:

  • stomatitis the mucous membranes of the oral cavity that occurs background with the weakening of immunity;
  • gingivitis — inflammation of gums directly, accompanied by their bleeding;
  • cheilitis — the swelling, redness and peeling of the lips;
  • erythema multiforme of the oral cavity, erosion of the lips, gums and palate;
  • traumatic injuries of the skin in the mouth;
  • during surgical intervention in the oral cavity.

Kamistad baby gel — a universal healer, it is therefore important to monitor its presence in the medicine Cabinet for the baby.

Contraindications that prevent the use of drugs, are:

  • individual response to one or more components of the drug;
  • age younger than 3 months;
  • serious violations in the work of the heart, liver and kidneys;
  • when using older — pregnancy and GW.

Kamistad even in child form can be used by adults for self-help in the eruption of wisdom teeth or the listed diseases of the oral cavity.

Kamistad baby — instructions for use

Baby Kamistad should not be used in violation of the guidelines mentioned in the abstract. If an adult is allowed to use the drug more frequently than permitted by the instructions, in young children because of the frequent, uncontrolled use can develop quite serious complications caused by an overdose of the drug.

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How to apply correctly the drug, not to hurt the baby? The gel should be applied to the affected area with a point at one time no more than a ball with a diameter of 5 mm. Use massage movements to RUB the gel into the affected mucosa. The frequency in children is 3 times a day.

What age is acceptable use of the medication? Some instructions said that for children it can be applied not earlier than 6 months. However, more often in the annotations can be found the indication «3 months». The difference depends on the manufacturer.

Like other medicines, Kamistad can be side effects that develop with increasing dose:

  • frequent palpitations;
  • apnea;
  • pallor;
  • vomiting and nausea;
  • rashes and itching;
  • swelling of the larynx;
  • anaphylactic shock;
  • common symptoms of intoxication.

It is important to remember the possibility of complications, despite the fact that Kamistad baby baby drug. Even when used in the permitted dosage is necessary to monitor the reaction of the baby to the medicine, as in any other case.

You can also use the analogs of the drug: Angileks, Holisal, Tintagel. This medication, approved for use in infants.

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Ekaterina, 29 years

I am the mother of two children and know firsthand the dangers of the teething baby. That and the sleepless nights and the whims of the day and night. Parents are willing to do anything to their child slept the night and Wake up in the night nobody likes. I could not bear relates to a teething daughter, and even cried with her. Unable to stand, night sent to the pharmacy of the spouse, so he bought Kalgel. But since the pharmacy did not have a pharmacist offered another, with the same effect. It was Kamistad baby and because there was no way, my husband bought it. As soon as I apply the gel on the gums, the baby literally a few seconds the screaming stopped. Now buy this gel constantly of his youngest daughter. Only thanks to him, my nights were calm and the children too sleep. So, buy this product, you will not regret. Me manufacturer the highest rating.

Daria, 24 years

I’ve heard a lot about the difficulties parents face during growth of teeth in children. When the baby fever under 39, we called the doctor and he said it climbs a tooth, advised us to smear Kamistad. The child has calmed down, but not for long, enough for 15 minutes. To numb the pain for a long time, you probably smear more and more. But it’s bad. Therefore, to say that Kamistad better than other gels such actions, I can’t, he’s no better and no worse. As temporary relief can be used.

Natalia, 27 years

Previously, there was so much and our mothers, what could facilitate as children, even using garlic and such harsh methods. There is nothing wrong to use medicine. After all, modern drugs, Kamistad, are composed of natural ingredients such as chamomile extract, which naturally reduces inflammation and heals wounds. My son, when I realized that the gel is not only palatable, but also takes away the pain, he began to ask me to put gums. I think if I used to help in the eruption of garlic, he would I was given.