Lamination teeth: what is this, a photo, price, reviews

Correction of smile appearance is easily achieved with the help of lamination teeth. About what it is we describe below. As well as provide photos before and after the procedure, the prices techniques and reviews of those people who have tried this method myself.

The condition of the teeth affects not only the health and well-being of a man, but also a direct impact on socialization, self-confidence, desire to communicate with other people and smile. Even in career terms, this part of the face is of great importance in some cases. Not surprisingly, tidy dentition, many are trying and are willing to pay for it any money.

What is the lamination teeth?

The procedure of lamination is a simple method of correcting the appearance of the dentition by coating each individual piece of special artificial material. It is able to replace damaged enamel and become a protective layer, which scales completely cover all the unattractive areas and will give the desired shade, regardless of the status of natural fabrics.

Most often, the lamination is used to achieve the aesthetic goals of the bleaching zone of the smile, but sometimes this procedure is necessary as a means of protecting your teeth from infections, diseases, etc. using this technique it is possible to change the tooth color and shape and size, hide some visible defects.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main features of the lamination and their advantages over other methods of whitening will describe in the table.

Pros Cons
Easy to prepare, as it does not need to pass any tests or to carry out a full examination of the body. Enough to do a cleaning of the dentition and to cure the sick units. Such training, in some cases, it may take a long time.
The ease of the procedure displayed on the sensations of the patient. It is comfortable, does not cause discomfort or pain. Accessibility to whiten and correct your form only the front teeth. The doctor covers with a special compound, only the smile zone.
There’s no need to grind the surface, and sometimes it does not do. That gives you the opportunity to save the structure of the hard tissue. The relatively high price for laminating, as it uses high quality durable materials, and the work the dentist needs to be quite accurate and precise.
Availability of bleaching, even in cases when all other methods have not given result, or they could not be held due to contraindications. The effectiveness of bleaching in this case reaches several shades and looks very natural. It is not always effective, as it only hides minor flaws.
The ability to hold a dental restoration in one visit to the doctor.
Solves several aesthetic defects.
Absent any contraindications.
No need to get used to set plates or designs.
You can choose a more suitable method of lamination.
The duration of service coverage from 5 to 10 years.
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The before and after photos

When you need to carry out such a procedure?

The main cases when you should think about laminating teeth are the following:

  • Ugly color enamel, with a yellow or grayish hue, which any other way is not cleaned and even professional whitening does not help. Also, this method of lightening the enamel will be successful in that case, if there are contraindications to other options or the teeth have been darkened by medication.
  • The presence of scratches and cracks, which makes the enamel vulnerable to high sensitivity and various diseases. Due to the lamination in this case is solved not only an aesthetic problem, but also performs a protective function, without which the tooth quickly becomes infected and gets sick.
  • If you have minor chips that require the correction of the shape of the tooth and restoration is a full-fledged smile. But laminating it is appropriate only in certain cases, there are certain limitations.
  • Interdental spaces and crevices. However, to hide them visually by laminating only if they are not very large. Then with the help of Lumineers slightly increase the size of the adjacent teeth, thereby securely concealing the cracks from view.
  • If you have a desire to know the exact result in advance and independently control the desired shade of enamel. Choosing the overlay plate can be initially to select the most desirable and natural color smile, confident that he will not change for a long time.

Sometimes in the same way and adjust the curvature of the teeth, but this is rarely done and it is not very reliable for this purpose.

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Lamination methods

Among the methods for smile correction due to restoration there are two main:

  1. Using the composite — in this case, use special filling and restoration materials, quite durable and easy to apply. The doctor slightly grind the front surface of the tooth, just a few hundredths of a millimeter, so that the result looked natural and not bulky. You also need anesthesia to reduce discomfort in the patient. The teeth are treated with air jet and antiseptic, and then the dentist applies the composite composition and drying it with halogen lamp. In the end they are covered with a special varnish for protection.
  2. Using Lumineers is a plate similar to veneers but much thinner – not more than 0.3 mm. Make them from different materials – plastic, ceramic or phosphorus. Accordingly, reliability, naturalness of appearance and cost will vary. In this method, the grinding of the tooth is not necessary, and the mounting plates is performed only after the impressions are made, and perfectly matched in size and shade of synthetic enamel. It takes some time getting used to. It is worth remembering that careless use of them can easily be broken set of Lumineers.

Video: how to make the lamination teeth in Israel?


If you are wondering how much does this procedure need to consider several factors – the number of restored teeth, the selected method, and in cases with Lumineers the material from which they are made.

Thus, the cost of composite structures is cheaper – 3-4 thousand rubles per unit, while the Lumineers will cost considerably more expensive – 10 thousand apiece. Plastic will be cheaper, but porcelain plates will cost much more.

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I have long wanted to whiten teeth at the professional level, but the doctor dissuaded, as there were some contraindications and chances of a good outcome decreased. In the end I tried lamination and was very pleased, because there is no need to guess what happens, you ahead choose the right shade.


Afraid to carry out professional whitening, as after it, many complain of increased sensitivity of the enamel. As a safe analogue of the doctor advised Lumineers and I agreed. It really was quick and simple, and the result promises to be lengthy.


I have very weak enamel and are constantly forming new cracks. As a defense dentist set Lumineers. Now I can not be afraid for the fact that the inner part of the tooth is damaged due to such defects. And the smile began to look a lot better.