Laser teeth whitening: how much it costs, pros and cons, photos, reviews

Increasingly gaining popularity of laser teeth whitening. How much does this procedure and its pros and cons, and patients will describe next. Even despite the high price, it is often bought from ordinary people.

Types of teeth whitening invented a lot. But it is the use of laser equipment has made the procedure painless, and the effect of it lasts for years. After weighing all the pros and cons, you can decide whether to agree to this or is it better to use alternative methods.

Description of the procedure

To understand what is teeth whitening with laser, need to know how it happens.

  1. The first stage – preparatory. The inspection of the oral cavity for problems and gum disease and dental units. After all, before laser teeth whitening you need to heal and to clean. If the seals from the old, darker material, they should be replaced with new modern ones. Also at this stage, the doctor decides, is it harmful to perform a procedure for a given patient. A contraindication may be even too thin the enamel, which is easy to damage the laser.
  2. The second stage – treatment and pre-cleaning if necessary. Depending on the condition of your teeth and gums will be a series of remedial measures. Their duration, complexity and cost can vary in each individual case.
  3. The third stage is the primary. Directly to whiten teeth with a laser will only be after careful preparation, at the same time on the enamel with a special gel. Then activate it using a laser. The impact on each tooth is not greater than 60 seconds. The whole procedure can last 15 – 20 minutes, although in some cases it lasts up to an hour. To whiten to the desired state of the dentition, the doctor performs a few sessions.
  4. The fourth stage – consolidation effect. In order for the whitening to take effect and lasted for as long as possible you need to follow the recommendations of the dentist after the procedure. This includes careful cleaning of the teeth, and the use of special pastes. But the main thing – not to use in the first time after the procedure, coloring products, and this coffee, and tea, and many others (diet after teeth whitening).

Interesting fact laser whitening – the impact is not on the surface of the tooth, as many believe. Gel affects protein compounds of dentin, due to what is happening and the desired effect. How much will change the shade of the enamel, duration, result and frequency of treatments will depend on the professionalism of the doctor and his chosen equipment. For example, you can use different nozzles and to a lesser or greater degree of change of shade.

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It is important to note that the first time after the laser whitening teeth may exhibit sensitivity, which was not observed before. If there is pain, which happens very rarely, you can use painkillers. In the case of unpleasant sensations enamel it is advisable to take a gel with the effect of remineralization, which can be used at home.

The before and after photos

Indications and contraindications

Any special indications for the procedure no. Enough people were dissatisfied with the aesthetic appearance of their smile, the color of enamel or the presence of plaque. However, it is important to consider the cause of this phenomenon. So, if the color of the enamel was the result of medication, then laser whitening will have no effect.

Much more important to pay attention to contraindications. Though this procedure is safe and, in most cases, but the impact on the dentine in some situations, can damage the teeth. These include:

  • The patient’s age to 18 years. In children the enamel is too thin and is in the process of formation, so that the laser can harm the tooth structure.
  • Pregnancy and breast-feeding.
  • Increased sensitivity, as an indicator of thin enamel, and possibly partially destroyed. As the procedure sensitivity now rises, with initially high levels can cause pain.
  • Are allergic to any of the components in the special gel used in laser whitening. The doctor is obliged to conduct the test prior to the procedure to determine this fact.
  • Diseases of the gums or teeth, especially in the acute stage. Before bleaching, you need to cure them.
  • The presence of old material in the seals, which will be visible with a different shade of enamel. In this case, it makes sense to have it replaced. The same obstacle to be crowns, dentures and other structures.
  • Any damage to the enamel or its insufficient thickness will be an insurmountable obstacle, since the laser during the procedure will begin destroying the dentin.
  • Braces also will not give the opportunity to do whitening.

An experienced doctor will never prescribe such a procedure without prior examination, cleaning and treatment. Even ordinary Tartar can become an obstacle to whitening. It is better to visit a dental clinic a few times and make all the necessary arrangements to obtain long-lasting and desired effect Hollywood smile.

The pros and cons of laser teeth whitening

Despite the high cost and some inconvenience, the laser whitening is in high demand. And all thanks to its obvious advantages:

  • A relatively short procedure time. Because at one time all the teeth are not treated, it lasts only 15-20 minutes. However, have to visit the doctor several times.
  • The absolute painlessness of laser exposure. Almost all dental procedures cause pain or discomfort. In this case those excluded.
  • The gel has a pungent odor and taste, so also does not cause discomfort to the patient. It has a light texture and gently placed on the teeth.
  • Feature additional Wellness effect. The structure of the enamel is strengthened while becoming more resilient to various diseases.
  • The gel has antibacterial property, and therefore during the procedure disinfection of the oral cavity that also has therapeutic implications.
  • For the duration of the result, though affected by many factors, but it definitely has a great time. Doctors give from one year to five years warranty on their work.
  • Mild effect ensures the integrity of the gums and mucous membranes. It is not damaged, and even acid-alkaline balance remains at a neutral level, does not change during and after the procedure.
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Some patients and disadvantages of laser action, although they would appear not everyone:

  • Even 15-20 minutes to sit with a fully open mouth for some patients turns into a torment, jaw numb and aching. But compared to other procedures, it is not so long.
  • Hypersensitive patients can experience some soreness in the process, though the doctors promised that no unpleasant sensations. And therefore it is important that the dentist initially tested the sensitivity and thickness of the tooth enamel.
  • If you’re not careful applying the gel it can get into the gums and then the patient feels a burning sensation.
  • The high price discourages also the part of wanting to have a dazzling smile.
  • For some is considered torture a ban on drinking coffee and tea even for a short time.

Video: laser teeth whitening.

How much is laser teeth whitening?

Each clinic sets its own fees for such a procedure. The cost of the service may depend on your equipment, gels, professional doctors, etc.

For example, the use of such a laser apparatus as Doctor Smile D5 will affect the price but will make the desired effect more durable. Also the cost may increase with each additional service and pre-cleaning. And yet try to highlight the average rates.

Russia (Moscow, SPb) Ukraine (Kiev)
Laser whitening 10000 — 20000 RUB. 1500 — 2000 UAH.



Did this procedure about three years ago. Though hardship, but very happy with the result. The price was incredibly high for me, but the feeling is not so painless. However, my dentist did the procedure only once and it lasted about an hour. The next week I felt sharp reaction to hot and cold, not only on drinks and food, but even in the air. But now I have a white smile, but the discomfort was long gone.


For me, the question of appearance is always very important. In this procedure, I was not afraid to fork out, but was confused about another issue – the benefits and harms, health effects. After reading a lot of information to start with, I went looking for a suitable dentist. Not immediately found it. In the first two offered to do everything in one session and not even clarified whether it is possible in my case to do this. But in the third clinic, I passed a thorough examination, the doctors checked the enamel of the teeth, before giving guarantees, and to appoint the day of the procedure. For two years I go with a radiant smile like the Hollywood Actresses.


And to me doctor denied laser whitening, on the grounds that the enamel is too thin and sensitive. I was upset because I wanted to have white teeth. But it’s good that he checked it before starting to do anything. After all, the other might ignore this fact for the sake of gain, but I would then have suffered. It is important to get to a competent specialist, because at stake is the health of your teeth.

Further questions

► How long does the teeth whitening laser?

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Better to check with doctor as some guarantee for a year, others for five years even. It all depends on how you care for them. There are special toothpastes, brushes and mouth guards with the aim of maintaining and improving the effect of whiteness. And each year to carry out the corrective procedure. The impact this fact has both the equipment of the doctor, the gels that he uses, and the chosen degree of bleaching.