Loose teeth what to do at home

If loose teeth what to do at home, it is recommended to consult with your dentist. The doctor determines the cause of the unstable situation of the teeth.

Medical indications

Gums, and teeth react quickly on the General state of the organism and factors affecting it. The causes of weakening of the gums and unsteadiness of the teeth:

  1. Injury. The shock provokes a higher mobility of the dentition. What you need to do after the injury? It is recommended to make an appointment to the dentist, get an x-ray. If necessary, carried out emergency treatment at the dental clinic.
  2. Inflammation in the oral cavity is accompanied by periodontitis, periodontitis, gingivitis. Mild inflammatory process is treated at home with drugs of different pharmacological groups.
  3. Running periodontal disease — if the first stage of the disease the teeth are just staggering, in the last stage they drop out. Home therapy is not effective.
  4. Chronic disorders — psoriasis, diabetes, problems with thyroid.
  5. Low immunity leads to various diseases of the oral cavity, therefore, the strengthening of the dentition is the intake of vitamin complexes and keeping a diet.
  6. Improper diet contributes to deficiencies of minerals and vitamins, which strengthen shaky teeth.
  7. Broken bite provides constant pressure on elements of the oral cavity.
  8. Genetics requires compliance with the permanent prevention of dental diseases.
  9. Hormonal disruption — menopause, periods, pregnancy and other hormonal changes negatively affect the condition of tooth enamel.

The phenomenon may be accompanied by bleeding gums, pain when pressing on the teeth, discomfort during eating. The manifestation of the above clinics require the services of a dentist.

Therapeutic interventions

If it wobbles the entire dentition, it is necessary to change their habits, giving up Smoking, drugs and alcohol. Is made parallel to the rational menu. Special attention is paid to oral hygiene. Doctors advise to use:

  • special toothpaste;
  • mouthwash;
  • ointments and gels, restorative elements of the dentition and the gums.

The above tools can be purchased at the pharmacy. Additionally prepare folk remedies. But if the teeth continue to stagger home therapy is replaced with professional treatment. To the home therapy has helped, all of the above therapeutic measures should be carried out in the complex.

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If there are any problems with your teeth and gums, we recommend the following diet:

  1. citrus fruits — contain vitamin C, which positively affects the condition of the circulatory system that are the gums;
  2. dairy products — contain calcium, which is a «building material» for the teeth;
  3. sea food, beans, cabbage, cucumbers contain phosphorus, which correctly distributes calcium in the body;
  4. oil and butter, potatoes are rich in vitamin D, due to the lack or deficiency of which the phosphorus and calcium are not absorbed completely;
  5. the greenery makes up for vitamin a deficiency, without which spoil the teeth, disturbed metabolic process.

Additionally take the vitamins. Before how to strengthen loose tooth in the home with the help of multivitamins, it is recommended to consult with a dentist.

Therapy medical devices

With staggering of the dentition is recommended to use special means to care for the oral cavity. Standard treatment involves administration of the following compositions:

  • rinse;
  • gel, ointment, and balm;
  • toothpaste.

Effective mouthwashes for the mouth:

  1. Forest balsam is used to prevent and eliminate stagger of dental elements. At the same time eliminates pain, bleeding and inflammation. The treatment’s results are visible after 2 weeks of continuous use of the mouthwash.
  2. Ointment juice includes aluminium, strengthening the gums, enamel mineralization, destruction of microbes. Rinse provides fresh breath.
  3. Colgate Plaks — minimizes the risk of tooth decay, improving the condition of the gums, providing antibacterial protection for 12 hours.

The effect of the mouthwash aimed at reducing sensitivity and inflammation.

The use of gels and toothpastes

Using gels, ointments and balms improves blood circulation in the gums, relieves inflammation, decreases pain. If wobbly teeth, you can use the following the group:

  1. Forest balm — quickly affects the affected area, promoting healing and strengthening the gums. At the same time preventing the recurrence of the disease, which caused the staggering of the teeth.
  2. Asepta gel at its core is propolis, which has analgesic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. Gel speeds up the metabolic processes and the healing of the gums. The rate of application is 2 weeks.
  3. Ointment Solcoseryl be granted if the teeth are loose due to periodontal disease. The ointment is effective, when the neck is noticeably bare. Treatment continued for 14 days.
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Some tooth-pastes are used constantly or until improvement of the condition of the gums and teeth. Such tools include:

  • Splat biocalcium — restores enamel, eliminating cracks, saturating teeth calcium. Simultaneously, the paste eliminates bleeding gums, exerting a bleaching action.
  • Splat ginger — improves blood circulation in the mouth, breaks down plaque and destroying bacteria. With a paste supported white teeth.
  • The President of the Klassik prevents the appearance of Tartar and caries, thus reducing bleeding gums.

Therapy of folk remedies

To improve the condition of the enamel, strengthening the gums, use folk remedies. You can prepare decoctions and infusions based on herbs. Chamomile decoction is prepared which rinse your mouth twice a day. The treatment lasts 3 weeks. Using such tools to reduce the swelling, heal sores.

Of oak bark decoction is prepared which rinse your mouth three times a day. With oak bark to regenerate damaged tissue, strengthens the gums, eliminates bleeding. If you pour the aloe leaves with boiling water, you can prepare an effective remedy for mouth rinsing. It is recommended to use after meals.

To improve blood circulation in the gums is prepared, the solution of mint and sage. It insist 30 minutes and use twice a day. It is possible to strengthen the teeth using the compositions of the salt or soda:

  • 2 tsp. honey mixed with 1 tsp. salt, the composition is applied on the gums for 10 minutes and then rinsed his mouth;
  • soda, lemon juice and hydrogen peroxide mix, is applied on the gums;
  • sea salt mixed with iodine and water, the resulting solution is used for rinsing the mouth.

Before you strengthen loose teeth in the home with the help of massage, it is recommended to wash your hands, slightly moisten them in sea buckthorn or fir oil. Then massage the gums.

Preventive measures

To prevent wobbling, you need to:

  1. eat a healthy diet;
  2. to give up habits;
  3. to drink vitamins;
  4. brush your teeth twice a day;
  5. rinse your mouth with special means;
  6. to use special toothpaste that prevents shakiness and bleeding;
  7. to perform massage;
  8. to use a brush of medium hardness.
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Additionally, it is recommended to use an antiseptic solution, routinely removing plaque and other hard deposits. If necessary, use antibacterial means. If loose dentition, there was pain and increased amplitude, the dentist will appoint a short-term splinting. After the manipulation is selected individual scheme of treatment.

If dental health is poor, surgery will be scheduled. If necessary restaurerede jaw. During manipulation of the bone tissue is restored by shunt. It may require removal. To prevent a strong loosening of the teeth, it is recommended to review your lifestyle:

  • avoiding harmful habits, as they contribute to the leaching of calcium and inflammation of the gums;
  • the abuse of alcohol and cigarettes weakens the immune system, adversely affecting the condition of the enamel;
  • against the use of too much caffeine weakens the gums, so it is recommended to not drink more than 2 cups per day;
  • hot beverage or food has a negative effect on tooth enamel;
  • on the background of strong pressures exerted on the teeth (cracking nuts), increases their sensitivity, which leads to cracking.


If you get rid of negatively affecting the enamel and gums habits, you can forget about a professional treatment of dental diseases. The precariousness of the elements of the dentition cannot be ignored. If the patient refused care physician is recommended to undergo home treatment. But if the condition of the teeth will deteriorate, you will need to make an appointment to see a doctor.