Lost a tooth: causes, what to do

If a person lost a tooth, it is an occasion to think seriously about their health. It is not necessary to postpone the examination for a long time, the situation must be solved as early as possible. In most cases, the loss of the natural units is the norm only in childhood. If an adult remains without incisor, molar, canine is a disaster. Need as early as possible to determine the reasons for the unpleasant situation and deal with prevention of premature edentulous. Unfortunately, with the accelerated pace of life, with the emergence of many problems and financial worries, people forget to monitor their health, and are forced to resort to the services of prosthetists even at a young age.

Causes of pathologies of the oral cavity

Why do teeth fall out adults?

Here are the most common reasons:

  • The lesions of units of dental caries. If the crown is completely destroyed, the remnants of the bone tissue easily retrieved from its allotted place, and people may think that tooth fell out on their own, but it’s not. If the root system is left in the jaw, inflammation. In order to eliminate it carried out its removal. During the hysterectomy in this case, bone colored black, are they loose, fall in the forceps of the dentist. When root caries and the absence of crowns, the surgeon is difficult to carry out the procedure quickly. For complete removal it is necessary to use special shovels and tongs;
  • Mechanical trauma. Is quite common after tooth loss accidents, falls from a height, violent fights. Despite the fact that the bone firmly within the hole when subjected to forces, the integrity of the tissues is disturbed. After the accident, if the shot hit the jaw, mandatory the examination. The doctor will examine the patient and then send an x-ray image. If you dropped a front tooth, the man’s face immediately loses its appeal. The loss of units at a young age, becomes a cause of ridicule of their peers and contributes to the development of psychological problems ;

What teeth fall out at age 7 — 15 years, asking young patients? Dairy units are completely changing the fundamental. The physiological process is almost painless and is considered normal.

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  • Periodontal disease — gum disease. Neglect hygiene skills, passion for sweets and pastries, a violation of the diet — the principal factors leading to the development of the dangerous disease. The accumulation of hard and soft bacterial plaque promotes the formation of gingival pockets. Subsequently, they increase this flow of inflammatory processes. People notice unpleasant symptoms: bleeding, purulent discharge from the gums, bad breath, soreness and increased sensitivity units. Advanced forms of periodontitis is accompanied by the appearance of mobility. If you do not carry out timely treatment and further neglected the disease, the person may face unpleasant fact, which is called — loss of teeth;
  • Periodontitis is a chronic pathology. In most cases develops in elderly people with chronic diseases. Play an important role: heredity, bad habits, lack of vitamins, metabolic disorders. Some people face the problem at a young age. If they will monitor their health and to preventive treatment, the chances of maintaining a healthy smile — high. If you ignore the problem and let the disease to chance, in the future, there is a slow but inevitable progression of periodontal disease. It is in recession of the gums, exposure of the necks of the units, occurrence of sensitivity during the meal. Pain occur also under the influence of external factors: the reaction to cold air, wind.

The final stage in the development of the disease is fully edentulous. The person gets a tooth, without pain, for any minor mechanical impact. In this situation there is no possibility to fight for the natural units, it is recommended to conduct a qualitative prosthetics;

  • Physical illness is one of the reasons of weakening of resilience and resistance to external factors. If the patient has at least one pathology, it is inevitably in a hurry to join a new one. Therefore, it is necessary to cherish your body and treat any, even not manifesting itself with the pain of the disease. In the presence of chronic pathologies, the risk of infection by hematogenous. With somatic disease, blood circulation in the gums deteriorate, the metabolism is disturbed. Tissue don’t receive proper nutrition, increases the risk of periodontal disease. Missing teeth will aggravate the situation and will bring new challenges;
  • Senile age. Not many people can boast of a healthy smile into old age. The reason for this is the natural physiological processes in the body. With age, the jaw undergoes a series of changes: gum atrophy, is their shrinkage, neck pieces laid bare, there is mobility, increased sensitivity, the unit begins to crumble one by one. At the age of 65 — 70 years a lot of people suffer edentulous. Teeth in an adult an elderly person fall themselves by mechanical action, often while chewing food.
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Regardless of the reasons for the loss of beauty and health of your smile, you need to ask for help to the dentist. If teeth falling out, but you can not pay for expensive treatment, do not despair. After careful examination and preliminary examination, the dentist will find and will offer you the best way to solve the problem.

Help the patient in distress

From the article described above, it became clear why teeth fall out in people. How to solve a problem, knows not everyone. Some men and women fear going to the clinic and suffer pain and discomfort for a long time. As a result, diseases develop and manifest themselves in full force. Only after symptoms completely violate the life, the person turns for help to the doctor.

If teeth fall out what to do, tell an experienced dentist. The solution of the problem depends on the cause of the pathology.

To improve the health of the oral cavity, patients are recommended:

  1. Pass a comprehensive examination, to deal with chronic diseases, to consult with specialists.
  2. To lead a healthy lifestyle, eliminate bad habits.
  3. Correctly and rationally to eat, remove from the menu sweets, food containing preservatives, dyes, emulsifiers.
  4. To receive preventive dentist check-up every 6 -7 months. To get rid of pathological diseases: caries, pulpitis, periodontitis.
  5. If you lost a tooth at fault periodontitis or periodontal disease, the recommended treatment gums. It is advisable to conduct a professional hygienic cleaning of the oral cavity with the purpose to get rid of plaque and deposits. Patients should carefully observe rules of personal hygiene, use of special medicated ointments, creams, rinses at home.
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To maintain health, dentists recommend daily use of a special device — irrigator. With the help of the water jet is achieved by purification from bacteria, soft plaque, food debris.

During use of the irrigator is massage the gums, improving circulation.

  • In the absence of at least 1 unit must have a prosthesis. The issue could be resolved with the help of a dental bridge. For carrying out the orthopedic treatment of the turning of the adjacent units, remove the molds and create a unique design. After a number of fittings and completion of technical works, bridge prosthesis is fixed with cement. Depending on the availability of funds, it can choose the material of the future product. Crowns and dentures are made of: ceramic, cermet, metal, plastic.
  • Examined by an orthodontist to correct the pathological bite.

In the presence of bruxism, it is recommended to perform dental treatment and psychotherapist.

If a person lost a tooth, it is a very unpleasant event, but not worth much upset. Ask for help to the dentist and prevent further loss of teeth. An experienced doctor will certainly propose a recovery plan for the lost units, and soon your smile will once again delight you and those around you with beauty and health.